I"m scroll-locked now and I can"t gain the 5th one (the one that claims : this tiny egg is heavier than you expected)

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that was your first kiss? where did the happen?

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I was constantly wondering once I would have my very first kiss..and this taken place last summer, top top the 28th that August. The the boy who kissed me is one year older than me. He lives in one more town (It is 1 hour away from the town I live) Every summer he comes to my city for holidays and he continues to be for the totality summer in a residence near my uncle"s taverna. I know him for numerous years.. We were playing every summer. When I to be 10 that told me the he remained in love v me. Yet the following day I had to go ago home. He was in search of me. The following year he was embarrassed and also he didn"t speak to me. Critical summer (on 28th that August) he observed me and he concerned talk to me. The told me "Why don"t we go for a walk?" I claimed "Ok, let"s go" So...we go in a beautiful location (behind mine uncle"s taverna) the looked choose a garden...with trees and also flowers. Then he called me the he was in love with me, that he was constantly in love through me from the day us met and...he just put his arms in mine back, the close his eyes, i closed mine, the leaned in and kissed me. Then ns huged him..and..I to be listening to his heartbeat while i was huging him (so cute & beautiful feeling) i told that I had actually to go(I experienced some lacking calls from my mom and also that method that we were leaving)and then he called me: "Ok, one an ext kiss" that huged me, that kissed me, climate he lift me increase while us were kissing and also I was hugging him tight. There is no much better sentiment 보다 this as soon as you"re kissing. And this boy is really cute, he"s tall, he"s so kind and also I love his lips. His lips are so quite (and he to know to "use" them well ) i love him so much, ns really miss him..and I"m looking forward to the summer to view him again

which is better?

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Lady GaGa !!!

favorite songs that the moment...

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Lady GaGa - Judas Lady GaGa - Born This means Katy Perry - E.T. Britney Spears - till The people Ends Enrique Iglesias - this evening NICKO - last Summer las vegas - Mad about You Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull - ~ above The Floor

song that constantly get stuck in your head?

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Katy Perry - E.T & Lady GaGa - Judas

Lady Gaga

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She"s awesome!! She"s my favorite singer. Ns love all her songs & she music videos. She writes she songs by it s her (a thing that none of the renowned singers do) I"m a really large fan the her. When I an initial listened to the radio the track "Just Dance" I said : "Who"s that GaGa?? Oh, well i love this song and also I love she voice!" and also then "Poker Face" came out and I acquired stuck on her & she songs. She"s great. She has actually a pretty voice. I hope she will save up amazing us. And i hope she involves Greece sooner or later to perform a concert P.S ns was about to create a topic about Lady GaGa and also then I saw this topic tiny Mons†er
Well, i didn"t gain any brand-new valentine eggs, however I"m happy now because I just gained two sweetling eggs and also two valentine 2009 egg from the AP. I observed 2 valentine 2011 egg on the AP, but someone was quicker than me! Oh, well, never mind. I will try next year..cause currently I"m scroll-locked!

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Cool! ♥

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Ok..thank you for her answer Oh...they look so cute! i was on DC yesterday when it was night in my country, but I didn"t see any type of of castle :\