Hello everyone i am a quite new player come the video game (been play for around 1.5 weeks) and also I simply finished structure frost and ember at the very same time. Ns only simply realised that ns need much more derekwadsworth.com slots when I walk to claim them!! i really choose both frost and ember (I actually gained the game due to the fact that of how cool frost looked in the trailer) and I perform want to case them. At the minute I have actually three derekwadsworth.coms (Volt, Rhino, and Valkyr, that I had to invest platinum to gain a slot for). I"m out of platinum since I to be an idiot and also spent the on rushing stuff. So usually what I"m asking, i beg your pardon derekwadsworth.com need to I delete come make space for frost/ember (whichever is better)?


volt if girlfriend max the , hes straightforward to get and not what an excellent of structure for brand-new players , alternatavily friend can shot your luck at vault operation and get corrupted mods what have great demand on market like "fleeting expertise" "narrow minded" "heavy caliber" "overextended" wich deserve to land friend 10-20p because that each 



Well, best off the bat, I"d make an are by offering either Volt or Valkyr, because that the straightforward fact that they rely on greater level mods a bit an ext than great "ol tanky Rhino. In case you were wondering how to gain extra slots, I"m afraid that the just answer is through platinum. You can either get a slot for 20 platinum, or to buy a complete frame for more, i m sorry will also give girlfriend a free slot to host it and also a pre-installed Orokin Reactor, i beg your pardon doubles a frame"s mode space.

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Hope this is helpful, yet farming platinum can be sluggish in the at an early stage stages the the game...


Don"t worry, Plat is really an easy to get



You would be better maxing the frames you have, then start farming rel8cs and also doing relic runs, and looking for mods.


Both will give you points you may be able to sell for plat.


I would execute a bit of research 1st on trading because that plat.


best method to obtain slots

1. Don"t market frames uneven you have there prime.

2 never sell your prime frames (even if friend dislike it. Friend never understand when a rework will hit.)

3. Offer prime components or mode you don"t require you can quickly get 20 plat

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I would imply that you store Rhino, since the tanky-ness of Rhino coupled with a great weapon can help you clear the entirety star chart. Ember is a offense based frame. Wherein is Frost is Defense. Considering the no. Of Defense mission lies ahead of you, obtaining Frost will certainly be worthwhile, especially if you space playing solo.

Sell prime parts for plat, you"ll have enough plat because that both Ember and Frost.

Also, don"t sell your frames uneven you have actually the prime variant, very same goes for weapons.

If you have made your means to Cetus and started fishing, there are plenty of civilization looking to skip the grind by trade plat for fish. Land you yourself a couple of of this trades, and you will certainly be set for slots. No being an extremely high Mastery, your everyday trades room limited, for this reason be sure to make your trades worth it if you are marketing something prefer fish (trade only if that is all 5 fish in the profession until girlfriend have an ext trades in a day)

I recommend you come go farm relics open them and also sell the brown components for 2p each definition sell that in a bundle that 10p for 5 and also do that 2 times and you deserve to buy a slot

Selling junk and also or rare relic parts deserve to be a resource of plats.

If you have actually a clan and have accessibility to dragon keys, vault mods might fetch for part plat there is no too lot effort.

You additionally shouldn"t sell any kind of frames till you obtain them to location 30 once for the MR, uneven you"re completely OK with having actually to re-farm them.

You have the right to just leaving completed ingredient chilling in the Foundry completed forever, till you"re all set to claim them. And also it sounds like you"ve establish now, yet never spend plat to sirloin stuff. The only thing worse you have the right to spend plat on space the mode packs.

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