Ferro Weathervanes is amongst the leading providers of tradition weathervanes, providing substantial collection of highest possible quality weathervane parts and accessories. Our variety of weathervane parts consists of balls, mounts and also brackets, wind cups, directionals, display bases, arrows, and also more!

Find the ideal weathervanes parts to fit her weathervane!



The figure is the more significant and noticeable component of a weathervane that rotates at the optimal of the assembly.

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The standard Weathervane ASSEMBLY consists the a post, a little and a big ball or ornament and a collection of directionals.

The Post ROOT is the reduced section the the write-up reserved for sustaining the weathervane. That is the section “planted” in the ridge beam, cupola roof or in a mounting bracket. It have to be 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the post.

Our captive BEARING is a single hardened, chrome steel, ball bearing that is crimped and also soldered into every hand sculpted Ferro Weathervane. An equipment weathervanes have crimped slug stole bearings.

Ferro Weathervanes have a hardened thick wall pure copper SPINDLE TUBE in all its hand sculpted weathervanes. An equipment stamped weathervanes use thin brass alloy spindle tubes.

The SPINDLE is the optimal of the article that the weathervane number rides (actually hangs) on. An equipment stamped weathervanes are provided with a steel squared edge, flat tip. Suffer has presented the squared edges have the right to snag and even reduced a weathervanes spindle pipe from the inside. Ferro high great stainless stole spindle & bearing-shaped tips space precision ground and polished come a radius to protect against this problem as well as reduce bearing surface enabling a long lasting, problem free, smooth rotating action.

Small METAL BALLS about 2″-3″ diameter decorate the optimal of the post. Vibrant glass balls are available also.

Used to show the compass directions. A brass DIRECTIONALS set is consisted of with every weathervane. Several an option upgrades and also historical replicas are additionally available.

METAL BALLS about 4″-8″ diameter decorate the bottom the the assembly. Vibrant GLASS BALLS, and also several different style ORNAMENTS are likewise available.

RING attached to the article is offered to assistance the large copper ball, glass round or ornament in place just above the weathervanes’ mounting so the the entire ball have the right to be seen un-eclipsed from the ground.

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The most crucial part the a weathervane is the spine, i m sorry is the POST. Our high strength, subject free, corrosion resistant, stainless steel short articles are guaranteed for life. They are zero maintenance and trouble free. Device stamped weathervanes are supplied with threaded steel posts. Upgrading come a Ferro post is recommended.