In an earlier blog, I composed around a photo of a sticker on a car that Anthony Bourdain posted on his social media bereason he was bothered by it. The sticker implied that male violence against womales was a justifiable way to deal with the problem of woguys acquiring out of line, otherwise recognized as woguys speaking their minds. Some would say that the sticker was an isolated occurrence, however it is my idea that these beliefs are more pervasive than a sexist sticker on a random automobile. The sticker reminded me of the tasteless joke that I heard in my youth and also even a movie. The put up for the joke is "what carry out you tell a woman through 2 babsence eyes"? The ironically and tragically named punchline of that joke is "nopoint, you already told her twice." The movie I saw this in is titled "Loving Jezebel" was released in 1999; Loving Jezebel starred Hill Harper, Nicole Ari Parker, and also Phylicia Rashad. The joke was told by a minor character called Gabe and portrayed him acting inas necessary, yet the joke is component of our society nonetheless. The joke speaks to a segment of culture as this was not the first or only time I heard this joke. Other variations of this joke are "I prefer my eggs over easy," "iron my shirts through hefty starch on the collars," or "nothing bereason she does not listen." All of the punchlines communicate the exact same message as the images watched on the sticker that bothered Bourdain. These are messperiods about male domination and female entry. These jokes tell us something about the beliefs that many type of in our society host. They are another instance of the "great old days." The jokes harken ago to a time once many type of woguys did domestic work in the house rather of pursuing a career. They harken earlier to a time once male voices overcame the workarea. We recognize that males usage violence versus women eexceptionally hour of the day. Male violence is an epidemic bereason in component because males are not stepping up to say that these behaviors are choices and not okay. We require males to step up and also challenge these joke tellers letting them understand that their jokes are not funny. These joke tellers should understand also the amount of violence that woguys face at the hands of guys. And, if that does not move them, then they should know as a community we will certainly not accept that sort of actions from anyone. I think that part of the factor that violence versus women happens is that a lot of men think that it is their best to conquer and also regulate womales. A lot of us think that it is our birthbest. We believe that our needs come first and also that women"s demands are second to our own. This idea around male dominance and female entry has to change, and also males need to carry out the work-related to adjust it because this is our stuff, our work-related, and also something we have actually benefited from much as well long if we sincecount want relationships based upon safety, etop quality, and also respect. 

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