To check out this short article in Arabic, click here. Wars of the titans... Two mighty super strength inevitably clashing because that the dominance of the Mediterranean... At the time they occurred, the Punic battles were definitely the biggest problems in history. Lasting for almost a century, 264 BC it rotates 146 BC, they finished with Carthagetotally destroyed and erased from history. "Carthago delenda est"... "Carthage should be destroyed"... The plea frequently repeated within the wall surfaces of the the roman senate was ultimately put right into action.

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But before coming to be a only memory,Carthage was the richest and most modern-day city state and also a significant maritime strength in the Mediterranean basin, and also probably in the human being at the time. Established by the Phoeniciansin the nine century BC on the shore of Northwest Africa,it occurred into a significant trading empire, and also was checked out as residence to a wealthy and brilliant civilization.Carthage relied largely on mercenaries, especially the native Numidians, come fight that is wars, whereasRome had a large and disciplined army.

The flash allude for the wars in between Rome and Carthage to be the island the Sicily in 264 BC, with the two powers acquisition sides withthe cities of Syracuse and also Messina. A small local dispute turned right into a battle for dominance of the Mediterranean. The ns of Sicily come the Romans observed the most memorable project in old history, through Hannibal taking his military of38,000 infantry, 8,000 cavalry and also 38 elephants end the mountains of Alps into Italy come reclaim the Carthaginian pride.


Hannibal crossing the Alps through war elephants, act the unthinkable and catching the Romans off guard.

In Italy, Hannibal epically led his military into lot of victories end the Romans, the most notable the them to be at the fight of Cannae in 216 BC, wherein Hannibal inflicted ~ above Rome the worst defeat in its military history. Between 50,000 and also 70,000 roman soldiers were killed or recorded by a lot smaller force.However, Hannibal's failure to capitalize top top his victory at Cannae by marching immediately against Rome turned in Rome's favour. After 15 years in Italy, he to be called earlier to defend his city versus Scipio Africanus. The defeat in battle of Zama on the african soil witnessed the finish of Hannibal and also the Carthaginian army power.

But what if Hannibal actually defeated the Romans? What if he got the reinforcements that never arrived indigenous Carthage? What if the Romans never captured the Carthaginian messenger in between Hannibal and also his brothers Hazdrubal in Iberia (Spain), and also thus their army were maybe to accomplish up in central Italy and also crush the roman inn army? What if Hannibal entered Rome and Carthage winner the Punic wars?

The world we recognize today would have actually never existed...

Fall the Rome

With Hannibal entering the city that Rome, the roman republic would be dissolved and also will no much longer remain an widening force. It will lose Sicily and also its allies in Italy.

As for the fate that the city, ns don't believe Hannibal would much more lenient 보다 the Romans.Both the them were pragmatic human being at your hearts. Ultimately it would come to be a Carthaginian district paying tributes come Carthage and also the Carthaginians definitely would have actually made Rome and also surrounding cities into fertile cities for their empire, very same as Rome did once they take it Carthage.

Rise the Barca family

Hannibal would certainly surely gain a divine stature for the civilization Carthage, and the Barcas would become the most an effective political team in the city. Through the military household in charge, Carthage would invest much more into that is army, in certain the land-based force.

Under the Barcas,Carthage would dominate the remainder of Iberia because the Barcas' stronghold is in Spain.

Carthage colonizing the world


Carthage old Harbour -the armed forces port (circular) with the civilian harbor, connected to the first

Carthage and also Rome are various civilizations. Rome to be a militaristic culture built by combats and her rulers shame by war. Carthage was an economic society preferring trade and also money over fighting and conquering lands. If Carthage defeated the romans it would be unlikely the they would go and conquer the vast territory Rome did. They would rather make allies. Their strategy would be together always, do the efforts to avoid wars due to the fact that wars will force them to raise count in order to pay mercenaries. And also since lock are virtually business men, they will rely on their economic situation to preeminence rather 보다 their military force. Their empire will remain a naval empire and the army will only be offered in extreme cases.

Carthage will relocate to broaden their industries by establishing new trading routes and colonies. They would certainly colonize Africa long before Europe actually did, and eventually uncover the Cape of great Hope and set up a an international trading network that would reach as far as India and also China.

The fate that Europe

In Europe, Carthage would fortify that Spanish stronghold. Even if it is Western Europe will remain barbaric or not will depend on plenty of factors. Some would argue that with the loss of Rome come Carthage, western Europe would certainly never come to be civilized, however I do believe that Carthage would eventually blend in v the Gauls, Germanic and also Celtic tribes. In the instance where Europe would certainly be influenced by Carthage, lock would take on civilization and modern-day cities would certainly be formed. Just like how it occurred in Iberia.

However, the many probable script would check out barbaric people fighting against each other. Carthage would never have instituted security as Rome did through the Pax roman inn (the tranquility of Rome) in France and Britannia. Prior to the Roman occupation of Gaul, the German were steadily pushing west right into Gaulish lands. So there is huge probability that the west Gaul would end up being Germanic.

Carthage would broaden its emigration of Britannia, yet they wouldn't have the same occupation of Gauls and Britannia the the Romans had, rather this area would continue to be independent.

At the east, Carthage wouldn't have overcame Greece and the Greeks would more than likely ally v the rising Balkan countries to protect against the Persian push in Anatolia.

The Levant back to the Persians

Without the Romans to counterbalance lock in the eastern Mediterranean, the Parthians in Iran would have conquered the entire Seleucid realm putting lock on the borders of the Mediterranean. This method that castle would manage the Levant and probably conquer Egypt.

Christianity wouldn"t spread

To begin with, Jesus Christ would certainly not it is in crucified in the an initial place. Crucifixion was a roman inn practice, and also therefore the cross would certainly havenever end up being the price of Christianity.

Without the for sure unifying network from Italy, Greece and also Palestine come pass concepts the confidence wouldn't spread so quickly. And also without roman inn adoption, the faith wouldn't it is in legitimized in whole Empire. Because of this if Rome shed to Carthage, Christianity would never ever converted Europeans.


The most probable scenario would view Jesus Christ born and also living in the Parthian Empire. For this reason St Paul wanting to spread Christianity wouldn't have actually taking the roman inn route, rather Christianity would spread throughout the middle East and also some parts of Persia. Christianity would most likely remain a little religion with tiny effect in history.

An different storyline would certainly seePaul going to Carthage, and Carthage becoming the center of Christianity, and also still be infect Europe via Spain. But given that the Romans actually legitimized Christianity come unify the realm under one confidence for political and also strategical reasons, the exact same wouldn't be replicated in Carthage, due to the fact that its strength is derived from doing company rather than imposing its ideological background upon others.

Islam would more than likely never exist

Given the Islam is acquired from Christianity and also Judaism, and that Mohammed's concepts were inspired byBahira (Sergius the Monk) - initially a Christian monk prior to being taken into consideration heretical - the Islam would have actually never come into existence if Christianity didn't exist or spread out through the Parthian Empire.

However if Christianity and also Islam came right into existence, Arab troops would certainly still take the center east, then march into both Europe and also Africa. In Africa, they would certainly reach as much as Morocco, together they would clash with Carthaginians forces. Western north Africa would stay Carthaginian, vice versa, the eastern part would fall under the Arabs. Therefore, the Arabs would certainly never have the ability to conquer Spain as it would certainly be a Carthaginian fortified stronghold. Wars between Carthage and also the Arabs would certainly last for some time.

In east Europe, the Arabs will certainly collide v the Greeks and the Balkan rising nations. The outcome of the clash will depend on exactly how much Greece and these nations have fortified themselves because the beginning of this timeline. Islam dispersing through southerly Europe wouldn't be a surprise, yet it's tough to imagine the going North together the warm forests and also Islam don't yes, really mix well. In this regions, the pork is important component of people's diet and also they count on alcohol to store them warmth in the winters, and Islam has actually forbidden both pork and also alcohol.

Carthage discovers the Americas much earlier

The Carthaginians are seafarers by nature. This Phoenician culture has been running in their blood for hundreds of years, long prior to the foundation of Carthage in c. 800 BC. Unlike the roman inn desire because that land, Carthaginians yearned for the large and countless sea.


The Carthaginians were the ideal sailors and also had the best ships in their times. It wouldn't take them long before they set sail right into the Atlantic Ocean and also discover the new land the the Americas.

The Carthaginians would satisfy the Mayan civilization in the peak, before the bear of the Aztecs and Incas. The conference of the two civilizations would it is in much less brutal than exactly how it was v the Spaniards. Again Carthage would seek to make colonies and establish trade markets in the new world quite than make armed forces conquests. America's background would take a revolve that i can't even predict...

The Western human being would speak Phoenician instead of Latin

Without the roman inn Empire, Latin language would more than likely remain in Rome and its Italian bordering without widening into west Europe. V Carthage the dominant empire, Spain would certainly be speaking Phoenician, the neighboring of Iberia would certainly be affected by the Phoenician language. The present French and Spanish language wouldn't come into existence, and also the English would certainly be different.

The Americas would certainly surely be influenced by the much more advance Carthaginian language. At that time, the Maya script, also known together Maya glyphs, was the writing system of the Maya civilization. As such the Phoenician alphabet shortly would be adopted in the new world, and probably would be transformed to right the American civilizations, the same means hasancient Greece acquired their letter from the Phoenician alphabet.

Africa replace instead replace Europe in an previously renaissance

The scenarios that led to the europe renaissance would quickly arise in Carthage. The distinction is that Carthage wouldn't go with the dark ages Europe endured, together it was already a an ext liberated society. Thus the renaissance would certainly take place earlier than it did in our actual timeline.

It is true that the Carthaginians were religious people, however theiraristocracy was purely based on wealth. Enterprising individuals, maybe to make use of the industry conditions and also to money their very own private trading expeditions, might rise come the an extremely top of culture and politics. Indeed, this to be a criticism that Aristotle when commentating top top Carthage – that such a preoccupation with wealth would certainly lead inevitably to a self-interested oligarchy overcoming society.

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This flexibility that the Carthaginians enjoy, their contact with various worlds from around the globe, their notable exploration of the brand-new world and the unimaginable prosperity and also wealth they would reach, would offer birth to a Carthaginianrenaissance in Carthage, and probably in various other Carthaginiancities. North Africa would change Europe together the facility of modernity in the world.