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What occurred to that various other rapper y'all supplied to fuck with?Man, we ain't fucking v that fake motherfucker MC Uh, WhateverThat motherfucker name is, guy we got a real crew, us gotMotherfuckers over here rapping for real, eat pussy on documents andShit, the shit ain't what's happening, we got some genuine shitTrying come be like $hort motherfucker, you know what I'm saying?Dangerous Music got some mack shit for her ass, boyFuck that up, $hortGet in whereby you to the right in, foolYou to be a note up at the high schoolNow you're hardcore prefer CB4Biting, what girlfriend wanna be me for?It's her life, you great it was a also $hort rapBut girlfriend gots no game, and also your bass ain't fatYou should quit, rapping simply ain't her placeSo ago on the grind and also don't catch no caseBitches, that's what you always beLike the various other young bitches that shot to get with meI run all up in it however this ain't no raceI pull it out and shoot it best in her faceYou probably wine her and also dine herAnd gain jealous as soon as you can't find herYou're nothing however a markI gambling you get your ass kicked hanging in ~ the park, bitch!You'd far better watch your backBefore you obtain jacked through a nigga v a gatCause Life is too $hort, I'm In the home like thatShorty the Pimp, was Born to MackAnd i don't stop rapping, one point I never ever doIs protect against making this funky-ass shit come ride toAnd various other rap crews can seeDangerous Crew obtained the funky beatsAnd as soon as I check out ya, and act favor I don't understand yaI'm favor Missouri, cause I can show yaWhy is my shit so funky the stanks?Pee Wee, Shorty B, and also Ant BanksYou outta pocket trying come hang v my crewYou can of just learned, yet it ain't nothing newWhat happened to your funk, did you shed it?Or did you gain juked by danger Music?We stole all your money, and also all her songsDone you like a ho and then sent your ass homeOne punk came and also wentHad to fire the ho, but I'm quiet a pimp(MC) Lawrence (The fake gangsta)Would've never ever been shit there is no the Bad-Ass Banksta (The little punk)Now he's gonna beat on the end (Like a mark)Had to put his fat foot in his mouth (Little bitch)Quick come say "I'm sorry" when you're funnyY'all can have him, reason Dangerous don't desire himHe'll tell a lie practically every various other minuteI'm choose Bennett, ns ain't in itGo on v your reject rap attackYou'll get more from a prize in a Cracker JackAnd since banks said he can't have no more funk (Hell naw)Get in where you right in, punkIt's what life is all about...
Did that acquire him, did that get it? (Yeah, you acquired him)Wait, it's the end? (Bitch-ass nigga)You choose that shit? (Hell yeah) Damn, you choose that, nigga!You a stupid (Tore his ass up!) financial institutions you a fool because that that!(Fuck that nigga) (Goddamn!)Man, fuck the punk-ass nigga, male trying come fuck through the DangerousCrew, nigga, friend can't hang v this shit, nigga, we gained niggasWay tighter than you man,you old wanna be me asshole nigga, come withSome real niggas from east Oakland, niggaI'm a Bad-N-Fluenz, so save your fucking youngsters away indigenous meCause the motherfucking turf is the ar to beWhere hella niggas gain shot atSo you'd better pop back, or your ass gaining dropped, blackCause niggas lay friend on your earlier fastSo you'd better grab a gat and pop a lid in they black assAnd let loosened the totality clipAnd let these motherfuckers recognize that girlfriend ain't acquisition no shitI mean you gotta it is in a nut, foolAnd friend can't offer a fuck, girlfriend can cut nigga, posesthe schoolBecause that shit don't also last longGet a an essential from an OG and get her fucking cash onAnd if a nigga got some grip, get your gank onBut if a nigga popping lip, obtain your bank onDon't ever go the end like another suckerYou gotta display everybody that you the baddest motherfuckerShow them niggas girlfriend the best bossAnd ain't no slipping avoiding the tripping just poppingA clip and also breaking castle niggas offCause check out life ain't nothing yet just riches to meGetting high v my partners and also bitches come seeYep, that's what life is all aboutYou eat the cunt and also she sucking her dick and also youFucking the bitch and also kicking that bitch increase outI ain't a model, and I don't pat the fucking roleDon't it is in shit as soon as you're old, nigga posesthe a goalYou wanna it is in somebody, i tell your ass friend can'tYou small bad motherfucker, walk on and hit the dankThat's exactly how it is in the OaktownThese motherfuckers didn't know? well these motherfuckers recognize nowAnd don't be jealous and mad we doing shitCause i don't provide a fuck, I'm native the Bad-N-Fluenz clique
You wanna monitor in mine footsteps, well placed on her gangsta hatBurn the sack, and don't it is in ashamed come mackI'm bout to tell you just how a true player has to beThe shit comes naturally, so hoes quit asking meI never ever listened and used come cuss in back of the church?Bracking the Max? is my birth, packing a gat on the turfReady come drop any sucker top top contactYou can't save me calm, black, so pass me the bomb sackAnd watch me extend with a grin to one more placeI live ~ above the edge and the Feds and the brothers spaceBut ain't no stopping this fool, I'm ~ above a rampageBreaks out in a cursed rage, so don't try to stand, breakSit in the range, you'll get maimed, i don't fight fairStrike v a mic, in a psyche is a nightmareAnd I'm always using mine dick reason I'm slick v a fly bitchAnd Rappin' ass Ron is my psychopath sidekickTwo hardhead niggas, yes we support violenceTalking shit to the world cause we don't have to stay silentSteady looking for a bad plan, thinking like a mad manYour crew think lock tight, yet when ns come lock a sad clanSo posesthe it, I'm constantly causing ruckusWhoever wanna disagree climate grab mine dick and also suck itDiddley is always doing shit, distructive and I damage shitYou stepping, load your weapon fucking v the Bad-N-Fluenz clique

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Fuck it, it's just one more nigga deadI traction the trigger and I figure lead, that's as soon as the nigga bledBloodshed is what I see in the nighttimeStrange and deranged, ns ain't in my right mindI can't relate, I'm grounding in a dream stateA psychopath, and also Diddley Dog is mine teammateAnd see we space closer, 보다 Fred and Barney RubbleSo step to Bad-N-Fluenz and you recognize you in dual troubleMotherfucker, we the Bad-N-Fluenz cliqueSome lunatics, and we well-known to damage shitA terrorist, i ain't never ever been a role modelNigga i grab the fucking 40 and down the entirety bottleAnd i don't even like fucking v no alcoholBut I'll snatch a joint, and also get smoked the end for y'allGetting lit, never having a fitOn the avenue, having brew, grabbing mine dickAnd if your clique talk shit, it's her clique I'm a terrorizeThe nine to your spine, currently your ass is paralyzedI'm dangerous, and I ain't also mad yetI drop through couch and also watch friend bounce choose a poor checkCause I'm a mack that's native 8900, bitchRappin' Ron and also Diddley Dog and also Bad-N-Fluenz judgment shitFool don't understand all the shit the goes on increase in this nigga's headFrom the hood come if friend would but you might end up deadSee this sick-ass Oakland streets done turned me outSurviving and also making cash is what it's aboutSome world ask me why commit crimes to earn my scratchBut I'm black and I'm trapped and I can't revolve backI was increased as a cruel kidBecause the roadways taught me an ext than this fake-ass institutions didI tried the education system yet I reduce itSo currently I'm in the goddamn game and also can't prevent itAnd I'm a motherfucking hazard to authorityMake the police sweat once they check this wreckless minorityYou want more of me, well concerned Oakland, that's wherein I be atSelling dope through my folks, come close and also see just how we actHard niggas addicted come dirty money, rapid cars, and also fine hoesOn the drink every day like winosAnd periodically I it is in slipping up off the bluntSo i packs a pump because that the punks who wanna try for your stuntCause ns would never ever tell a ho exactly how I do my greenI cut my cream on the un so ns can't be seenAnd then ns bump up on the block and also knock ~ knockWatch the cop jock as I develop a it is in a hot spotPushing slugs simply to do itI'm in the game and also it's real and a nigga can't fake itI understand it's sad what I'm doingBut i don't offer a fuck, I'm Ant Diddley Dog and I'm a Bad-N-FluenzNigga you think you obtained the shit in?You gotta acquire in where you fit in, bitchMotherfucker, you outta pocket, punk-ass bitchSwoll-ass motherfucker, friend can't fuck through the crew, niggaYou need to get in where you right inYou stupid-ass bitch