Thor: Ragnarok is a pan favorite MCU film thanks to the quick-witted humor and incredible action scenes. It all comes with each other to it is in an tremendous story through some truly memorable and highly-quotable lines. But since we can’t transcribe the whole movie in this article, we’ll need to share simply a couple of of ours favorites.

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Here are some the the best Thor: Ragnarok quotes.

“Piss off, ghost!” -Korg


Korg, voiced by Taika Waititi himself, is indeed one that the highlights that the movie, and also it’s an excellent to recognize that also if that doesn’t completely understand the situation, he’s always there to back up his friends.

Thor throws a rock, and also Korg follows suit, throw himself straight towards the “ghost” projected figure of Loki. That’s what friends room for!

“Why room you handing me the melt stick? He to be interrupting, that’s not a funding violation!” -The Grandmaster


Loki is passionate to offer much more information come The Grandmaster because that a position of donate on Sakaar. Loki is so eager that that accidentally interrupts The Grandmaster.

Topaz, the Grandmaster’s an individual guard, instantly offers him the melt stick. Even he knows the that’s a bit excessive for something for this reason small! It’s a great thing The Grandmaster is a reasonable man… or something choose that.

“Hulk Stop! simply for once in her life, nothing Smash!” -Thor“BIG MONSTER!” -Hulk


Thor and also the rest of the Asgardians unleash the horrifying, apocalyptic prophecy that Ragnarok on your once-great land, and Hulk finally has actually something worth fighting!

He’s devastated to have to leave prior to getting to walk toe to toe through the a large baddie. It’s a shame, but he reluctantly listens to Thor and Valkyrie. Also Hulk matures in this story!

“We recognize each other. He is a friend from work!” -Thor


The charming backstory behind this quote just makes the even an ext enjoyable. Once Thor lastly gets to see The Grandmaster’s champion he is fill with complete delight, and also so are we! especially considering that Bruce Banner to be last watched in Avengers: period of Ultron, v no clear indication where the Quinjet would certainly take him.

In the contest of Champions, we obtain to check out the reunion of two of the heaviest hitters in the Marvel Cinematic cosmos — however it’s clearly debatable who is the “Strongest Avenger.”

“I’m make of rocks, as you deserve to see, yet don’t let the intimidate you. Girlfriend don’t must be afraid, uneven you’re made of scissors!” -Korg


Korg’s currently are constantly the most entertaining, and even he knows it! that likes to do light of complicated situations, yet its his willingness come go through the flow and also find the best component of every situation that renders him for this reason endearing.

His rock-paper-scissors joke not only lets us know about his character ideal away, yet sets increase a hilarious joke payoff later too!

“There to be one time mine brother reinvented himself into a snake, due to the fact that he knows exactly how much I like snakes, and also so i picked the snake as much as admire it, however then that turned ago and go ‘AAHH! It’s me!’ and also then that stabbed me.” -Thor

We never ever really acquire to watch the sort of hijinks the God of Thunder and the God that Mischief gained into as soon as they were younger, however we can be certain that two brothers with such strong personalities definitely were up to ridiculous antics when they were younger.

And while us don’t gain to see their childhood, we really get to see the partnership these brothers have actually — and also all the top Loki chosen to pat on Thor.

“Tried to start a transformation but no print enough pamphlets therefore hardly anyone turned up, other than my mum and her boyfriend, who I hate.” -Korg

Remember once Korg presented himself? He’s do of rocks, and you shouldn’t it is in afraid unless you’re scissors? The joke keeps going!

He didn’t print enough pamphlets. Documents beats rock! and that’s all buried beneath an already hysterical line.

“She’s too strong. Without my hammer, ns can’t.” -Thor“Are you Thor, the God the Hammers?” -Odin

This movie is an ext than the comedy. We discover a lot about Thor as he matures v the film, and the sage advice the he receives indigenous Odin help him come into his true power.

Not just does it tell us more about the world, it offers Thor all the tools he demands to fight versus his sister Hela and emerge victorious.

“Loki, I assumed the human being of you. I believed we to be going to fight side-by-side forever, yet at the end of the day, you’re you and I’m me. Ns don’t know, probably there’s still some great in you. However let’s be honest; our paths diverged a long time ago.” -Thor

Throughout the films, we’ve checked out Thor trust his brother again and again. He has actually put his neck out defending Loki, even when there to be no an excellent reason to. The had belief in his brother, and also continues to have actually faith!

But in Thor: Ragnarok, the learned better, and also their relationship ultimately evolved. They space brothers on various paths, however their care for one one more continues through the devastation that complies with in Avengers: Infinity War.

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“Asgard is not a place. Never was. This might be Asgard. Asgard is whereby our people stand.” -Odin

The greatest revelation and also greatest readjust that came from Thor: Ragnarok is that Asgard is not a place. Odin gives Thor the revelation the the location of the human being doesn’t matter, just the world themselves!

They decide to leave the ancient land behind once it is consumed by Ragnarok. Asgard is relocating forward, and also we acquire a glimpse of new Asgard in Avengers: Endgame.

And we’ll watch Valkyrie leading them together their king in the following Thor film, Love and also Thunder!

What’s your favorite quote from Thor: Ragnarok? let us recognize in the comments and don’t forget to Let Your geek!

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respectable 20, 2020

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