The founding prejudice is the establishing (you have the right to disable it in game set up) which enables your world to have a starting point comparable to its original historic place. Like for circumstances if you play for ottomans you would certainly begin in a desert or if you play for iroquois you would start in a forest. So what is this bias for other factions?

Also, exactly how does it occupational, is the component of the map produced specifically for a certain people, or is it created randomly and then the ideal fitting spots found?



This is based on the comments and data inside the XML file (Assets/Gameplay/XML/Civilizations/CIV5Civilizations.xml).

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The start predisposition just chooses the location on the map, it does not influence map generation itself.

Tbelow are 4 various begin predisposition categories, a world can only belengthy in one category:

Start along OceanStart along RiverStart in particular RegionAvoid specific Region

The begin biases for the specific civilizations are the following:

Civilization Start bias---------------------------------------England OceanOttoman OceanArabia DesertAztec JungleIndia GrassIroquois ForestRussia TundraEgypt Avoid Jungle and also ForestSiam Avoid ForestSonghai Avoid TundraDLC Civ Start bias---------------------------------------Mongolia PlainsSpain OceanInca HillsPolynesia Ocean




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