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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Priapius Shot

Are you satisfied through your penis? execute you have a spontaneous erection in the morning? deserve to you keep an erection throughout a full sexual experience? space you interested in obtaining a enlarge penis? Is your prick straight?

These are all either reasons or symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence occurs in over half the masculine population, increasing with age. ED is defined by the i can not qualify to accomplish or preserve an erection for a satisfactory sexual experience. Left untreated, it deserve to lead come frustration, troubles with intimacy, short self-esteem and depression.

Previously in my household Practice, men would ask because that Viagra by name, casually, always at the end of the appointment, as if castle were questioning for a beer. But these requests were far from casual, and also the pain and shame were an extremely real. The stories I heard to be similar. Once they had tried it, males reported the Viagra readily available hope. That worked. However there were limitations: the require to plan ahead, the i can not qualify to combine with details heart medications.

Other treatments eventually hit the industry – implantable devices, injectable medications, and other Viagra-like pills – each with their plusses and also minuses. Then, Dr Charles Runels occurred the Priapus Shot, also known as the P-shot.

The P-Shot is a novel strategy to the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Together proven by considerable research, the P-Shot provides your own blood (Platelet rich Plasma) to enhance sensitivity, rise the dimension and/or girth of your penis, and establish a firmer erection. The P-Shot likewise helps to heal injured tissue by improving blood circulation into her penis.

The reported benefits of the P-Shot include:

· boosted firmness that erection

· Enlarged penis

· raised circulation in ~ the penis

· boosted sensation and pleasure

· enhanced sexual stamina

· Straightened penis

· Improved performance of oral medicines (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn)

· boosted or fixed urinary incontinence

· improved or addressed prostate discomfort

The P-Shot provides Platelet rich Plasma (PRP), i m sorry I have actually been using for years, with good success, in my Sports medicine practice. PRP is a video game changer. There room no next effects, making the the safest treatment alternative for ED.

The benefit of the P-Shot is dependence on the wellness of the recipient and the level of dysfunction or injury. If the receiver is overweight, because that example, or has high blood pressure, diabetes, or love disease, the P-Shot may not be together effective, or may require an ext than one treatment. The use of NSAIDS (Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Naprosyn, Diclofenac, Celebrex, etc.) impedes the healing process, and also may not be used following the P-Shot. If you have Peyronie’s Disease, 3 treatments are likely to be needed.

The P-Shot is not spanned by insurance, and also costs $1900 every treatment

Think the the impact this procedure can have on your life. Gain your mojo on the back! You will find the satisfaction well worth the cost.

Please contact to discuss whether the P-Shot might be right for you.


Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronies condition is a situation where the penis is no straight. It occurs in 5-7% the the population. The cause behind the plaque development and curvature is no known, although there room some associations through diabetes, some household history, and also men v low testosterone. The curvature have the right to progress over time and also this provides it difficult to have an intimate relationship. Traditional treatment options include object therapy, dental therapy, injection therapy, traction devices and also surgery. However, those patients that have currently pursued all the conventional medical therapies will tell you that the services they got from these options were much less than ideal. The risk of side effects from medications and Xiaflex injections can be worse than no being treated. The P-Shot, yet offers a treatment alternative that is without the risks, together the substance the is injected is your very own blood. That is a safe, painless option for treatment. The benefits are detailed immediately in some patients.

Here is a YouTube video clip of a patient that was treated v P-Shot for Peyronie’s disease: P-Shot


Who is a an excellent candidate?

A guy who uses Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or Staxyn with an excellent success is the optimal candidate.

How walk Platelet affluent Plasma (PRP)work?

Platelet rich Plasma is acquired from blood. A centrifuge is supplied to eliminate red blood cells, white blood cells and most the the plasma, the yellow liquid form of blood. Platelets space then concentrated by a second centrifuge, and also are re-suspended in the plasma. For this reason the name, Platelet well-off Plasma.

Platelets are created in the bone marrow. Within the platelets are clotting factors, growth factors, honing molecules and also other protein that control healing. Platelets, which live because that 7-10 days, protect against bleeding, start healing, and encourage a new blood supply.

Healing occurs in 3 distinctive phases. The very first is an inflammation phase, which begins when platelets are drawn to a site and become activated, releasing the growth components necessary because that healing. This step lasts 3-5 days, and also is critical time to prevent anti-inflammatories (such together Ibuprofen, Naprosyn, Diclofenac, Aleve), as inflammation disclosure healing.

The 2nd phase, the proliferative phase, occurs end a period of weeks. Throughout this time, moving material creates in a layered approach, and brand-new blood vessels form. The layers of identified cells form a procession that strengthens the injured tissue. This is the step of healing when tissues are many prone come re-injury. The is essential to usage the cock pump correctly so as reason an erection yet no trauma come the organization by pumping too much.

The 3rd phase of heal is dubbed the remodeling phase. This lasts up to a year. During this period, collagen proceeds to develop and also gets deposit in layers, including strength to the tissue.

What is the threat of utilizing PRP?

PRP is not associated with any risk or complication since it is your own blood, which is not international to her body. The danger of therapy is a repercussion of the actual injection technique. The threat of treatment through PRP contains allergy to the anesthetic and injury or puncture that a deeper framework or nerve. This shouldn’t happen, but since everyone’s anatomy is contempt different, that is a potential. Bruising to the injected area deserve to be expected. Over there is a low danger of infection.

What deserve to I suppose during and after the treatment?

The treatment is preformed utilizing topical anesthetic and also sometimes a nerve block. In some workplaces Nitrous Oxide have the right to be used. This should assist with any type of nervousness or anxiety you have around the procedure and also further minimize your concern about pain. The injections space done through very small needles in certain locations. It deserve to be excellent within 15 minute if the anatomy is normal. After the procedure as soon as the anesthesia has worn off, the cock will feel bruise and also slightly swollen. This commonly lasts a day. In some human being it might last 3-5. We will use the pump immediately after the procedure. Then you will proceed to use the pump double each day for the following 2 months. If for any kind of reason girlfriend can’t usage the pump each day, we need to schedule the procedure for one more time.

Why use a penile pump?

The success that the P-shot requires rehabilitation that the penis over the following 2 months. This entails using a penile pump that will certainly be gave at your visit. We will teach you just how to usage it. Think that the pump as practice for friend penis. The is common to act muscle injuries v Physical Therapy. Think of making use of the pump as Physical treatment for the penis. The benefit being the you carry out it in the comfort of your own home.

What room the indict for utilizing the pump?

Don’t be as well aggressive! The goal is to practice the penis… a full erection is not needed. There have to be no pain, just an enlargement the the prick from raised blood flow, which increases oxygen to the area. You need to pump double a day because that the next two months. Then continue to pump together needed. The speak “If girlfriend don’t use it, you’ll loose it” comes right into play.

Does everyone need more than one shot?

Yes, a diagnosis that Peyronie’s an illness warrants 3 shots and regular usage of the penile pump come straighten the obelisk of the penis. Other patients who space not in perfect health, might not gain the full benefit in one treatment session.

What else have the right to I carry out to boost the benefit of the P-Shot?

Healthy nutrition v a diet short in produced carbohydrates (ie: food the is handle at a factory and also comes in a crate or bag). Great carbohydrates are uncovered in vegetables and fruits. Be careful of how you chef or prepare these, as fats that are partly hydrogenated room not healthy. Butter (especially Ghee, i beg your pardon is clarified butter) or coconut oil are healthy choices. Steaming is even better. A fist sized part of meat cooked at temperatures listed below 400 levels may it is in OK a few days a week. Be careful with the sauces and also salad dressings, as they can include calories. Protect against snacks. Rapid for 13 hours a day (overnight).

Bio-identical hormones, consisting of testosterone and DHEA are very beneficial because that men’s wellness as castle age.

Supplements can be advantageous in regards to healing. Fish Oil, Multiminerals.

Daily entry of ½ her body weight in water is good if you do not have actually heart an illness or worries where you need to avoid too lot fluid.

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Exercise daily. 20 minutes of vigorous practice is recommended, yet a day whereby you walk a many (to go grocery shopping or to carry out errands) can be extremely valuable.