Japanese porno god Ken Shimizu’s Curry Shop Shimizu restaurant serves nothing but shit-flavoured curry. We called one of his disciples to find out why and also how—yet largely just: what the fuck was he thinking?


OK, sounds reasonable. Talk me through what human shit tastes like. Paint me a snapshot.

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Human faeces taste bitter bereason of bile, which is secreted by the liver and also stored in the gall bladder. The food crumbs left inside faeces are tasteless. We assume that the taste of deals with is fairly brought about by the scent. Because of this, curry offered at Curry Shop Shimizu is exceptionally bitter.

First, the umami of vegetables and also meat are rerelocated to make it tasteless. As one essential guideline, we include kusaya, fermented fish into the curry. Right after putting the curry inside the mouth, touching bitterness hits the tongue, and the solid faeces' scent comes up from the stomach to the nose.

Sounds delicious. Do your customers prefer it? Many customers say they had fun at Curry Shop Shimizu when they leave the restaurant. To describe this outcome, I guess they feel thrilled by trying unimaginable flavoured curry and share the weird suffer through various other customers.


Customers gain seeing the reactivity of various other customers eating the curry. The curry plays a critical role to make the interaction among customers a lot smovarious other.

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So, it's a date location. We have actually a lot of celebrity customers such as musicians and also comedians renowned in Japan. Also the variety of customers from international nations has actually been raising and some of them involved Japan just for Curry Shop Shimizu.

I'm booking my flights as we stop. But I'm not sold yet. How can you promise me the curry actually tastes prefer human shit? Where's the proof? Ken's incredibly initially task as a porn star was to eat 2 huguy shits. After that, he ate more than 250 shits for his project and also began enjoying eating it in his private life. This curry is based upon actual suffer.

That sounds choose a hell of a debut gig. Ken had actually been eager to be a porn star because he was a high college student. So he began hunting tasks and also contacting porn companies. Only one agency responded, asking if he can eat human faeces. He believed that he would lose a possibility to be a porn star if he refoffered this market. Even though he had never before consumed shit prior to, he said yes to achieve my dream. Thanks to this market, he became a porn star.

Where does the restaurant go from here? Do you have actually any kind of other recipes to pull out your ass? We are planning to develop soy sauce made of pubic hair and also actual poo curry made of the poop of silkworms.

You're going to feed people worm shit. I'm actually extremely dvery own through that. But tell me, if you might pick one perkid in the whole human being to feed shit curry to, that would certainly it be and also why? Definitely, Paul McCartney! He is a well known Japan lover. Ken's father loved him so by listening to his songs in childhood, he felt intimate to Paul. Paul acquired sick once he saw Japan as a part of his people tour so Ken would prefer Paul to eat his healthy curry and also continue being energetic.

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Last question. Can you carry out our readers with the recipe so they can attempt it at home? Yes, the ingredients are onions, carrots, bitter melons, minced chicken, fish guts, kusaya , senburi tea, turmeric, cacao powder, bittern

The technique is: Chicken and vegetables are chopped right into little size and boicaused remove its taste and fish guts are minced in a food processor. The vegetables and chicken are then taken out of the water, senburi tea—among the a lot of bitter teas in the world—is mixed in with vegetables, chicken, turmeric, cacao powder, bittern, and also minced fish guts in order. The kusaya are then grilled and added to the curry.