In the epic poem The Odyssey Homer, Odysseus has the capability to it is in a very great leader, however doesn’t constantly live as much as it. Odysseus is a great leader due to the fact that he think a many things through. Therefore, he to know what to execute ahead of time. An additional reason Odysseus is a good leader is the he knows once to trust his crew. Odysseus have the right to be a negative leader due to the fact that he doesn’t constantly tell his crew everything. Also, the doesn’t constantly have usual sense.

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Odysseus is a poor leader due to the fact that of his negative decisions.

Odysseus is good at analyzing things to do them perfect so the nothing go wrong. In the Odyssey, he and his crew enter a cavern to rest. While there, they get trapped in through the cyclopse, Polyphemus, that is Poseidon’s son. In ~ one point, Odysseus has a chance to wound him through his sword, yet realizes that if that does they could be trapped forever.


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He then comes up with a well assumed out plan. (Book 9, lines 343-344) Odysseus think to himself, “And currently I pondered how to hurt the worst, if but Athena granted what i prayed for.” The arrangement is to get Polyphemus drunk off of wine, put red hot fire in his eye to blind him and also leave the next morning when hiding under the bellies that his sheep. The plan is properly executed the way Odysseus assumed it out. When Odysseus executes a good plan and also him and his crew grounding to it, it will certainly work.

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it is one thing that provides him a good leader. In conclusion, Odysseus helped him and his crew by his good analyzing techniques.

Another thing that provides Odysseus a great leader is exactly how he knew when and how to trust his crew. Because that example, he wants to hear the Sirens due to the fact that no one has ever before lived v it. Odysseus speak his crew to plug their ears with beeswax and also tie him down to the mast the the boat, and to not let him go no issue what he does or says. (Book 12, present 214-216) “They bound me up, then, plumb amidships, earlier to the mast, lashed come the mast, and took themselves again rowing.” His crew and also him to be successful and also made it v without losing anyone. The is important for Odysseus to think that his crew i will not ~ untie the from the mast the the watercraft through the Sirens. Odysseus do the efforts to get out, yet the crew just ties the tighter. As a result, it reflects that with enough of Odysseus’ to trust in his crew they deserve to pull of also the hardest task.

Meanwhile, Odysseus is an extremely clueless at times and also doesn’t phone call his crew all the he knows. After ~ Odysseus and also his crew sail far from the Cyclopes, they acquire to Aeolus. Aeolus gives Odysseus a bag the winds that will guide him and also his crew home. After ten days, they are an extremely close come Ithica. When the crew is talking around the bag, Odysseus should’ve been close by and made sure they didn’t open up the bag, yet instead he dropped asleep. (Book 10, present 47-50) “Nigh home we are with north hands. And who has presents from Aeolus? the has, i say we should crack the bag, yes gold, silver, and plenty in the bag!” The crew thinks the the bag has fortune in it, for this reason they open it. The winds escape and make a storm the blows them ago to Aeolia. Consequently, Aeolus doesn’t assist them in ~ all. In result of Odysseus not telling his crew about the bag, they faced one more setback.

Odysseus’ proud was another downfall he had. After Odysseus and also his crew gained past Polyphemus, he renders a poor decision. That yells out his very own name and address. (Book 9, lines 548-552) “Kyklops, if ever mortal male inquire exactly how you were placed to shame and blinded tell that Odysseus, raider of cities, took her eye: Laertes son, who home’s in Ithica.” as soon as Polyphemus hears that he prays come his father, Poseidon, to obtain revenge on Odysseus. Odysseus only wanted to be known for taking down and animal so much bigger 보다 him, yet instead he end up paying because that it. By Odysseus no holding his tongue back, the caused an ext setbacks in your journey back home.

In the Odyssey, Odysseus no the best at making an excellent decisions due to the fact that of his poor luck and gullible personality. In book 12, Odysseus had to command his crew with Scylla and also Charybdis. Follow me the way, Scylla swoops down and eats six of the sailors. In an additional scene, Odysseus concerns Thrinacia, the island that the sun. He wants to stop it, yet Eurylokhos persuades Odysseus come let him and also the remainder of the crew to stay there come relax for a while. (Book 12, currently 364-368) “Eurylokhos says, “No: pull out to sea, friend say, v night top top us- just as before, but wandering now, and also lost. (Book 12, present 380-381) Odysseus says back, “Eurylokos, they are with you to a man. Ns am alone, outmatched.” They end up having actually to continue to be there for a month because of a storm. Because Odysseus is easily encouraged by what Eurylokos, they finish up having poor luck through a storm and also are required to remain there for a month.

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Homer’s post in The Odyssey is that there space many types of leaders; an excellent ones show success, and bad ones display failure. Odysseus is a good and negative leader and he commits both success and failure. A great leader is honest, propelled to success and also a role model because that others. A bad leader can have good qualities, however is not quite strong enough to stand up for what the leader believes. A leader in the real people could be a coach, a teacher, a president, etc. A good coach has a great team, a good teacher has hard working students, and a an excellent president has a smooth-moving country. A poor teacher has actually disrespectful students, a negative coach has actually a lazy team, and also a bad president has a nation that doesn’t operation well. The leader have to be one to follow, similar to the game, follow the leader. Many likely great leaders will certainly succeed and bad leaders will fail.

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