Grade Level: 8 (7 – 9) Lessons in thisUnit: 1 2 3 Time Required: 45 minutes Subject Areas:
Physical Science

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Motion: Newton's Laws Motion Commovement Ring around the Rosie Swinging on a String
Unit Lesson Activity

pendulums made clocks possible


Students explore just how pendulums work and why they are advantageous in daily applications. In a hands-on activity, they experiment with string size, pendulum weight and angle of release. In an connected proficiency task, students check out the mechanical principle of rhythm, based on the principle of oscillation, in a wider organic and also social conmessage — in dance and sports, poeattempt and other literary develops, and interaction in basic.

Engineering Connection

Engineers understand that understanding the physics of exactly how pendulums behave is an important action towards expertise all kinds of motion. Many type of other objects relocate earlier and forth consistently choose pendulums, such as a weight bouncing up and also dvery own on a spring, and also the earlier and forth movement of radio waves. In enhancement to using pendulums in clocks, engineers usage them to detect earthquakes, meacertain exactly how fast a bullet is flying, aid structures to withstand earthquake shaking and assist robots balance. In Taiwan"s resources city, the Taipei 101 skyscraper has actually a huge 726-ton pendulum suspended over the 88th floor to counteract winds, reducing the building"s sway and keeping movement sickness at bay.

Learning Objectives

After this lesson, students need to be able to:

Exsimple exactly how weight, length and also angle of swing affect the period of a pendulum.Relate the examine of physics and Galileo"s experiments with the creation of clocks.Describe how the conservation of momentum relates to pendulums.Give examples of how designers usage pendulums.

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