This is in response to a pair of current letters to the editor in the Times-Herald.

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The first is the diatribe by Annzell Loufas (“Davis doesn’t obtain it”, April 1) versus our mayor, however more importantly, versus history. Osby Davis was elected by the exact same kind of human being who elected our founders, and the very same civilization that have actually made America the good country it is now, despite the inroads of those that would certainly execute away with our Christian heritage. Abraham Lincoln, in a speech lengthy ago, proclaimed, “America will never before be ruined from the outside. If we fchange and lose our freedoms, it will certainly be because we destroyed ourselves.” Today, tbelow are many kind of that are desperately trying to revise the previous, and also make it magically agree with their selections and also ideals these days. We should be wary of these world, and also vigilant, for they are deliberately or unconsciously, may the reader decide, not acting in the finest interests of America.

Loufas begins by bringing up the separation of church and also state. The clause is nowright here in our Constitution, and our First Amendment is specifically opposite. It is the liberty of faith, not, as the letter writer would certainly have think, liberty from religion. Yes, our founders apverified of slavery, which was a grave evil, but it was Christians in Britain and America that did away through slavery. It definitely wasn’t atheists. It was the Christian church that was the backbone of the civil civil liberties movement, not atheist societies.

I’m trying to discover Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermon to United Atheist Society, however I are afraid I will not discover it. Perhaps you can find it for me.

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It appears preposterous to think that one can disthink America was founded upon Christian ideals as soon as 90 percent of our founders were Christians of differing sects. When trying to interpret the Constitution, it is not only crucial to have the ability to understand also English, it is likewise vital to understand also and also live the lives of those that composed it. The founders were not obtaining their expertise of the past from tv and movies. They actually studied and lived stays worthy of the wisdom they had actually. They knew far even more of prehistoric history than 90 percent of college graduates this day, and as such, were far more qualified of having actually reasoned policies than 99 percent of college graduates fostering marijuana use and same-sex marital relationship now.

How deserve to our mayor be criticized for doing his due diligence and also opposing a drug which impairs peoples critical thinking skills and leads to so many kind of other wellness risks, as letter writer Lani English (“The reality on marijuana”, April 2) so wondertotally pointed out?

The second letter is from David Crumrine (“Time to be sensitized”, April 1). Editor Jack F.K. Bungart was entirely appropriate in his column questioning the comparichild of the fight for same-sex marriage to the civil legal rights motion. Unfortunately, there are many people whose just principle of background comes from college or the news media, and also to them, the assertion that same-sex marital relationship is the exact same as civil rights activity makes perfect feeling.

The fact of the matter is 20 something judges overrode the will certainly of more than 50 million Amerihave the right to voters, that voted to save marriage the means it has actually always been, between a guy and also a woman. This has resulted in America being the greatest country in the people now. If it’s not broke, why are we trying to deal with it?

To compare the discussion for same-sex marriage with the plight of African Americans, who were lynched, segregated versus and murdered, is a substantial offense to our country and the memory of the indignities experienced in the time of racism. It need to be perfectly obvious that there is no comparison, but it seems we have actually many type of who are badly duped, deluded, and deceived.