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This Does put a laugh on mine Face, sometimes written together “But This … Does placed A laugh On mine Face,” is a reaction picture featuring Thanos native Avengers: Infinity War do a fist through the Infinity Gauntlet. The image is used in conjunction through a caption or picture placed over that evokes happiness and also satisfaction as a response. The expression itself is also frequently supplied without the image altogether.


Though commonly thought come come indigenous the yes, really Avengers: Infinity War movie itself, the heat is never used in the film. Instead, the image and also quote provided in the image is taken native the Marvel Studios" Avengers: Infinity War official Trailer exit on November 29th, 2017 (displayed below).

In the trailer, Thanos can be heard saying, “Fun isn"t miscellaneous one considers once balancing the universe. Yet this … (laughs) does placed a laugh on mine face,” as he glances at the Infinity Gauntlet embedded with 2 stones. As result of the reality the trailer was released before the movie, the still used in the meme predates the release of the film and also was first used without the accompanying text on numerous websites because that promotion.

The first instance that the image being offered alongside the dialogue originates from a Reddit write-up by u/EarlyHemisphere top top July 31st, 2018, come the sub r/ThanosDidNothingWrong.<1> Although yes no traditional caption or snapshot above it, the title of the article acts as among the very first examples that this picture in activity (shown below).



After the image containing the quote was used on Reddit, the meme started to pop up on various other subreddits shortly after. On august 26th, 2018, u/aa2051 uploaded perhaps the an initial true example of the style to the r/DankMemes below where it got over 7,700 upvotes and 77 comments (depicted here).<2>


On Twitter, the quote (separate from the image) was offered a number of times by various users in conjunction with other Thanos memes, an example of which can be watched below.

RT DisneyStudios One doesn't think about fun once monopolizing the movie industry, but this does placed a laugh on my confront

— Mamba Mentality (FlowsAndolini) December 7, 2018

Instagram likewise saw widespread usage of both the term and also meme, even starting a #thisdoesputasmileonmyface that now has virtually 500 posts.<3>

The meme continued to mostly spread about Reddit, specifically in mid to so late 2019 and early 2020 ~ above the subs r/DankMemes, r/WholesomeMemes, r/MarvelStudios, r/ThanosDidNothingWrong and also several various gaming-related subreddits.

A article to r/DankMemes ~ above June 28th, 2019, by u/Lauripetas special the meme got over 33,000 upvotes and also 634 comment (below).

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Another example from a turned off user to r/WholesomeMemes (dated December 25th, 2019) garnered almost 7,000 upvotes.<4>