The Witcher 3: The Wild hunt hasn’t been out for a month, but modders havealready been busy producing their own additions to the newest game in the series. This mods range from weather mods, reshades, and all the way down to some NSFW mods that we won’t discussin detail. The finest thing is, over there are currently plenty of mods to help make her Witcher 3 endure even more amazing 보다 it already is. We’d love come include every one of them ~ above here, but we’ve minimal this write-up to the peak 5 that the bunch. Feel complimentary to share any type of mods that us miss, or forget come mention, down in the comment section.

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We"ve placed together a video of our favorite mods, yet for much more details friend should inspect out the short article below.


The E3FXreshade totally overhauls the game, removing a the majority of the saturation and bright color to offer it much more of the cool, and also darker colors that could be watched in the 2013 trailers. The isn’t the perfect solution, and also it’s no for everybody, but if you took pleasure in the darker feeling of The Witcher 2: Assassins of majesties then you’ll most likely enjoy having actually this mod installed. Simply keep in mind there is a slim framerate loss when using the mod, and also programs prefer the vapor Overlay and video clip recording software like Fraps of Dxtory may cause issues with the shaders. That course, if darker isn’t your thing, inspect out the Fantasy Graphicsto make your video game look an ext like a high fantasymasterpiece.

Increased biology Loot

Killing monster doesn’t net a the majority of experience, uneven you’re perfect a contract. These kills also don’t network you a entirety lot of loot either. This mod, boosted Creature Loot, watch to change at the very least one the those things by transforming the game values to make creatures and monsters drop at the very least one item of loot depending upon the creature type. The mod also increases the opportunity of lock dropping hides and also natural ingredients, choose Nekker Claws and Nekker hearts, rather of the share loot drops you occasionally receive.

Wealthy merchants with same Sale

How numerous times have you uncovered yourself having actually to buy every one of a merchant’s food simply to have the ability to sell a couple of broken swords? The answer: means too many! The Wealthy sellers with same Salemod looks to adjust that by no only providing the sellers greater amounts of money to deal with, but also by upping the prices the they pay because that items. This way all those swords you marketed for 2 Crowns critical night room now probably worth 17 Crowns. However hey, 17 is a much greater number 보다 2, wouldn’t you agree?

Diverse Trophies

Monster slaying is her lifestyle, and that way you need to be able to make the many of it once you’re liven chopping Griffin’s come pieces. Trophies are a good way to display off your accomplishments, all while providing you some included buffs. The diverse Trophiesmod helps make all those trophies worthwhile, enhancing their values to work between a much more diverse ranging. The finest part, however, is the fact that the modder hasn’t unable to do overboard with the value changes, do this among the best mods for any kind of aspiring witchers.

More steeds Mod


The much more Horses Modis good for those feather to make Roach a little an ext personable. The mod provides players the capacity to include two different shade horses come the game, an altering Roach’s appearance from brown to black or White. It additionally gives girlfriend the capability to equip Roach through some stylish Wild Hunt equine armor, which looks quite awesome when you’re sprinting down the dusty roads of the north Realm.

Honorable Mentions

While we determined to mainly limit ourself to 5 top mods, we also wanted to make sure we mentioned all the mods the we’ve grown come love. The Instant actors Signs mod permits you to tie Geralt’s different signs to various keys, therefore removing the need to adjust it in the equipment Wheel. At the same time, we simply can’t check out playing the game without the extreme Weather Modwhich to add darker storms, much more lightning and thunder, and even much more whipping wind. Because that those who are fans of the game’s immense and deep lore, and also want a go back to the way things supplied to be, the Lore familiar Alchemy mod renders potion crafting ago to the means it was in the books, and also the very first two games. This way alcohol won’t refill your potions, for this reason make good use of those ingredients.

You have the right to find all of these mods by clicking the links in this article. This will take you come the Nexus download page where you have the right to download and also install the mod prior to hopping right into your following Witcher 3 session.

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