Fox News reports the this year Oscar nominees gained a frightful law in your swag bag. Together with a holiday in Japan and kinky bedroom toys, the talented nominees found a voucher because that a brand-new and controversial breast improvement treatment coined the “Vampire chest Lift”. Of every the fabulous swag, valued at end $220,000, the Vampire chest Lift created the most buzz.

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Does the procedure really use a woman’s very own blood to an increase her cleavage? exactly how long carry out the results last and, an ext importantly, is that safe?

According come the official Vampire breast Lift website, the in-office procedure is a great option for ladies who want fuller cleavage, but aren’t ready to walk under the knife. The “designer procedure” was developed by the same medical professional who brought you the Vampire FaceLift, which likewise focuses on expansion factors and also platelet rich plasma (PRP) to deliver rejuvenating results.

Vampire breast Lift supplies platelet wealthy plasma

The Vampire chest Lift is a three-stage procedure that typically takes much less than 35 minutes and also requires no anesthesia. Blood is drawn from the patient utilizing a fine gauged needle. The is then processed to different out the platelet affluent plasma (PRP), which contains stem cells. This PRP, together with dermal fillers favor Juvederm or Restylane, is injected in key areas of the woman’s chest to rise cleavage and also give a perkier appearance. According to the Vampire breast Lift creator, Dr. Charles Runels, patients deserve to expect a host of pleasant side results as development factors begin to kick in. Nipples will certainly take ~ above a rosier hue and regain lost sensation, and also hyaluronic fillers offer a rounded, feminine shape until the collagen production is stimulated.

The website has several videos made by certified Vampire chest Lift providers, who descriptions of the procedure are interestingly disparate. While most say the results have the right to last increase to two years, an additional claims the outcome is practically permanent. One thing they every agree top top is the convenience the this non-surgical chest enhancement. Women have the right to have the procedure and also go back to work-related the exact same day. Various other than preventing rigorous practice or alcohol because that 3 job post-treatment, there room no other restrictions.

Rounded cleavage offers a “polishing effect”

One provider commented the the Vampire chest Lift need to not be regarded as a instead of for breast implants, yet rather together a complement. Chest augmentation v implants aid project the bust, yet does not generate a most cleavage, that explained. Some patients may even discover they have actually some asymmetry they must address. In instances like these, injections that PRP and also filler are carefully placed about the perimeter the the implant, giving the surgical procedure a an ext finished or “polished effect.”

Patients will notice an immediate an increase in cleavage after ~ the procedure, yet the final results are evident after 2 months, when expansion factors start to work.

Some in the industry, consisting of London-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Olivier Branford, controversy that more research demands to be performed to recognize the security of the Vampire chest Lift. He also notes that repeated use of short-lived injectables and also tissue expansion may actually accelerate breast drooping and lead come calcification.

As with any form of plastic surgical procedure procedure, patients should always do their research beforehand and speak candidly through a board-certified operated doctor in order to make educated decisions.

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