In an earlier blog, ns wrote around a photograph of a sticker top top a car that Anthony Bourdain posted on his society media due to the fact that he to be bothered through it. The sticker implied that male violence against women to be a justifiable way to deal with the trouble of women obtaining out of line, otherwise well-known as women speaking their minds. Some would certainly say that the sticker was an diverted incident, but it is my belief that these beliefs are much more pervasive 보다 a sexist sticker on a random car. The sticker reminded me the the tasteless hoax that i heard in mine youth and also even a movie. The collection up because that the hoax is "what perform you call a woman with two black eyes"? The ironically and also tragically named punchline of the joke is "nothing, you currently told her twice." The movie I experienced this in is title "Loving Jezebel" to be released in 1999; love Jezebel starred Hill Harper, Nicole Ari Parker, and Phylicia Rashad. The hoax was called by a minor character called Gabe and portrayed him exhilaration inappropriately, however the joke is component of our society nonetheless. The joke speaks come a segment of culture as this was not the very first or only time i heard this joke. Various other variations that this joke are "I prefer my eggs end easy," "iron my shirts with hefty starch ~ above the collars," or "nothing due to the fact that she does not listen." every one of the punchlines communicate the same article as the photos seen ~ above the sticker the bothered Bourdain. These space messages around male domination and also female submission. These jokes tell united state something about the ideas that numerous in our culture hold. They are one more example that the "good old days." The hoax harken back to a time when numerous women did residential work in the residence instead of follow a career. Lock harken ago to a time once male voices dominated the workplace. We recognize that males use violence against women every hour of the day. Masculine violence is one epidemic due to the fact that in part because males are no stepping approximately say that these actions are choices and not okay. Us need males to action up and confront these hoax tellers letting them know that your jokes room not funny. These hoax tellers need to know the lot of violence that women confront at the hands of men. And, if that does not relocate them, then they need to understand as a ar we will not accept that type of actions from anyone. I believe that component of the reason that violence against women happens is the a the majority of men believe that it is their ideal to dominate and also control women. A most us believe that that is ours birthright. We think that our requirements come very first and that women"s needs are an additional to our own. This belief about male domination and female submission needs to change, and men should do the occupational to adjust it since this is our stuff, our work, and something we have benefited from far too long if us sincerely want relationships based on safety, equality, and respect. 

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