Through cosmetic treatments, we have the right to correct the unwanted results of aging and aid to replenish volume that has been lost.

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Aging tends to beat a big role in the decrease of the quality of our skin, among other uncontrollable factors. Wrinkles, lines, and volume loss have the right to be treated with the Restylane dermal filler family.

“I am a 31yr old female v loss of collagen by the side if mine mouth and also I have actually a nasal labial folds. I have been hesitating getting restylane because that sometime greatly b/c ns was fear that ns would have actually horrible bruising or swelling. Well i am now one day article treatment after having actually one syringe injected and I LOVE IT! No bruises & minimal swelling!! Why did i wait so long.”

– S.F. Via RealSelf

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler the softens wrinkles and also restores facial volume. Wrinkles and also volume loss, whether a an outcome of age, genetics, or sun exposure, can leave you looking older than you important are. This one-of-a-kind gel formulation respond to these problems and revitalizes her appearance.

Hyaluronic mountain is a substance that is naturally uncovered in our biological makeup. This ingredient is a very important component of ours skin’s structure and also plays a huge role in preserving a youthful appearance. Hyaluronic mountain is responsible because that binding water within the skin. Unfortunately, this herbal substance often tends to diminish over time, resulting in a loss of skin elasticity. And also as us age, our skin’s capacity to maintain water considerably decreases. Replenishing hyaluronic acid through Restylane injections have the right to restore smooth skin and also youthful contour.

How does Restylane Work?

Restylane works by replenishing reduced hyaluronic acid in ~ the skin to regain volume and also smooth skin. This filler must be injected into the locations of the confront where the body’s assistance structure has weakened.

Indentations and depressions top top the face can be filled to it is in level with bordering skin. This filler is likewise beneficial because that smoothing the end wrinkles and also creases such together nasolabial folds and also marionette lines. Additionally, Restylane deserve to be offered to include volume come the lips; our experienced injectors can provide natural-looking results or a full pout relying on the patient’s an individual preference.

Treatment Areas

Restylane have the right to be provided to treat numerous different cosmetic concerns on the face. The certain areas ~ above the challenge that this details Restylane formulation can be supplied on include:

Marionette currently Forehead present

If friend have concerns other 보다 those listed above, Restylane has different formulations come treat different problem areas.







About The Treatment

Treatment Process

During her Restylane treatment, an ultra-fine needle or cannula will be inserted into the skin. Cannulas space utilized bulk of the time because it offered reduced risks and also minimizes swelling and bruising. The gel equipment will it is in injected in small amounts strategically throughout the treatment area to provide volume or an even surface while appearing natural-looking. This process will be repeated until your desired results are achieved. The therapy lasts about 15-30 minutes and you will be able to return come your everyday routine immediately after treatment.

What does It feeling Like?

When experience the Restylane injections, you might feel a slight study abroad sensation at first from the needle. Restylane includes an ingredient referred to as lidocaine, i beg your pardon is a kind of local anesthetic that provides a numbing effect during the injection. Typically, ours patients uncover that this treatment is very comfortable.

Do I need Anesthesia?

The Restylane injection process as a totality is quick and also comfortable. Although Restylane currently contains a type of regional anesthetic, patients may want additional numbing to provide added comfort throughout the injections. For cases such as this, we can use a object anesthetic or nerve blocks (numbing injections that space done straight into nerve majority to certain the patience feels certain nothing) to the therapy area. Nerve blocks are wanted by many of our physicians for lip injections, however patients can decide because that themselves. They generally last 4-5 hours so part patients don’t choose this numbing agent.


The price the dermal filler starts at $650 every syringe. We market discounts when more than 1 syringe is purchased at the exact same time. You can also boost her savings by participating in our Rewards add to program. Purchases end $1,000 deserve to be financed. In stimulate to obtain your personalized quote, we ask the you contact our office and also request a one-on-one consultation with one of our expert injectors today!


After her treatment, girlfriend may notification slight redness that the skin and also mild swelling. This need to subside in ~ a few hours; however, swelling can vary from a couple of hours to 48 hours, depending upon the area treated. We take steps to prevent bruising – consisting of accuvein and also cannulas. We likewise offer free laser treatments in the situation that castle develop any type of bruising. Patients can minimize the risk of bruising by avoiding intense blood-pressure-elevating tasks for the very first 12 hours after treatment. However, the is no required and also does not pose a wellness threat come exercise, even intensely, following treatment. They should be cautious not to strongly rub or massage the cure area for at the very least 24 hours. Light emotional of the treated area, such as washing the face, is no a problem.

There is no downtime necessary after Restylane injections, so you are complimentary to leave the office after your treatment and return come your normal routines. The outcomes for Restylane injections have the right to be seen immediately, but the last outcome will certainly be visible once the swelling and also bruising completely dissipates.

How numerous Restylane therapies Will i Need?

One treatment will considerably reduce signs of facial aging and volume loss. After ~ the injections, you will an alert an improvement in face contour and also smoothness of your skin. However, that is crucial to note that the outcomes are no permanent. Girlfriend will have to return because that recurrent therapy in bespeak to maintain your youthful results.

How lengthy Does that Last?

Once you have actually received her Restylane treatment, the outcomes will generally last six to ripe months, depending on the individual and also the area treated. If Restylane is offered for lip enhancement, the outcomes will last 4-5 months. Because we room constantly utilizing our lips, the components that comprise this injectable often tend to failure more quickly than other areas on the face, such as the smile lines. Depending upon the location of the injection, the duration of the outcomes will vary. Throughout your early stage consultation, among our injection experts will have the ability to provide much more information about the longevity of your Restylane treatments.

Ideal Candidates

Both men and also women can be candidates because that Restylane treatments. If you room looking to reduce certain signs that aging ~ above the confront or wanting to enhance details features such as your lips, you might be a good candidate to get this volumizing treatment. You must not have any underlying skin problems that can negatively impact the effectiveness of the injectable. Us ask the you maintain reality expectations for this treatment, together it will certainly not provide the same results as a operation procedure.

If you have severe skin laxity top top the face, dermal fillers may not administer you with the outcomes you space looking to obtain. Injectables treat mild to moderate skin imperfection; therefore, if your comes to require more in-depth treatment, a various procedure may be much better suited. Reflections facility offers numerous suitable alternate treatments because that skin laxity. During the consultation v your physician, the doctor can evaluate your certain case and also make the finest treatment recommendation to administer you with your preferred results.

Additional and alternative Procedures

Patients have actually the chance to integrate your Restylane treatment with another injectable treatment for a more considerable treatment. Several of the most typical injectables that our patients integrate with Restylane room Botox and Bellafill.


Botox is highly diluted botulinum toxin that, as soon as injected, deserve to reduce wrinkles and lines that form as a an outcome of face muscle contractions. Through consistent muscle motions made once making facial expressions, the overlying skin begins to crease and become lax. This is what causes the formation of the present in the skin that type crow’s feet, smile lines, and forehead lines. Once injected into the skin, Botox will stop the muscle from contracting as soon as making facial movements, therefore, to reduce the variety of lines and also wrinkles that kind on the upper fifty percent of the face. This treatment deserve to be linked with Restylane to mitigate lines, creases, and also folds on the entire face.


Reflections facility offers a wide variety of FDA authorized dermal fillers due to the fact that each has its very own nuances and best uses. Bellafill is the an initial FDA- authorized filler to treat acne scars. This treatment have the right to be used in conjunction v Restylane for an extensive treatment, correcting volume loss and treating scarring led to by acne and also other soft scars on the face. Bellafill can carry out a soft, smooth illustration to her skin. This injectable is different from numerous of the others because not only does it exactly imperfections through the skin however it also stimulates the production of collagen to administer continued benefits even after the therapy is complete.

Frequently asked Questions

You have the right to - however should you? If friend mean have the right to you mix them with each other to create some hybrid injectable filler solution - yeah, you might do that safely. Most likely not suitable thing come do since these 2 filler behave really differently. An ext likely youre wondering if you have the right to have both Restylane and Juvederm injected - maybe youre worried around having lock injected in the same area, or also on the exact same day - either of those scenarios is simply fine together well.

Most of the time, bumps that you feel directly after injections is just pin-point swelling. We counsel our patient to offer themselves 2 weeks to totally recover native the trauma that injection in order come evaluate any bumps or lumps. 90% that the time, it will resolve throughout that time, and its truly simply a certain spot the was disrupted a bit more than the bordering tissues throughout injection. These are regularly spots you can feel, but cant see. Beyond that 2 weeks, if friend still have lumps or bumps, we like to check out our patients earlier in because that an evaluation. We can always dissolve Restylane - however rarely must do so.

Yes! Restylane is a an excellent filler for dark circles. Us cover filler because that dark circles in much an ext detail on our dark circles therapies page.

We introduce you not drink for the 24 hrs before and after your injections through Restylane or any kind of other type of filler, due to the fact that alcohol thins the blood. With any type of blood thinner (including alcohol, Vitamin E, pain relievers, and prescription blood thinners), a little bruise have the right to turn into a much bigger bruise - and also we understand our patients want to avoid bruising from fillers. However, it doesnt yes, really pose a true health and wellness risk to drink after ~ Restylane injections - its simply a precaution to assist reduce the dangers of bruising. So dont worry if girlfriend forget and also accidentally have actually a glass of alcohol after.

Sure! In fact, we occasionally inject Restylane while youre laying down! Filler, as soon as placed, isnt going to move approximately unless you vigorously rub or massage it. We perform recommend girlfriend avoid traditional face-down massages because that at the very least 24 hrs after injection, though.

Why pick Reflections Center?

At reflect Center, dermal filler injections are among the most frequently requested treatment by our patients. We use only FDA-approved fillers for your safety and to carry out you through the ideal results possible. During your consultation at reflections Center, we space able to customize and also tailor each treatment to your specific needs. We work tough to make sure our patients receive the therapy that is best for them come achieve their aesthetic goals. Several of the other fillers we market are Juvederm, Voluma, Sculptra, Radiesse, Belotero, and also Bellafill. Friend may also benefit from one more Restylane formulation. This deserve to be discussed during her consultation.

Here are few of the countless reasons patients deserve to feel at ease when picking our practice:

Experience – our physicians carry out this all day, every day, together their chosen profession (vs. Other “dabbler” injectors), we’ve winner the Allergan Diamond Level Award because that over 5 years running, and also the Galderma Presidential compensation every year due to the fact that its inception, for our level the experience.

Skilled – our doctors have actually a reputation for natural-looking results and we are committed to mastering the latest injection techniques, to be able to offer the very best cosmetic care in new Jersey.

Trained – Our medical professionals undergo hands-on, thorough training for their injection techniques, as well as a rigorous assessment of their skill is required before they ever join our team. However those the do sign up with our team are an extremely skilled, and are often asked come train various other physicians on proper injection technique.

Schedule her Consultation

During her consultation, your doctor will comment on in information what her treatment options are and also the certain advantages that are linked with the particular injectable. You and also the physician will then occupational together to decide which treatment will it is in the best option. The particular filler that is preferred for you will certainly be based upon the depth that wrinkles and also creases and also the location of the aesthetic concerns. Us work hard to administer each and every among our patients through natural-looking outcomes that leave you looking refreshed and feeling youthful. To find out much more information, please call Reflections Center and also schedule her one-on-one consultation through a cosmetic doctors today.

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Dr. Mitchell Chasin established Reflections center for skin & body as a location where doctors specializing in cosmetic medicine could focus on helping empower patient to feeling their many beautiful. Dr. Chasin to trust strongly the the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering your craft through continuing education and collaboration v the industry’s height doctors.