I didn"t realize that this game has actually durability (but of course it has actually durability), so I was mid-battle through a bear once it popped up the helpful toolpointer that my sword remained in poor shape and also I should repair it. Somehow I didn"t die.

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The valuable tooltip, but, fairesulted in point out exactly how on earth I need to achieve that. How specifically execute I repair my damaged sword?


You have the right to repair damaged items in one of 2 ways:

Repairs (NPC):

At any kind of Smith, navigate to the Repair food selection (component of the "Craft somepoint for me?" alternatives, in between Crafting and also Rerelocate Upgrade).

You have the right to then either repair every one of your damaged items (which have the right to perhaps be expensive) or repair a solitary item by choosing it and pressing E (or the platform equivalent).

An instance video.

Repairs (Kits):

Purchase, loot, or otherwise gain a Weapon Repair Kit. Select it in the Inventory, and apply it to the weapon you wish to repair.


This is equally applicable to Armor Repair Kits, which attribute identically (however for use on Armor).

An instance video.

Repair Kits come in 3 levels, which sindicate repair more (a higher percentage) of an items durability:

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With repair kits you have actually the huge benefit, that you have the right to repair your tools wherever you are. You do not have to take a trip and also find a weapon smith through the important skill for your damaged weapon.

Tright here are (at least) 3 different repair kits. The distinction is the amount of % of repair they perform per usage. Another essential thing: You require a Repair Kit Diagram for each kind prior to you can buy such kits from vendors.

Just to let you know: You additionally have to repair your armor from time to time.

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