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This is just how we doWe make a move and also act a silly while we up in the clubThis is exactly how we doNobody execute it choose we do it so display us some loveThis is how we doWe make a move and also act a fool while we up in the clubThis is how we doNobody do it favor we perform it so present us some loveFresh like, unhh; Impala, unnhCrome hyrdolics, 808 drumsYou don"t want, noneNigga betta, runWhen beef is on, I"ll popular music that, drumCome get, somePistol grip, pumpIf a nigga step on my white Air, OnesSince red, rumReady here I, comeCompton, unhDre uncovered me in the, slumsSellin that skunk, one hand on mine gunI was sellin rocks when understand P to be sayin "Unnnh"Buck pass the bluntThese G-Unit girls simply wanna have, funCoke and also rumGot weed ~ above the tonI"m bangin with my hand up her dress like, unhI"ll do her c**, purple haze in mine lungsWhole corridor in the front in instance a nigga wanna, stuntI placed Lamborghini doors on the Es-co-ladeLow pro"s so low look choose I"m riding on bladesIn one year mang, a nigga"s so paidI have a straight bitch in the telly goin both methods (Ah!)Touch me, enraged me, kiss me, please meI give it to ya just just how you favor it, girlYou know I"m rockin with the ideal tre pound on mine hipTeflon on my chestThey speak I"m no good"cause I"m for this reason hoodRich folks perform not want me around"cause shit can pop off, and if shit pop offSomebody gon" obtain laid the fuck outThey contact me new money, to speak I have no classI"m from the bottom, I came up as well fastThe hell if ns care, I"m just here to obtain my cashBougie ass bitches, you have the right to kiss mine assI placed gold Daytonas on that Cherry Six-FourWhite walls so clean it"s choose I"m ridin top top bulbsHit one move mang, the ass so lowCali gained niggaz in new York ridin on hundreds spokesTouch me, enraged me, kiss me, you re welcome meI offer it to ya just how you choose it, girlYou know I"m rockin v the finest fo" lb on mine hipGold chain on mine chest (Ah!)<50 Cent>50, unhBentley, unhEm come "n gotta nigga fresh the end the, slumAutomatic, gunFuck "em one-on-oneWe wrap increase ya punk ass, stunt "n ya doneHomie, it"s game timeYou ready? here I comeCall Lloyd Banks and get this motherfucker, crunkIt take it two, monthsBut Fifty acquired it doneSigned through G-unitHad niggaz like, "huh?"Don"t shot to frontI"ll leave yo" ass, slumpedThinkin I"m a punkGet her fuckin head, lumpedFifty gained a, gun<50 Cent>Ready here he comeGotta sick, vendettaTo obtain this, cheddaMeet mine Ba, RettaThe dra-ma, settaSip Am-a, rettaMy circulation sounds, bettaThan averageOn monitor I"m a savageI damageAny nigga tryin" come front on mine clique (G-Unit!)