about Where Corn Don"t thrive

"Where Corn Don"t Grow" is a track written by i get it Murrah and Mark Alan Springer. It was first recorded by Waylon Jennings on his 1990 album The Eagle, peaking at #67 ~ above the country singles charts that year. 6 years later, Travis Tritt extended it ~ above his 1996 album The Restless Kind. Additionally released as a single, his rendition to be a height Ten nation hit in 1997, peaking at #6 top top the very same chart.

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As we sat on the front porchOf that old grey residence where ns was born and raisedStaring at the dusty fieldsWhere my Daddy functioned hard every dayI think it kinda pains him once I said"Daddy there"s a many that i don"t knowBut don"t you ever before dream about a lifeWhere corn don"t grow?"He just sat over there silentStaring at his favorite coffee cupI observed a storm of mixed emotions in his eyesWhen he looked upHe said "Son I know at her ageIt seems favor this ole human being is turnin" slowAnd girlfriend think you"ll discover the answer come it allWhere corn don"t grow"Hard times are realThere"s dusty areas no issue where girlfriend goYou may change your mind"Cause the weeds are high wherein corn don"t growI remember feeling guiltyWhen dad turned and also walked back in the houseI was only seventeen earlier thenBut I believed that ns knew more than I understand nowI can"t speak he didn"t warn meThis city life"s a tough row to hoeAin"t that funny exactly how a dream can turn aroundWhere corn don"t growHard times room realThere"s dusty areas no issue where friend goAnd friend may change your mind"Cause the weeds are high whereby corn don"t growYou may adjust your mindOh the weeds room high where corn don"t grow

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Travis Tritt James Travis Tritt (born February 9, 1963) is one American, Grammy-winning, nation music singer from Marietta, Georgia. That signed to Warner Bros. Documents in 1989, releasing seven studio albums and also a greatest hits package for the label in between then and also 1999. In the 2000s, that released two albums top top Columbia Records and one for the defunct classification 5 Records.

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Seven of his albums (counting the best Hits) are certified platinum or greater by the Recording sector Association that America (RIAA); the highest-certified is 1991"s It"s All about to Change, i m sorry is certified triple-platinum. Tritt has likewise charted much more than fourty times ~ above the Hot country Songs charts, including 5 number ones — "Help Me hold On," "Anymore," "Can i Trust You through My Heart," "Foolis… much more »