The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt hasn’t been out for a month, however modders havealready been busy creating their very own additions to the newest game in the series. These mods variety from weather mods, reshades, and all the method dvery own to some NSFW mods that we won’t discussin information. The ideal point is, tbelow are already plenty of mods to assist make your Witcher 3 suffer even more amazing than it already is. We’d love to encompass every one of them on below, yet we’ve limited this post to the top 5 of the bunch. Feel cost-free to share any type of mods that we miss out on, or forobtain to point out, down in the comment section.

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We"ve put together a video of our favorite mods, however for even more details you must inspect out the short article listed below.


The E3FXreshade totally overhauls the game, removing most the saturation and bideal colors to offer it even more of the cool, and darker colors that might be checked out in the 2013 trailers. It isn’t the perfect solution, and it’s not for everybody, yet if you enjoyed the darker feeling of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings then you’ll most most likely gain having actually this mod installed. Just save in mind tright here is a slight frameprice loss as soon as using the mod, and programs prefer the Steam Overlay and also video recording software prefer Fraps of Dxtory might reason problems through the shaders. Of course, if darker isn’t your point, check out the Fantasy Graphicsto make your game look more prefer a high fantasymasteritem.

Increased Creature Loot

Killing monsters doesn’t net a lot of endure, unmuch less you’re completing a contract. These kills also don’t net you a entirety lot of loot either. This mod, Increased Creature Loot, looks to adjust at leastern among those points by changing the game worths to make creatures and also monsters drop at leastern one piece of loot depending upon the creature kind. The mod additionally increases the opportunity of them dropping hides and organic ingredients, favor Nekker Cregulations and Nekker hearts, instead of the generic loot drops you periodically receive.

Wealthy Vendors with Fair Sale

How many type of times have actually you discovered yourself having actually to buy all of a merchant’s food simply to have the ability to sell a couple of damaged swords? The answer: means too many! The Wealthy Vendors through Fair Salemod looks to readjust that by not only offering the sellers higher quantities of money to resolve, however also by upping the prices that they pay for items. This means all those swords you offered for 2 Crowns last night are now probably worth 17 Crowns. But hey, 17 is a much higher number than 2, wouldn’t you agree?

Diverse Trophies

Monster slaying is your lifestyle, and also that suggests you should have the ability to make the a lot of of it when you’re busy chopping Griffin’s to pieces. Trophies are an excellent method to present off your success, all while giving you some included buffs. The Diverse Trophiesmod helps make all those trophies worthwhile, enhancing their values to occupational between a more diverse varying. The ideal component, but, is the reality that the modder hasn’t gone overboard via the value transforms, making this one of the best mods for any aspiring witchers.

More Horses Mod


The More Horses Modis excellent for those looking to make Roach a tiny more personable. The mod provides players the ability to add 2 different shade equines to the game, changing Roach’s appearance from brown to Black or White. It additionally provides you the capacity to equip Roach with some stylish Wild Hunt horse armor, which looks pretty awesome once you’re sprinting down the dusty roadways of the Northern Realm.

Honorable Mentions

While we decided to greatly limit ourselves to five peak mods, we additionally wanted to make certain we pointed out all the mods that we’ve grvery own to love. The Instant Cast Signs mod allows you to bind Geralt’s various indications to different secrets, hence removing the need to adjust it in the Equipment Wheel. At the same time, we simply can’t view playing the game without the Extreme Weather Modwhich adds darker storms, more lightning and also thunder, and also also even more whipping wind. For those who are fans of the game’s immense and deep lore, and want a return to the way things offered to be, the Lore Friendly Alchemy mod renders potion crafting back to the means it remained in the publications, and the initially two games. This means alcohol won’t refill your potions, so make good use of those ingredients.

You deserve to uncover all of these mods by clicking the links in this short article. This will take you to the Nexus downpack web page wbelow you can downpack and install the mod before hopping into your following Witcher 3 session.

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