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made by dupli-color anyone ever before used it? i want to pat a hoax on a friend"s new touareg, but want come make certain it will certainly come off. Here"s a connect to it:
Um yeah. My girlfriend did the to my Chevelle because that my 18th birthday in high school. I practically got rid the her...

Re: washable auto spray repaint (sheaffer)
when ns was witnessed the title every i can think the is the movie jackal
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when ns was saw the title all i have the right to think of is the movie jackal

I used it for Halloween last year, my automobile is white and also it didn"t present up all that thick so ns resprayed one height the very first coat. At first it will certainly come ideal off together if it where dust. After ~ it satellite for a job it wouldn"t just wipe off as basic unless you use water. Therefore yea it"s safe but it could get stroked nerves to remove.

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made through dupli-color anyone ever before used it? i desire to play a joke on a friend"s new touareg, yet want come make sure it will come off. Here"s a link to it:

That"s a hoax you beat on a regular vehicle that currently has checked out it"s re-superstructure of scratches, door dings and also swirl marks.You don"t do that come a BRAND new CAR since people are always paranoid around that very first scratch or that first door ding.If friend did the to my brand brand-new car, I"d kill you.

Re: (ATL_Av8r)tell us more about this prank you plan on playing....details...... Heh.....cue the popcorn!!
Re: washable automobile spray repaint (sheaffer)
Also download the stencils and also write complimentary CANDY top top the side of his Touareg in bright red letters.
Re: washable car spray repaint (spockcat)If you execute this to a brand new car. Pls never ever come back to the vehicle Lounge. It will additionally let her "Friend" know exactly how much that a douche bag friend are.
What the **** is v all these sandy vaginas? it washes off v soap and also water because that ****"s sake. Ns think the potential is limitless.

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What the **** is v all this sandy vaginas? that washes off with soap and also water because that ****"s sake. I think the potential is limitless.

Perhaps there"s a lack of expertise here; this stuff isn"t paint, it"s just chalk that sprays out of a can. Together chalk, the washes off, especially a freshly waxed brand-new car.Go buckwild.
"Y"all won"t think ns been drinkin" will ya? The white Lamborghini has vanished, yet now I"m in search of a red Lamborghini. And also it"s gained two an excellent lookin" chicks in it!!"
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