If you have young children, you’ll discover it’s often complicated to uncover a safe method for lock to enjoy sports.

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Being a father myself, I want to display my youngsters both a safe and enjoyable means to gain the game of darts. Without having to supervise them at every times.

After some study I found velcro dartboard sets. I knew around magnetic dartboards, yet they’re generally not an ideal for youngsters under the period of six.

So, I newly bought a selection of the ideal rated velcro dartboards I could find online, for my children to test. So the I could share mine and also my children’s moral opinions top top each.

So, let gain into it.

The best Velcro Dart Boards: Our optimal Picks

To conserve you part effort, ns compiled a perform of 10 high quality velcro dartboards that are suitable for kids. I’ve likewise reviewed them below. Take it a look!

Liberry Velcro Dartboard


Here’s one more exciting choice from TaeMaJoy for small girls. The dartboard has actually a cute, pink unicorn template that’s do of durable, special fabric. The shoot targets room big, clear, and also appealing, do this a convenient option for kids as young as 3 years old.

The dartboard has a diameter of 13.6 inches, and it comes v nine tiny velcro balls in 3 colors; yellow, green, and red. Friend can conveniently hang the board from the difficult loop attached come it.

One that the best things about TaeMaJoy is their superior customer company that’s easily accessible 24 hours, seven days of the week. You obtain a 12-month warranty and 30 work for cost-free return.

We’d introduce this collection as a date of birth or a Christmas gift because that your small princess.

Why We prefer It Unicron theme perfect for girlsSupportive customer organization

B. Toys – Hungry Toss Shark Toys

Why work out for a classic dartboard when you deserve to have one astounding one instead?

This distinctive dartboard native B.toys is the real deal. The “Hungry Toss” is a large shark mouth, vast open and hungry for tosses. If your kid isn’t attracted to constant darts, he/she will certainly be attracted to the Hungry Toss!

What will the shark be hungry for? tiny fish, the course. The set comes through four small colorful velcro balls shame like tiny fish v tails to shoot them right into the shark’s mouth and also ultimately aim at the bull’s eye.

Like the other alternatives featured top top this list, this dartboard is lightweight through an fastened hook to cave it from. Yet, the plank itself is relatively large, with dimensions the 17 x 3 x 23 inches.

All in all, we’d say this is a developmental video game that’s ideal used for toddlers to learn some hand-eye coordination and also have some fun. It’s an ext of a toy rather than a dartboard, to it is in honest.

Why We prefer It Quirky shapeSuitable because that toddlers

Pokonboy Dart plank for Kids

If you’re trying to find a reversible dartboard through a happy cartoon-ish side, you might want to consider this one from Pokonboy.

Not quite different from other reversible plank on our list, the Pokonboy board has a traditional dart side and another much easier side v colorful, you re welcome lines sustaining your kiddo as soon as he/she aims for the target.

The board’s diameter is 13.8 inches, and also it comes with eight balls in red and also light blue. The manufacturer’s recommended period is three years and above, and the collection does come in a kind packaging suitable for gifts.

Why We favor It ReversibleCatchy price

Franklin Sports kids Dart Board

We don’t know if this qualifies as a dartboard, every se, but it definitely has earned a ar on our list because of the intuitive design. The “board,” if us may contact it that, is an blow up round decaying of 20 inches diameter v patches of velcro, wherein your kid need to target your shots.

The balls aren’t ping pong size. They’re rather “tennis” balls dimension with a fuzzy texture similar to tennis balls. Nonetheless, castle stick well to the board.

The board has a vinyl cover, and also you can blow it yourself or usage an inflation pump. It attributes an anti-leak valve so that the air doesn’t escape and also the disc stays intact.

This disguised dartboard game is perfect for get-togethers with family or an energetic playdate with your tiny one. The recommended date is six years and also up. You deserve to hang it at home or outdoors. All over that take away your child away native their computer screen!

The just downside come this design is the it’s slightly pricier than regular velcro dartboards. Yet, the material and balls are worthy that the price.

Why We prefer It an innovative design appeals come kidsSturdy board

MagicWe Foam Axe Throwing video game Set

By the exact same token of creative designs, this the end of package ax-throwing game has captured our attention, and we’re almost details it’ll very nice one to your kid.

The dartboard is shaped favor a cross-section the a tree, top top which her kid deserve to throw not just velcro balls however also little axes through velcro strips! The idea is fresh and also new, and even adults reap it together well!

The set comes with two axes and six balls in yellow and also green. It suits children of periods six and also up, particularly with the ax’s component poses a difficulty for the hand-eye coordination and also the targeting ability itself because that both kids and also adults alike.

There are five concentric loops as targets, consisting of the bull’s eye, i beg your pardon adds 6 points come the score!

This dartboard or “Throwing Game,” indigenous MagicWe, have the right to be used indoors or outdoors and also can be a way to gather the totality family. We’d certainly recommend it if you’re no strictly feather for timeless dartboards.

Why We choose It fix up game principle and complicated targetingEnjoyed by adults and children alike

O-heart Halloween Dart Board

We’ll it is in finishing off our list v this Halloween-themed dartboard indigenous O-heart. That a reversible board through both sides v Halloween themes. One side is a traditional targeting dartboard with a pumpkin as a background, when the other is the Halloween associated doodles with different shooting targets with varying scores.

Honestly, this is one of our favorite boards since it’s do of a thick fabric covering a multilayered thick sponge disk. The both sturdy and super safe; that not among these paper-like boards the flip whenever friend shoot lock strongly.

Another benefit of this collection is that it’s slightly cheaper 보다 its counterparts. Who desires to pay an ext bucks because that a toy? Yes, no one.

The collection comes with 6 darts of three colors, i beg your pardon is no the finest decision if friend asked us. 3 colors for two players would’ve been much more practical, though.

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Why We like It Halloween themeSuper catchy price

Our Verdict

Not just are lock entertaining, but velcro dartboards also help your youngsters to learn an easy maths skills. They also help to enhance hand-eye coordination.

With the being said, from those that us reviewed above, we assumed that the Scoze Dartboard come out on top. With a 4.5 star rating indigenous 274 reviews on Amazon and cheap price, it’s definitely worth checking out!