2016 took from united state our hopes, our dreams, our idols, and our MONEYYYY, where DID it GO???

Can we make one brand-new Year"s resolution the we can actually keep?

Let"s fix to spend much less on useless sh*t, especially when our fair city is just lousy with plenty of amazing complimentary stuff to perform all year around.

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Let"s begin 2017 right: v nature, music, and also not wearing any kind of pants ~ above the subway!

1.Free days at wave Hill (January 3rd-31st)


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Anyone feeling terrible about the occasions that will transpire on January 20th, might want to take it the anniversary that MLK"s bear to reflect top top the job-related of this above civil civil liberties leader.

BAM is payment tribute by bringing with each other world-renowned activists, intellectuals, and also civic leaders together with musicians, poets, and other performers to honor King’s legacy and also keep his article alive.

This year, featured speakers and also performers encompass Opal Tometi, a racial justice and immigrant civil liberties activist and one that the co-founder of Black stays Matter, and also the Institutional Radio Choir of Brooklyn.

The event starts at 8am in the BAM Howard Gilman Opera house Lobby, Peter Jay spicy Building, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn NY.

7. Whiskey Me Away: Sex Tips and Whiskey Tasting (January 21st)


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If you"re walking to be hibernating through bae this winter, girlfriend might also pick up part tips to keep things interesting. The Babeland at 94 Rivington will certainly be offer whiskey from regional distilleries, come replace any sex talk awkwardness you could have through a nice, warm buzz.

The first 10 visitors will obtain some freebies to bring home, so gain there early! register here.

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8.Winter Jam NYC (January 28th)

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FOR THOSE about TO SNOW: Winter Jam NYC is "the ultimate eye day"!Get your snow bunny squad together and also head to main Park for day of sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, and also some yummy eats at the Taste of NY Winter Market!

And don"t problem if her skis room stashed what in her parents basement in another state: devices is provided for FREE! however get over there early!

Winter Jame NYC operation from 11am-3pm at main Park, Bandshell area, enter at 72nd Street.

9.Chinese new Year Firecracker consciousness and social Festival (January 28th)


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