Having a cock is awesome. You get put the in stuff, feeling its heat explosive ejaculation, and also then whip it out as well pee in the woods. That a liberating thing, owning a penis. So, why not make the many of the by having a small fun?

The fact of the matter is the only half the human population has a cock and also you’re ultimately on the right side that the equation. No matter what culture says, having actually a dirty dangler isn’t that bad. In fact, the following ideas could convince anybody that penile property is “all good.”

Fun things to carry out with your dick

Did you recognize that you have the right to turn her tally-whacker into a toy? it is right. Your twigs and also berries are an excellent for much more than just getting in your method when you sit down. They’re likewise a resource of entertainment and enjoyment if you know exactly how to treat them right. I’ll gambling you never ever learned this ingredient in school.

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Recess is a an excellent time, yet recreation is a party. So, transform your tool into a treat with these entertaining penis tricks:

#1. Masturbate like There’s No Tomorrow

Jerking off isn’t difficult to do, plus it’s good for your health. Ago in the day, we supplied to acquire told that we would go blind or thrive hairy palms if we touched ourselves. Now, we’re being told by medical professionals that it avoids several illnesses. In fact, there’s a clear link in between masturbation and also prostate cancer reduction.

On a much less serious note, beating her meat feels nice amazing. It additionally helps to get rid of stress, induce drowsiness, and pique a squashed appetite. So, even if you’re not in a relationship, the a great idea to satisfied your dick from time come time. If anyone asks why you’re therefore obsessed v self-satisfaction, tell simply them you’ve uncovered the fractional of youth.

#2. Use a Virtual fact Sex Toy

Did you recognize that you can finally stop punishing your dick for every the points it can not do? That’s due to the fact that we’re life in a people with digital reality. So, men have the right to plunge your penises right into high-tech sex playthings to accomplish their fantasies without obtaining hurt, embarrassed, or married. One of two people way, most of the VR machines accessible today room compatible for couples.


VR sex lets you experiment safe in the lull of your own home. It features 2D and also 3D porn contents from massive libraries and intuitive, ergonomic toys from renowned manufacturers. The sextech transformation is ~ above us and also the future is now, folks. So, have actually some fun since ‘Weird Science’ is no much longer science fiction.

#3. Make a Mold the It

Believe the or not, you’re no the only one that admires a good-looking dick. Her partner could love a handsome cock just the same, so turn your tool into a gift that keeps on giving. How? By developing a mold the it through the Clone-a-Willy Kit1 or DIY human body molding materials.


High-quality molds that your penis feature the same an excellent characteristics together your very own – curves, veins, protruding heads, etc. You have the right to even add special colors or a removeable vibrator if you get an innovative enough. Then, girlfriend can present the perfect product together a gift to her horny partner the next time you’re around to leaving town.

#4. Man-Scape It choose You’re Vincent valve Gogh

There’s nothing much better than a well-dressed dick, right? Well, it is what many sexual partner think once they think about a fun, good-looking penis. They desire something that appears ready because that action, not freshly dusted off from the attic of her underwear. In other words, take better care of her penis.

The plot of practicing restroom isn’t precisely fun yet the outcome sure is. Manscaping likewise gives you a opportunity to try brand-new things v your pubic hair. Do you want it short? Long? shave off? Beaded and also braided? It’s up to you, however you need to still try to have actually a an excellent time when you’re developing a masterpiece.

#5. Play dress Up v It

These days, you deserve to do just about anything with your dick and nobody will think twice around it. The level that expressive flexibility we currently enjoy is nice amazing, so take advantage. And hey, the sometimes means dressing increase your penis in sexy or hilarious outfits. What’s wrong through that?

As a matter of fact, there’s an entire industry2 roughly dress-up dicks and also it’s exceptionally popular amongst the BDSM community. You have the right to sport suggestive costumes, slide a an imaginative ring roughly the base, or even encase it in polished steel with a locking cock cage. Whatever the case, experiment with different looks till you uncover what girlfriend and/or your partner like. There room no rules here.

#6. Put It into a cock Extender

You don’t require a short, slender prick to use the best penis extenders. In fact, a lot of of males who are perfectly happy through their existing “situation” finish up making use of one simply to see what happens. Many of the time, they accomplish at least a couple of inches of cock growth end the food of a pair of months. It is not poor for a funny experiment.


Good penis extension tools won’t hurt as soon as you wear them. Castle won’t avoid you native going to the toilet nor will certainly they stop you indigenous sitting down comfortably. Friend can’t have sex while girlfriend wear one though, and that have the right to be almost everywhere from 1 or 2 hrs to overnight. However, they use safe traction to prosper your pole in the background, therefore why not?

#7. Plump with a dick Pump

Even men with substantial shlongs use dick pumps. Think it or not, they’re exceptionally popular on porn movie sets and also at underwear photoshoots. That’s due to the fact that they bring blood to the surface and also make the dick show up fuller and an ext erect. They additionally increase stamina and aid prolong one erection.


Penis pumps can be a the majority of fun because they increase surface sensitivity, which thereby provides your orgasms much more intense. They’re rapid to use, basic to maintain, and also even kind of sexy if you let a companion do the pumping. Plus, these tools are typically safe when you use them in moderation. So, acquire a high-quality dick pump to protect against the need for extreme use.

#8. Track and also Increase your Stamina

Few men can last as long as they desire to in bed, yet that’s ok. Stamina is a spatu term that depends on how much friend practice. So, turn your self-improvement plan into a video game by very closely tracking her progress.


You have the right to do this by timing how long that takes because that you to ejaculate. Then, through prick pumping and also masturbating, girlfriend can extend each session v edging techniques and also will power. After a while, you’ll start to watch a huge difference in how numerous things girlfriend can acquire away with in bed.

#9. Use It to make Money

Have you ever before thought around being a penis model? What about a web camer performer? go you understand that yes sir a huge market for males who aren’t afraid to present off their junk? You have the right to make major money doing the too.

For part men, the task is just a side gig that’s funny to carry out on the weekends. For others, the a full time job the pays all the bills and then some. So, see how much you can gain while raking in the dough, do fans, and having loads of fun.

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The takeaway

There are several fun things to do with your cock if you’ve gained a good imagination and also an open up mind. So, have a great time, it is in safe, and enjoy being a man.