Without wanting to or researching it, i left the dye in mine hair for virtually three hours longer than the instructions encourage on the box.

Do you desire to understand what happened?

Do you want to know if I became the protagonist the a true hair tragedy?

I’ll phone call you.

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It’s simply that occasionally I don’t even have control over my abstraction power.

But I deserve to assure girlfriend of one thing.

You understand you to be at fault for my abstraction?

It to be Christian Grey’s fault. Yes, that guy from that renowned novel and afterwards the movie, “Fifty Shades that Grey!”

Any not exactly because he put into place a dominatrix love plan.

I’m certain you want to understand why Christian Grey is in ~ fault for me leave the color in my hair for nearly three hours.

I’ll phone call you, however I will likewise tell you:

What happens as soon as you leave the dye in her hair for much more than the recommended time What is the difference in between leaving in a semi-permanent dye and a irreversible one for much longer time have you left the dye for much longer in your hair? 3 basic tips to recover the health and wellness of your hair

What happens when you leaving the dye in her hair for longer than recommended


Yes, i know.

You space dying to recognize if mine hair fell out or if craters formed on mine scalp.

But whatever in its own time. As Christian says, “expectation is the vital to seduction.”

It to be a merganser Saturday.

Those Saturdays wherein you only have actually two options: sleep all day choose a lazy bear or dedicate yourself to her body image.

My hair was screaming for a new color.

The roots were beginning to show and also actually, that had nothing to carry out with the beautiful protagonists the my favourite erotic novels.

So, after prepare a delicious decoding shake, I applied the dye as the law states.

I divided my hair right into sections and very patiently and also with the help from a brush, I used the dye to my entirety head.

I put on a shower cap and also a gained comfortable in the chair to store reading one of my favourite erotic novels: Fifty Shades that Grey.


You’ve never heard the Christian Grey?

Do you live under a rock?

Well, allow me amount it up quickly.

The story starts v a literary works student who unwittingly stumbles throughout an impactful business man whose sex-related appetite is discovered on the border of pain and also pleasure.

From there, the bickering and the battles, which to be what do me fully forget around my hair and the dye.


The story suck you in. Girlfriend feel like you room a component of the somehow, the you suffer with Anastassia and you cry for Christian.

All the a sudden, while ns was transforming one of the pages, ns touched mine hair and also noticed other sticky and also hard.

Oh my God! The dye!

More than two and a fifty percent hours had actually passed because I had used the dye in my hair.

Damn you, Christian Grey and your illustrious phrases!


Imagine if someone says to you, “You are favor the to win lottery ticket, the cure because that cancer and also three magic lamps indigenous Aladdin, every at the very same time.”

Lost in the power that Christian Grey’s sayings emanated, I shed all senses of time.

I threw the publication in the air, i m really sorry Christian, and also I ran to the bathroom.


I was afraid come look in the mirror and that a disaster would certainly be looking ago in the reflection.

I closed mine eyes, one, two, three… ns took a relieved breath. My hair to be still there.


I take it of my clothing faster than Anastasia and I jumped into the shower.

With a most love, ns washed my hair, without shampoo obviously, and I used conditioner.

I rinsed again, and with my microfiber towel, ns dried my hair softly.

Now, I will certainly answer her question:

What happens if ns leave the shade on for longer in my hair?


Absolutely nothing, but…

Nothing happened since the dye that i had used was semi-permanent.

Which brings us to the following question.

What is the difference between leaving a permanent dye on your hair for longer than recommended and a semi-permanent one?

Like I said before, ns had applied a semi-permanent dye.


This kind of dye no contain aggressive chemistry products, prefer peroxide. In addition, most are vegan and contain assets that soften your hair.

So, they nothing lift increase the cuticle of your hair nor change the internal molecular structure.

They are, come say, softer, and also the shade is deposited on the outside layer that the hair.

Many human being even introduce letting it sit for three hrs so the color sets better.

Your hair won’t obtain darker.


You will certainly simply obtain the color that you payment for, if and when girlfriend respect the rule of colorimetry.

Now, once we talk about permanent dyes, things readjust completely.

Because these varieties of water contain pretty wild chemicals, that attract up the cuticle of your hair, so the the colours of the dye have the right to act.

But the worst points is that even if you leaving it in your hair all night, friend won’t obtain a darker tone.

First, because the hair has a restricted power of absorb of the pigments.

So it won’t be darker, also if Christian Grey stared in ~ you because that a fifty percent hour.


You will only fight a shedding battle.

Because, the will become fragile, it will shed shine and God assist you with the future tangles.

And that course, forget around finding someone like Christian Grey if her hair turns to straw.

But today, i feel inspired and also generous.


So i’m going come share something through you, some recommendations.

In instance one day you room too involved in a book and also you forget around the dye in her hair.

Have you left the dye on your hair for also long? 3 easy tips to fix your hair

First, nothing panic.

Your hair won’t loss out.

But friend will notification that it is weaker and much more fragile.


That’s why your solution is: a many coconut oil.

Apply the coconut oil double a mainly in her hair, and then, let that sit overnight.

Always take caution in wrapping her hair with a shower lid so you don’t stain her pillowcase.

If friend don’t have coconut oil, you have the right to use extra-virgin olive oil.

Don’t make that disgusted face!


Olive oil is a natural remedy the is older 보다 my grandmother. Sorry, Grandma, but it’s true!

And lastly, try not to use the level iron or the hair dryer for at least a month.

Now, you know.

Keep Christian Grey much away native or hair dyeing sessions.

And ultimately, respect the rules of the dye manufacturers.

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After all, they spend hrs in the lab exploring with their products.

Have you every left the color in her hair for longer than recommended?

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