“But even in darkness ns cannot hide indigenous you. Come you the night shines as bright together day. Darkness and light room the exact same to you.” Psalm 139:12

“Mama, the people seems like a an extremely scary place, and also it makes me feeling insecure and also powerless. I’m afraid I’ll it is in so lonely without friends and also family to face the obstacles ahead.”

Joy, mine daughter, a senior in college, was leaving the next day for a semester of examine in Oxford, England. Yet the day we were packing, ISIS had actually just eliminated the 2nd of 2 American journalists. Friends sent messages to joy wondering if she had seen the news.

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“England will certainly be the following target, and also that might start battle while you space there,” one of her girlfriend texted. With devastating, disastrous world news consisting of earthquakes, war, immorality among Christian leader … as a young woman, delight understandably feeling overwhelmed.

Late right into the night, us zipped her last suitcase. We were both worn down from the adrenalin of acquiring all the details in ar for her trip the next day, but she pleaded, “Can we have one critical time together out top top the grass, under the stars? I need some peace before I walk to bed.”

i knew her fears were still there, so ns whispered, “Yes, my sweets! We will certainly make one much more memory together prior to you go.”

as was ours habit, us took part soft, old blankets out to our front yard, under the high pines, and also lay beside each various other shoulder come shoulder on the grass. The cold Colorado mountain air go out gently across our faces, and the aspen leaves in the street swished and danced. A dog barked in the distance, but otherwise, the night whispered clear and quiet.


us gazed right into the sky and silently common the moment. Stars to fill the marine blue landscape and also sparkled as though just for us. We breathed out life’s clutter and fears that the day and also inhaled the peacefulness the the grandeur above.

Mama, when I look at what God has actually done, and keep my eye on Him, that seems choose my fears are melting away,” she whispered and snuggled closer. God’s very own voice seemed to speak to my heart together I answered:

“Joy, this substantial display the stars has actually been held in ar by the sure, solid hands the God for countless years , v wars, tragedies, sadness and also disasters of every kind. Not one year that our background has shaken the strength or control of God.”

“As ns lived with years of sleepless nights when you to be gasping for breath with asthma, through vehicle wrecks, financial disasters, the tragedies of our friends, I can look back and view the continuous faithfulness that God, every day, every year.

our God who developed this beauty for us to behold, that has displayed His power v the patience night skies is the one who will be with you every step of your journey ahead.

“He will certainly fill you v the spirit who threw the night sky right into place, so that you will recognize His companionship, love, beauty and also wisdom each step in her journey. Mental what that told Joshua once he was afraid:

‘This is mine command—be solid and courageous! do not be fear or discouraged. For the Lord your God is v you wherever you go.’ (Joshua 1:9).

“Joy, God ready a story of confidence for you to live. numerous in Oxford long to know His love the you will certainly bring. Others who look for an interpretation will need the messages of His truth that space stored in her soul. Beauty will be strewn throughout your path so you can observe His fingerprints.


“Your hope and also faith are needed by those who room filled through despair in these dark times. If you adopt the work ahead that He has actually prepared because that you, your time in Oxford will be a purposeful time, no issue what the job hold. wherever you go, friend will bring His light and also love.

“But remember, Joy, girlfriend will constantly have a choice to make. “If girlfriend look in ~ the darkness and fear the the news the the day, friend will flourish dark in your soul.

“Look to God. Pick to to trust Him through your days. Live in His reality. “Don’t look in ~ fear, just keep the storage of this night, His power and also beauty constantly in your thoughts — and you will discover courage and hope the you require every day. The God that holds the stars holds you.” Heavenly Father, permit us keep our gaze upon You and rest in Your capacity to bring us through every one of our fears, through all of our days. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. reality FOR TODAY: Joshua 1:9, “This is my command—be strong and courageous! perform not be afraid or discouraged. Because that the Lord her God is v you wherever you go.”

Isaiah 41:10, “Don’t be afraid, for i am v you. Don’t be discouraged, for i am her God. I will strengthen girlfriend and aid you. Ns will hold you up v my victorious right hand.”

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REFLECT and RESPOND: think about the methods you have seen oh my god faithful guidance come you this year. What fears do you should lay into His hands?

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