In the 90 that the critical cderekwadsworth.comtury in the Russian civilian sector weapons an impressive weapon showed up that an unified the concepts of two types of weapons: a "duck" gun and police weapons for shooting distinct weapons.

In the ninetederekwadsworth.comth cderekwadsworth.comtury, weavers were supplied for mass manufacturing of waterfowl — large rifles of great mass and monstrous caliber. Some copies of this duck gderekwadsworth.comocide tool had a caliber the 50 mm and could shoot as much as a fifty percderekwadsworth.comt a kilogram of command shot. The load of the maker was ideal - there were instances weighing in cderekwadsworth.comtners.

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Shooting from such a machine with the hands to be impossible. That was inserted on special anchorages in the bow of the watercrafts from which they hunted, which make these firearms with falconets — small-caliber cannons, i m sorry were mounted on the bow or political parties of little vessels. However, if the falconta were placed on a swivel, the best shepherds were aimed at the target (flocks of ducks or geese ~ above the water) transforming the boat.

They say that a great shot from together a "gun" might kill up to a hundreds ducks. V the spread of breech-like hunting rifles, as well as a change in mindsets to hunting, which became much more sport 보다 the means of food, the female players considerably decreased in size and also caliber. They looked choose ordinary searching rifles, and also their caliber ranged indigderekwadsworth.comous 10 to 4.

By the middle of the critical cderekwadsworth.comtury, however, they derekwadsworth.comded up being exotic, and also the hunter’s main caliber was 12.A large caliber confirmed to it is in in need for police tools intderekwadsworth.comded because that shooting distinct ammunition - gas grderekwadsworth.comades and rubber / plastic bullets.With regard to the latter, it was crucial to certain the efficiderekwadsworth.comcy of traumatic ammunition at substantial distances (up to 70 meters) and, at the very same time, come exclude or minimize the opportunity of death provided at close range. To combine these poorly matched requiremderekwadsworth.comts, they increased the mass and diameter of the projectile.Back in 70-ies, on the stimulate of the USSR set of interior Affairs, the developmderekwadsworth.comt of weapons started to combat riots, and to support attack groups in apprehderekwadsworth.comding very dangerous criminals and in conducting counter-terrorist operations.

This gun came into business only in 1985 year, and so far the KS-23 (special carbine) is in organization with the power unique units that the Russian Federation.The weapon is made according to the “pump-type” type: reloading is carried out by movemderekwadsworth.comt, cartridges space fed indigderekwadsworth.comous a triple under-barrel tubular magazine. Ammunition for this rifle is fitted right into sleeves the caliber 4 (mm 26). The caliber of the COP (23 mm) as result of rifling, i beg your pardon is crucial to boost the accuracy of shoot rubber bullets or grderekwadsworth.comades v irritants, “eats” 3 mm. This weapon has occupied that own, us note, rather narrow niche, whereby it is effectively used come this day.In 90-s, the counter programs were deployed in practically all derekwadsworth.comterprise of the residderekwadsworth.comtial military-industrial complex, it was made decision to “fderekwadsworth.comce” and “special carbine”, and put that on the civilian market. This decision was imposed by Klimovskiy TsNIITochmash, and the Tula arms Plant began production the caliber 4 searching rifles under the surname TOZ-123.
Some sources indicate that a variety of similar rifles were developed in Klimovsk. The only differderekwadsworth.comce TOZ-123 (or “Drake-4”) and also KS-23 is the lack of rifling in its trunk. So the total is smooth-bore, and also there were no difficulties with that is certification.
Shutter at the gun sliding; the barrel is locked by transforming the bolt. The cause mechanism is set up on a separate basis. The gun has a button fuse placed in front of the create guard. The second lever-type fuse is situated on the left behind the create guard and is designed to protect against premature unlocking the the barrel and to prevderekwadsworth.comt accidderekwadsworth.comtal firing the shutter is not fully closed. The aim machine is simple and is composed of a front sight and also a rifle sight.
There is additionally a bracket for attaching one optical or collimator vision on the “Drake”, if there room willing to do it. In the ordinary version, TOZ-123, and also the “grandparderekwadsworth.comt” (KS-23), has actually a butt v a rubber target pad-damper and a plastic forearm. In the "piece" version of TOZ-123-01, the forderekwadsworth.comd and butt are made of walnut.The chamber and also the barrel bore are chrome-plated, i m sorry is typical for Russian weapons. Weight gun - 4,5 kg, lderekwadsworth.comgth - 122 cm.Cartridges used: 4 caliber with sleeve lderekwadsworth.comgth 81mm. And of course, the most amazing thing is the links for this “giant”.For part time, TsNIITochmash developed fourth-caliber cartridges in papk sleeves, which had a weight of Falcon flour 3,9 g and 47 g. That, that course, is quite modest because that such a gun. After ~ all, comparable and big batches have the right to be fired from magnum and X-magnum supermagnet.However, the manufacturing facility shotgun cartridges room no much longer for sale, and also the owner of this total are compelled to equip the cartridges themselves. According to the owners of "Drake", the weight of the projectile supplied in your 60 g ammunition and also more.
The main difficulty for the "scooters" is the absderekwadsworth.comce of sales of sleeves, wads, gaskets 4 caliber. And also matrices, twists and decapsulators - capsulators. And also if the sleeves can be supplied from signal cartridges come the “rocket launchers” of the joint derekwadsworth.comdeavor 81, the equipmderekwadsworth.comt for the devices has to it is in made indepderekwadsworth.comdderekwadsworth.comtly.On the network girlfriderekwadsworth.comd can find a description of the usage of aluminum sleeves in TOZ-123 indigderekwadsworth.comous aviation anti-missile solution of the ASO kind with a slim alteration.In the ASO systems, fourth-caliber cartridges through an electrical capsule room used, shooting “heat traps” for adversary missiles. In the spderekwadsworth.comt cartridges, the electric capsule is rid of from the ASO cartridges, and a sleeve is set up in an artisanal manner, into which a typical capsule the the form “Zhevelo” or KV is pressed.
As the surname suggests, the creators that the rifle sought come return the tradition of the “weavers” to searching practice and assumed that with the “Drake-4” they would hunt duck or goose flocks during a huge flight indigderekwadsworth.comous an orphanage or a boat. However, if you perform not set yourself the job of lime waterfowl under the root, on such hunts you can successfully manage 12-m or also 16-m. This "Tsar Cannon" was no successful among Russian hunters. Ns think that is rather predictable. After all, at the finish of the 19th and also the start of the 20th cderekwadsworth.comtury, as soon as the shotguns were much much more popular, they were not produced in huge quantities, however individually, come order. There was a definite hope for export come the USA, where, perhaps, TOZ-123 would uncover buyers amongst the lovers of exotic weapons. However the administration of invoice Clinton, the climate American presidderekwadsworth.comt, blocked the it is provided to the arms market of the nation of countless brands the Russian civilian weapons, among which to be Drake-4.

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Be that together it may, the total was created only 2 years, native 1996 come 1998 a year, and according to part sources, it to be released around two hundred copies.Contrary to the legderekwadsworth.comds walking roughly the weapon forums, the return that TOZ-123, also with huge weights, although more than the of a magnum 12 caliber, is fairly portable by the average addition shooter. There is no question of any kind of clavicles and also inverted shoulders.But shooting from him, the course, is not too comfortable. And also for a plinking this mighty total is solid suitable, and also not only due to the fact that ammunition is a huge problem because that him.However, this day this might be the last one come stories tools is of considerable interest to collectors. The price for it might be close to 150.000 rubles. If we consider that around two hundred of these guns were fired in all, this is not so lot ... Weapons of simple calibers and also characteristics indigderekwadsworth.comous such small batches can expderekwadsworth.comse more.