I simply tried my first project. Played vandals, sacked Rome, settled in Carthage. I slowly expanded to take the rest of Africa and a lot of of the province to its east. I had actually many trouble keeping my 2 militaries and structure a navy while maintaining my economic situation up (when I first settled I had actually to cut dvery own on my armed forces a fair amount). Anymeans, it wasn't periodically however I was doing alideal till the ERE came over and curb stomped me. I might hardly compete with their numbers or units. Campaign ended in faientice in 419. Don't understand if I should waited longer to clear up or what.

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Good serves you appropriate for sacking the eternal city

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Warhammer II

the correct answer

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Some general advice

take the historical-ish course with the WRE's holdings - wre has actually many territory/not most militaries, so its exceptionally useful to sack as many type of undefended negotiations as you can before you work out. You can take a detour to rome, however mostly you are going to desire to go through southern gaul into hispania, which is the real goodie basket for a barbar favor you

have actually lots of cash prior to you settle - cultural conversion prices for the land also you settle will certainly eat up the majority of $$$, so you must have an excellent excess for when you finally work out down

pick your starting area carefully - Carthage is always a little of a trap because its deceptively difficult to protect that portion of africa if the ai decides it wants to fuck through you. Its absolutely doable, but requires a bit of advanced understanding on baiting the ai via navies. Anywright here in Spain is really easymode for settling as much as security is came to, yet you could likewise try settling in corsica/sardinia to be surrounded by the seregarding attempt and also stay safe as well. Economy additionally factors right into your decision, as having a good economic province (Leptis Magna/Carthagenensis/That one gold province in NW spain are all great places for moneymaking) have the right to help you obtain over the beforehand econ hump sooner

As for handling the ERE, your roster must be well suited to handling them if you understand how to usage it. AI romans love spamming legio/spears, and also you have accessibility to barbarian infantry that have the right to deal with those fairly easily. Early on you have germanic warband with great attack/ap and also fear to chew through legio, and also later on you deserve to obtain either noble germanic swords or noble suebi swordsguys, that laugh at roman infanattempt while in shield wall. Noble Suebi are one of the ideal melee systems in the game imo, considering that they are stout in melee and come via precursor throwing axes which execute absurd damages to infantry units. Your cavalry need to additionally outcourse theirs, considering that you get accessibility to the alani mounties units and some option light shock/raider cav in the moorish/vandal raiders.

If you are going to work out in Carthage aget, be certain to invest in a navy - little ones deserve to actually be better than big ones, as periodically the ai will run away from your fleets w/ unguarded unsafeguarded armies. If they think that your fleet is too little to pose a threat, you have the right to score some major victories and also sink whole armies w/ simply a handful of ships, many thanks to seasickness/fire mechanics in naval battles. Cheap archer ships are the ideal imo, until you deserve to afford elite naval doomstacks, because boundless fire arrows (by means of the refill mechanic) permit you to basically endlessly kite the AI