Since starting his YouTube channel not that long ago in 2011 leafy hasn’t shown his confront all the often! However.. There have been moments as soon as LeafyIsHere has presented his face in addition to his microphone and also headphones. Keep analysis this short article if you desire to own the exact same technology as Leafy!

He began off using the Blue Yeti Pro! This is a mic the most civilization can in reality use and isn’t a crazy thousands dollar mic that several of the various other YouTubers prefer PewdiePie use. If you are starting out her Let’s Play job I would seriously introduce you pick up this mic. It’s more than likely the finest mic because that a lower spending plan and it’s a USB Mic meaning you don’t need to buy any type of XLR converters or mixing Boards. Also, the sound quality is amazing and also the proof is out there because that you to see. Simply take a hear to Leafy’s enlarge videos and ask yourself if you desire to have the very same sound high quality or not.

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Leafy’s first Ever Microphone!



1. Leafy built his career with this microphone

2. Easy USB plug and also play

3. Perfect because that beginners

4. Good recording quality for the price

5. Comes in different colors

6. Has great reviews online

Leafy now uses a new microphone!

Here in ~ we constantly like to carry out the many up to date information. In the new screen grab below we deserve to see irpari is currently using the Audio Technica Microphone together we head into 2017 i m sorry is a definite upgrade to the Blue Yeti.

Leafy through the Audio Technica

Leafy’s brand-new 2018 Microphone!



1. Also provided by Jacksepticeye and CaptainSparklez


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Easy USB plug and play

3. Studio dynamic recording

4. Fits fine with different Mic stands and also pop filters

5. Can take your Youtube channel come the next level!

6. This microphone is supplied by famed recording artists

What Headphones Does Leafy usage in 2018?

Currently, the reptilian own a pair of these Sennheiser Headphones. Do this Sennheiser headphones look choose the pair the is wearing? sure does look choose it to us. These headphones room awesome by the way, imagine informing your girlfriend you very own the exact same pair that headphones as Leafy.