Bayern's Leroy Sane, indigenous left, David Alaba and Thomas Mueller wait for a totally free kick during the champions League group A soccer match between Bayern Munich and RB Salzburg in ~ the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020.AP

The 2020-21 UEFA Champions league enters the knockout phase with the quarterfinal end the next couple of weeks.

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Every match of the competition will certainly be streamed live through Paramount+. Authorize up because that the subscription service here. Pick matches will certainly be obtainable for free via a attempt of fuboTV.

Here is the schedule for the UEFA Champions organization quarterfinal, consisting of start time (all eastern time), TV channel and also live stream options:

Approval that the revamped champions League layout has to be stalled as elite clubs seek more control end the sale of commercial and also broadcasting rights to europe soccer’s upstream competition.

UEFA hoped to usage an executive, management committee conference on Wednesday to ratify the expansion of the group stage from 32 to 36 teams, jumping from 6 to 10 rounds of matches indigenous 2024.

There is vast agreement in between European clubs and also domestic leagues on the new format after year of wrangling but questions remain around how come raise and also distribute Champions league revenues.

UEFA has to resolve the framework with the European club Association over the production of a joint venture to sell civil liberties to the champion League, a human being with understanding of the situation told The connected Press top top Tuesday.

Clubs will get a say only in the marketing and also television rights sales of the competition, leaving UEFA come still regulate the sporting and governance aspects, the person said on problem of anonymity to talk about confidential talks.

It is an effort by UEFA come stave off private calls by previous European champions consisting of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester united to form a breakaway, largely closed competition the they would certainly control.

UEFA wants a minimum guarantee of revenue to defend its gaue won position, while also taking a 6.5% cut of the cash generated by the joint endeavor that would change Switzerland-based agency TEAM Marketing, i m sorry has had exclusive civil liberties from UEFA to offer the champion League due to the fact that 1992.

The champion League right now shares nearly 2 billion euros ($2.4 billion) every season amongst 32 clubs, who are split into eight teams of 4 to start with. The brand-new format will add 100 gamings as a 36-team single-standings organization is created, including in four an ext clubs native the present format. The ECA desires two areas saved because that clubs v a high UEFA ranking, or “coefficient,” based upon historic results, after failing in the bid to revolve the champions League into a competition where as much as 24 areas were permanently locked in.

That would certainly guarantee 10 gamings for every of the 36 teams, versus 10 various opponents with well balanced schedules based upon seedings. The current format consists of six group games against three opponents. The height eight groups would breakthrough to the round of 16. The next best 16 teams would get in a two-leg playoff to finish the bracket. The competition would additionally play matches for the first time top top Thursdays which has previously been scheduled for the Europa League.

While the second-tier competition is envisaged to continue to be at 32 teams, that is also set to take on a sports of the “Swiss System” layout from chess tournaments. So the number of rounds in the group stage would rise from six to eight.

UEFA shown the future of society competitions native 2024 would still be debated at the executive, management committee conference on Wednesday.

“However, any official decision in this respect will only be made in ~ the next UEFA executive, management committee conference on 19 April, in order to finalize continuous discussions,” the administrate body stated in a statement.

European Leagues president Lars-Christer Olsson said last mainly he got “guarantees that no clubs room taking end the club competitions native UEFA” throughout a conversation through the governing body leadership.

“It’s UEFA society competitions and they will constantly have the final say,” Olsson said. “That is not handed over to any other body for decision making.”

(The linked Press contributed to this report).

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