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An index of our most frequently offered terms—consisting of spelling, usage notes, and examples.

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Washington, D.C.


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is always composed with periods, no spaces in the middle.

Internet page; Internet site

Two words, in each instance (at leastern for now). is always capitalized. See World Wide (below). Incidentally, a page is an HTML file with its connected scripts and graphics files; a derekwadsworth.comsite is a set of interlinked Internet pages.

famous (adj.)

Most compound words via well are hyphenated as soon as offered as an adjective before a noun.


Do not capitalize if referring just to a compass direction. See east.

West Coast

Do, however, capitalize West Coast when referring to that portion of the United States that boundaries the Pacific Ocean.

Western world, Western civilization

Western Hemispbelow

Keep in mind that Hemisphere is likewise capitalized here.

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which, that

See that, which. See also Troublesome pairs.

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which, who

See Troublesome pairs.

who, whom

See Troublesome pairs.

who’s, whose

See Troublesome pairs.

job-related out (v.), workout (n.)

Priscilla and also Elvis have actually yet to job-related out a solution to their summer child care trouble. Sometimes a great workout is all you should clear your head so you deserve to think even more logically.

workforce, workarea, workterminal


World Wide; the; WWW

Upperinstance once the entirety appropriate name is used. Keep the capital W once the terms Net, Net page, or site are used. Use the lowerinstance “www” just in URLs.

The World Wide is the the majority of extensively used creation of the ’90s and beyond. He updates his site weekly. You should spfinish much less time surfing the Net and more time in the library.

world-class (adj.)

world-renowned (adj.)

worldcheck out (n.)

global (adj.)

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