Each year at The GRAMMYs we see brand-new faces go the red carpet, and also fall in love with new talent.

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In fact, there’s also a Grammy Award for “Best brand-new Artist.” An award that has been winner by iconic artists such together The Beatles — or if you were watching last year, Sam Smith! Isn’t it insane to imagine a human being where we didn’t recognize those artist’s names?

Two of this years Best brand-new Artist nominees room James Bay and Tori Kelly.

Not just were the pair nominated, however they had actually a (incredible) performance together during the award show. If friend didn’t recognize their name before, you most likely do now!

A few weeks prior, it to be announced that they to be to execute a duet together and the internet – wherein both their music careers were born – went insane! when the two posted this pic online, the truth that they would be in ~ the Grammy Awards & performing together became very real. And also very exciting!

das a wraaaap; check out you in ~
jamesbaymusic pic.twitter.com/KQvYiyOlwo

— Tori Kelly (
ToriKelly) February 12, 2016

Here’s what occurred at their very very first Grammy Awards!



A photo posted through Tori Kelly (
torikelly) ~ above Feb 14, 2016 at 1:14am PST





Our interview with
JamesBayMusic on the #GRAMMYs red carpet https://t.co/l2LZzX5ikG pic.twitter.com/o7FCIfKGvL — billboard (
billboard) February 16, 2016


AND climate THE SHOW!!!


// Together, they performed “Let the Go“ turn off James Bay’s Chaos and the Calm and “Hollow“ from Tori Kelly’s Unbreakable Smile. Exactly how amazing was it?? have the right to they please tour together, favor ASAP!

While we’re typically glued come our phone tweeting the night away, this moment had actually us paying complete attention. Their voices with each other in the acoustic variation of both songs gave us chills. Us can’t also imagine what it felt favor to be in the theater hear it very first hand. This performance explained to united state all why they room Grammy nominees. Did you capture the standing ovation lock got? us were stand too, indigenous home! What an incredible moment for the both the them. This absolutely won’t it is in a forgotten performance at all.

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Ps. Exactly how cute was their celebratory hug in ~ the end?


FUN FACT: We uncovered this tweet from Tori in 2010.

I would love to go to the grammy’s one day! obtain all dressed up and walk the red carpet and also smile till her jaws hurt! Yeah! — Tori Kelly (
ToriKelly) January 31, 2010

It makes us laugh from ear to ear knowing that her dream come true! We also can’t help but giggle at Tori’s “dreams being lived” instagram post: