In an advertisement distributed by Coca-Cola Mexico, pretty, young white civilization do your holiday an excellent deed by bringing party of soda come a remote village and build a wood Christmas tree in the city square. The “Open your Heart” advertisement has been dubbed anything but, as aboriginal rights’ teams said the campaign promoted colonialism fairly than unity.

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“This form of public is an action of discrimination and also racism,” Elvira Pablo, an aboriginal lawyer, said at a push conference in Mexico City ~ above Wednesday. “It is a discuss our kind of life and an attempt to placed a society of consumerism in that is place.”

After the ad was advocated on YouTube for about a week and also then slammed on society media, Coca-cola pulled it ~ above Tuesday—though various other versions can be uncovered online, one titled “The ‘White Savior’ ad Coca-Cola made Private.”

“Our intention was never ever to be insensitive to or underestimate any kind of indigenous group,” a Coca-Cola spokesperson claimed in a statement to food news website Eater. “We have actually now removed the video clip and apologize to anyone who may have been offended.”

Silent but for a perky soundtrack, the video clip shows peppy fair-skinned actors bringing bottles of Coke come the Mixe civilization in Totontepec, a city in the southern state that Oaxaca.

Text in the video clip claims that 81.6 percent that Mexico’s indigenous world feel rejected for speaking a language other than Spanish, although that does not cite a source for the statistic. The advertisement ends with “#AbreTuCorazon” or “#OpenYourHeart.”


But rather of opened hearts, Pablo and also other activists claimed the ad “reproduced and also reinforced stereotypes that indigenous people as culturally and also racially subordinate,” according to a report in The Guardian, which reported the they have asked the government to sanction the soft drink giant.

The Alliance because that Food Health has filed an main complaint through the nationwide Council to prevent Discrimination. Mexico is among the most obese countries on the planet and also a top consumer of soda—although the nation"s soda tax has seen some development in to reduce sales.

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To against Coca-Cola’s message, the Alliance for Food Health created its own video, consisting of Mixe people speaking around the soda industry’s affect on your community.

“Fifty year ago, instances of diabetes type 2 in our indigenous areas were rare,” says one person, speaking in the Mixe language. “Now they start to be an epidemic. In stimulate to remain united, us must preserve our dignity, our health, and our culture. In Oaxaca, we drink tejare, tea and clean water.”

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