PDO Threads/Lift

If gravity and age has impacted your look, a minimally-invasive PDO object lift from Dr. Javad Sajan at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery might be the perfect solution. The state-of-the-art procedure tightens, lifts, and also rejuvenates your facial figure – in minutes, and without surgery.

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PDO (or polydioxanone) threads space dissolvable sutures that have actually been offered for many years in cardiac surgeries and other clinical procedures. There room different types of PDO threads – floating, non-barbed, and barbed; the threads also have different strengths, thicknesses, and also length. Before any treatment at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery, her facial skin will be evaluated, and also a setup created because that your custom PDO thread lift.

This procedure produces a remarkably organic level of facial rejuvenation, and also has included benefits:

The threads trigger natural collagen production for a long-term improvement of skin top quality Restores sagging skin organization to that is original place for a natural, youthful watch Tightens skin by causing fat tissue to contract approximately the subject The threads are biocompatible and took in over time

Your PDO object lift will certainly be performed at our private, luxury, Seattle, WA, clinic. This age-defying procedure requires injecting PDO object at numerous layers beneath her skin. Once the threads have been effectively placed, castle are very closely manipulated to gently restore loose facial skin come its previous youthful look.

In the hand of the internationally-renowned Dr. Sajan, her PDO thread lift will certainly does no require any kind of downtime. You may experience slim swelling, redness, and also soreness which disappears in ~ a job or two. Friend will additionally need to stop rubbing your challenge with any kind of pressure during the an initial week ~ your treatment to allow the threads time to settle; friend won’t feeling them when they have settled in place. Even though the threads commonly dissolve in 6 months, they proceed doing their occupational for an additional three to 6 months more.

What can advantage from a PDO object lift?


One the the greatest benefits the a PDO object lift is the minimal restore time it supplies versus a traditional facelift. You will see immediate results indigenous a PDO thread lift. This treatment can be combined with other anti-aging treatments from Allure Esthetic Plastic surgery to achieve even more spectacular results. PDO subject lifts are fast, subtle, versatile, and also can be used to treat plenty of areas, including:

Cheeks Eyebrows Neck Jowls Wrinkles approximately your mouth Jawline Undereye area Crow"s feet

We proud ourselves on our transparency. The prices of a PDO object lift will reflect the number of threads used and also the treatment essential in your case. Ours team in ~ Allure Esthetic offers financing choices for her PDO thread lift and we room happy to speak with you about them.

Dr. Javad Sajan knows the every person has a unique aesthetic vision, and also his major goal is to accomplish results beyond your expectations. Recognized worldwide for his expertise and also skills, Dr. Sajan is at the cutting-edge of the ar of aesthetic plastic surgery. In ~ Allure Esthetic Plastic surgery, a PDO thread lift is among the minimally invasive, cutting edge treatments he offers to ensure her feel and also look her best. Contact us this particular day for a totally free consultation.

You might be a candidate because that a PDO thread lift! return every human is unique, in general, you can be a candidate if girlfriend are looking for an prompt lift in her facial skin without undergoing facelift surgery, and also if you want a naturally refreshed, rejuvenated look there is no a lengthy downtime.

If you have mild or moderate indications of skin laxity, you can be a candidate. Additionally, if you are unable to have facelift surgery for medical reasons, you have the right to safely restore your look v a PDO thread lift. The quality of your results is a direct reflection of the an abilities of her plastic surgeon, and Dr. Sajan is known for gift the most talented plastic operated doctor practicing in the Seattle area. He has developed a private high-end clinic with a reputation for excellence.


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Dr. Javad Sajan specializes in breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Mommy Makeover and Facelift surgical treatment in Seattle.

Disclaimer: every surgical and also non-surgical outcomes are topic to the individualities of the patient and also the regular variability of clinical procedure results.

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Seattle Location: 600 Broadway Suite 320 Seattle, WA 98122

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. Come 9:00 p.m.

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