Team synergy effect is extremely essential to building an effective strike team. A team demands to be created of certain components to be successful. This isn"t to say that various other teams aren"t effective, yet this overview is a good starting suggest for every players who want to learn just how to build a Synergistic strike Team. The go Dead: roadway to survival is really complex, with groups varying based upon toons, weapons, mods and also other basic components. Producing a one team fits all is practically impossible, however there are several methods to leverage her toons to end up being an attack machine.

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The contents of a basic Attack Team

When building an assault team there are 5 main components needed to develop a synergistic attack team. As a basic reminder this is no the only combination of personalities that deserve to be offered to it is in effective. There room many assault teams or dedicated attack teams that are skilled at beating the defending team. These space the 5 main toon varieties needed to make a synergistic strike team.

Leader Toon

You want to begin your attack team through a "true" attack leader. A "true" attack leader is a toon through a leadership skill that gives +40% or +50% attack and a vast bonus to AP as soon as attacking. This leadership skill will offer your team a vast attack rise and help them use their adrenaline rushes faster. If you execute not have a "true" attack lead, the next best option is using a toon v a management skill that offers a very huge bonus come AP, or a large bonus to AP as soon as attacking. AP once attacking is the many important because usually the team that rushes the many wins. This is because adrenaline rushes are conventionally much more powerful attacks that can deal damage either directly, or indirect to one or numerous enemies. This adrenaline rushes can also assist control the foe characters and also prevent them native attacking, rushing, or utilizing other skills that could debilitate her toons.

Command Toon

The following toon that is needed on every strike team is a command toon. A command toon has the Specialist ability "command", which enables them to give a character on your team an additional action in the same battle phase. This is accomplished by swiping ideal on the command toon. The toon the made an action prior to the Commander, will certainly be given the extr action. This activity can it is in a simple attack, rush, energetic skill, or specialist skill. The toon that received second action will certainly be can not to relocate the next turn. Command personalities give girlfriend the chance to disrupt the adversaries flow, and gives friend a strategic advantage in battle. By making use of a command toon, girlfriend can become proactive come a instance in raids, roadmaps or war, rather of re-actively based on what the opponent"s team does to you.


Zander is an example of a command toon. His duty is to allow other characters on the team secondary action by swiping ideal on his personality card.

Damage Toon

A damage dealer is a requirement on most standard attack teams. This toon is responsible for applying most the the damages to the enemy, and also is meant to have actually high assault and fairly low hp and also defense. This toon will certainly usually use high quantities of damage to the foe on one adrenaline rush and also sometimes top top a basic attack together well. The an ext enemies your damage dealer"s adrenaline sirloin hits, the better. This is presume the % damages is high enough. These damages dealers space fragile and need come be safeguarded with other characters.

Support Toon

A assistance character is a toon the either raises your team"s strike and/or lowers the opponents defense. This character is command to the team"s synergy effect by further an increasing your attack team"s damages output. The greater the attack boost, the more damage your personalities will distribute to the enemy on straightforward attacks and also on adrenaline rushes. The better the defense down debuff, the more hp shed on the opponents toons as soon as they space attacked. Usually speaking, a +50% attack an increase is less efficient than a -50% defense debuff used to the opponent. When used in conjunction your team"s assault will be more potent and also your opponents will die quicker. A character have the right to offer this support duty with an adrenaline rush, an active skill or weapon.

Control Toon

Lastly, a regulate toon is the last piece of the puzzle. This character"s main function is to manage the adversary team and protect your damages dealer and other toons. This toon can be a human shield who when defending (swipe left ~ above the specialist), pressures the adversary to attack them, unless the enemy"s team is focused. A guardian toon is another great example, when this character it s okay a crucial hit, a guardian shield will certainly be inserted on 1-2 characters with the shortest health. This shield will certainly block the damage of one attack. Other control characters could have a unique weapon, ability or adrenaline rush that avoids the defending foe from attacking the primary target, or utilizing their adrenaline sirloin or energetic skill. There space many characters that loss under the classification of control and also typically they will confuse, stun, taunt or impair the foe toon(s). Atypical regulate toons will certainly decrease the opponents basic stats through defense under or assault down. Some of the ideal control toons can use multiple layers of control to the enemy"s characters for multiple turns.


Cole is a great control toon. His active skill enables for revolve 1 regulate in the type of taunting 3 enemies and cutting their assault stat through 50%.

Multiple roles Toon

When friend come across characters that fit multiple roles, an interpretation the personality is a mix of the 5 main components, occupational these characters into your team. Personalities who to fill multiple roles open up attack slots because that other damages dealers ~ above your attack team. It have the right to be dangerous to have actually only one damages dealer top top your assault team, due to the fact that if castle are killed your possibilities of to win decrease drastically. By supplementing your team with multiple damage dealers you deserve to leverage her position and kill the opponent’s team faster. Identifying toons that can fill multiple functions is important and will


Priya is an example of a multiple role toon. She is a true leader based upon her leadership skill, her rush applies control to the opponent"s team and she is considered a damage dealer due to the fact that of her high damages output.

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As a reminder this is a standard how to construct a Synergistic attack Team. There are countless other effective assault teams that are an extremely efficient at killing the enemy. The best technique of building an strike team and also learning to usage it, is practice. Toon combination, assault order, weapons, mods and randomness all element into your assault team. But learning about the simple components of an effective strike team, will assist you understand the game an ext deeply and create better attack groups in general.

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