With a hold of busty beauties falling at his feet, the unlikely stud Junpei, proceeds his panty flashing and groping misadventures. Together the movie club get together and plan for your movie, the girls uncover themselves in significantly provocative positions – especially when a summer job leads to Nishino, Satsuki and also Misuzu gift ogled in short and also sexy outfits. Meanwhile, Junpei finds self in near proximity with Tsukasa and Yui together he do the efforts to secretly hide in their all girls’ school, and also accidentally discovers the bondage club. Things get even more bizarre as soon as everybody starts acting strangely. There’s one unknown force at work, and it has something to perform with the very delicious strawberry panties!

Manaka Junpei is an average male who has actually only two dreams in life: to come to be a filmmaker and to find the girl that his dreams. Luckily for him, ~ a opportunity encounter top top the roof the the school, he has actually a command on the girl! She was wearing strawberry panties. Unfortunately, that can"t number out which one of the 5 girls chasing the it was; yet he gets plenty of chances to uncover out the color-of-the-day in his Cinderella find for his one true love!

Yota is a young man who is in love v his friend Moemi, yet there"s a catch: she"s confessed she love because that his best friend! Heartbroken, he finds himself in a mysterious video store that uses him Ai, a video clip girl who can fulfill his every desire. Thanks to his broken VCR, this dream i do not care reality once she suddenly... Emerges from the TV?! with a real life video clip girl top top his hand to give advice and collection him straight, Yota can just stand a chance of winning end the heart of Moemi, and also curing his unbearable heartache...

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TagsComedyEcchiRomanceSci FiShounenLove TriangleSudden girlfriend AppearanceNudityJulietOVA (1 ep)Public and Basic1999
TagsAdventureComedyEcchiRomancePanty ShotsSupernaturalNuditySexual ContentMy mine MaiOVA (2 eps)J.C.Staff1993 - 1994

Mai Waku runs her own consultancy agency, however by helping those in need who have actually nowhere else to turn, she generally finds it s her in really compromising positions. Luckily, the gorgeous doctor Shinobi is regularly on hand to aid handle Mai’s unique methods and also charms. With no project too strange, the innocent girl will slip right into revealing outfits in the surname of justice and successfully finish her missions! through a sexy music idol allergy to nudity, a sexually-repressed demon and a perverted reflexology practitioner come handle, Mai need to use her busty charm to overcome adversity!

TagsComedyEcchiPanty ShotsSupernaturalNuditySexual ContentSamurai Bride SpecialsDVD unique (6 eps)ARMS2013
TagsComedyEcchiHaremOne ShotRomanceSci FiShounenAliensFull ColorNon-Human ProtagonistsNudityTokyo alien BrothersVol: 3; Ch: 18Big Comic Spirits2015 - 2017
TagsComedySci FiSeinenSlice of LifeAliensNon-Human ProtagonistsNudityYomeiro ChoiceVol: 6; Ch: 41Champion Red Ichigo2007 - 2011

Saku had actually a common life, living through his cousin Kuran and also being tormented daily by his childhood friend, Karin. That is, till the day a girl called Kiiro verified up the end of nowhere claiming to it is in Karin"s and also Saku"s daughter from the future. Convinced she will certainly disappear from presence unless Saku and also Karin gain married, she makes life a lot of more facility for everyone. Things only get crazier when Hiiro, a girl declare to be Kuran"s and also Saku"s daughter from a different timeline in the future, appears with the goal of acquiring Saku in addition to his cousin Kuran. Saku is suddenly challenged with a dilemma: whom does he choose as his wife, and which daughter does he conserve from disappearing right into nothing?

TagsComedyEcchiHaremRomanceSci FiSeinenPanty ShotsSchool life time TravelNudityHaru-nee ga Boku ni xx Suru RiyuuVol: 2; Ch: 11Dragon Age2013 - 2014

When Hideto, a high-school student that is afraid of women, is all of sudden targeted by a beautiful older woman whom that believes to be a molester, he runs because that his life. Mid-pursuit, that is attacked by what he previously thought to be an illusion, a blur the nobody else might see.

TagsComedyEcchiHaremRomanceShounenGynophobiaMagicPanty ShotsSupernaturalNudityOtome no Harawata Hoshi no IroVol: 4; Ch: 15Jump SQ.2018 - 2020

20 year ago, weve Aliens arrived on earth to find for marriage partners. Weve are perverted and love interbreeding. With their progressed technology, they have solved all the Earth"s troubles to execute with the environment, food, and also resources. Gen is a student at the prestigious Human-Weve school Shinryou Academy. As result of his late grandfather"s words, that loathes Weve and believes that pure people will at some point die out if something isn"t done about Weves soon. However, Gen meets the we are girl Mirika, who drops in love with him.

TagsComedyEcchiHaremSci FiShounenAliensInterspecies RelationshipSchool LifeTo Love Ru: Rito come Sayaka no HoukagoOne ShotWeekly Shounen Jump2019

Sayaka Arai, one ofRito Yuuki"s classmate believes that Rito is a dangerous person and also called him "Shameless Devil". One day, Sayaka is paired up with Rito on after college duty. When cleaning their classroom, Sayaka asks Rito which girl he likes the most...

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TagsComedyEcchiHaremOne ShotRomanceSci FiShounenAliensSchool LifeI""sVol: 15; Ch: 143Weekly Shounen Jump1997 - 2000

Sixteen-year-old Seto is in love with Iori, a beautiful girl in his course who was freshly the centerfold of a sexy swimsuit picture shoot. Though he finds it impossible to to express his feelings come a girl the likes, Seto security time with Iori anyways and also they slowly prosper closer together. Every Seto wants to do is confess, yet he"s finding that difficult... Specifically when his long lost childhood girlfriend, Itsuki, walks right into his life! will certainly Seto ever regulate to tell Iori how he truly feels?


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