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"What walk You do To mine Drink?" describes a memorable scene from the Nickelodeon man television collection SpongeBob SquarePants. The original scene spawned number of sub-memes beginning in 2015.


On April 1st, 2000, the SpongeBob SquarePants illustration "Fools in April" premiered in the joined States. In the original scene, SpongeBob pulls a prank ~ above a customer by putting only one ice cube in his drink instead of a couple of ice cream cubes (shown below).




YOU WHAT!?! is yelled by Tom at Spongebob when he thinks Spongebob has messed with his drink. That was used both as a still image and in edited videos ~ above YouTube and Vine.

Im Pussy

Im Pussy? is a snapshot of Tom with his neck prolonged with the caption "Im Pussy?". The expression has also been captioned on various other characters, both unrelated, and also those gift redrawn to enhance Tom"s pose. It spread out on Tumblr at an early stage in 2015. The original image was posted by the now abandoned tumblr blog soggymoistbread1 on Feburary 22nd 2015. This article gained end 21,000 note in much less than 2 months.

When You view A Repost

When You view A Repost uses the same image of Tom with prolonged neck, yet instead is usually captioned with text referring to seeing reposted content.



You has officially gone beyond the popular of Squid Game adhering to the relax of its 3rd season. This are few of the episodes the led to good memes.

The game"s antagonist has come to be the chief subject of pan art in the weeks ~ the game"s release.

Reddit"s /r/meirl have the right to feel a tiny too real sometimes, yet here space some funny memes far better than the rest.

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