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Til we acquire thereTil we acquire thereTil we gain thereHere us go, from the poorest and blackest the peopleTo survive in the roadways of MogadishuThe many dangerous armed and also lethal yet peacefulWe no evil, ns come native the slums that's run downSpit aboriginal intelligent tongue soundWould rather get gunned down than dumbed downSo come downMuch success come you comradeTo that I wrong, if it's never been said before, my badI took a web page from the publication of martin LutherAnd chose that it's better to hug you than to shooting youI'm i m really sorry homie if it's not what you provided toBut the way that we livin' this Black lives is beautifulAll the points we've been through and also the tree us done bloomedWe more than likely family however we never knewTil we get there, I'm on her sideTil we acquire there, I'm on her sideAnd it deserve to take some time, til we success this fightTil we obtain there, I'm on your side, yeah
That's what's dubbed solidarityWhen we struggle it's therapy, ~ chaos we acquire clarityMy enemy's foe is my male rememberI ain't tryin' to be endin' increase in this man's dilemmaWe only here for a minute, it's what you make it so live itSee, I'm a rider and I'm gon' it is in rememberedFor those that you not born, to those that you no hereI wish you the best and also that's realThis ain't ya average, when they portray us they say, all savageCause we have actually it, blast it, won't stash itCause us fight to the death and manageTo renders songs that struggle and to habitsAnd dammit, if ns don't gain evenIt's chant under Babylon seasonDie for new Orleans to ClevelandTil we even, we not believin'I love as soon as we makin' playsI love all our excellent waysI love when we gain paid and also never relocate away indigenous the hoodWe save gettin' if the gettin' is goodYou appropriate at residence in our neck that the woodsCause us people, momma stated treat others like you desire 'em to treat youWe just wanna live and be peacefulLong as it provides sense, I'm a have actually patienceEspecially with my brothas i go back in the job withWe speak the exact same language, suffer the same dangersCause our children are victims of lead paint chipsOut in L.A. They placed the Black against the MexicansOld rivalry is throwin' increase they to adjust againThey put the short versus the tall and also the old verses the newPretty quickly it's gon' it is in me versus youAll the things we to be through and the tree that us bloomedI great you much success and stay true