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Physical science

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Motion: Newton's legislations movement Commotion Ring approximately the Rosie Swinging ~ above a cable
Unit Lesson Activity

pendulums made clocks possible


Students check out how pendulums work and why castle are useful in everyday applications. In a hands-on activity, castle experiment v string length, pendulum weight and angle that release. In an associated literacy activity, students check out the mechanical ide of rhythm, based upon the principle of oscillation, in a more comprehensive biological and cultural context — in dance and sports, poetry and other literature forms, and also communication in general.

Engineering connection

Engineers recognize that understanding the physics of just how pendulums law is an essential step towards expertise all kinds of motion. Countless other objects move back and forth regularly like pendulums, such together a load bouncing up and down top top a spring, and the back and forth movement of radio waves. In addition to using pendulums in clocks, designers use them to detect earthquakes, measure up how fast a bullet is flying, help buildings to resist earthquake shiver and help robots balance. In Taiwan"s capital city, the Taipei 101 skyscraper has actually a large 726-ton pendulum suspended end the 88th floor to counteract winds, to reduce the building"s sway and keeping activity sickness in ~ bay.

learning Objectives

After this lesson, students should be able to:

Explain just how weight, length and angle the swing affect the period of a pendulum.Relate the examine of physics and also Galileo"s experiments with the production of clocks.Describe exactly how the preservation of momentum relates to pendulums.Give instances of how engineers use pendulums.

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