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Bethel Music - You do Me Brave derekwadsworth.comYou speak to me out beyond the shore into the waves You make me brave You do me brave No fear can hinder currently the assures You make. Together Your love, in tide after wave Crashes end me, crashes end me because that You are for united state You are not versus us Champion of heaven You make a method for every to enter in.
Bethel Music - You make Me Brave derekwadsworth.comTo her love, in wave after tide Crashes over me, crashes end me for You space for us You space not against us Champion of heaven You made a way for every to get in in cause You make me brave You do me brave You call me out past the shore into the waves You do me brave You do me brave No fear can hinder now the love that made a means You do ...
Michael W. Smith - Crashing waves derekwadsworth.comWaves crash all roughly me! damaged is how You discovered me I"m heavy like a stone, don"t want to it is in alone currently The past is all i see, fading memories! somebody hid the sun, in the midnight of suffering My tears space falling down, and also crashing favor waves somebody stole the day, and also took your light indigenous me I"ll never be the same, role this stone away
Gwen Stefani - save On Dancin" derekwadsworth.comderekwadsworth.com to "Keep ~ above Dancin"" by Gwen Stefani. The waves keep on crashing on me for part reason yet your love keeps ~ above coming choose a thunderbolt Come here, a tiny closer "Cause i wanna see you baby real close increase ( end here, end here)
Karen O - i Shall rise derekwadsworth.comWaves room crashing end me They drag me down, they drag me down I will not drown They"ll recognize my surname After the storms space passing through They"ll know my name when they"ve forgotten all about you They"ll know my surname After the storms are passing with They"ll understand my name when they"ve forget all around you They"re phone call out, they"re ...
NEEDTOBREATHE - other BEAUTIFUL derekwadsworth.comIn your ocean I"m ankle deepI feel the tide crashing on mine feetIt"s choose I understand where I have to be, butI can"t number out, ns can"t number outJust exactly how much air ns will have to breatheWhen your wave crashes over meThere"s just one method to number outBut will certainly you let me ...
12 Stones - Crash derekwadsworth.comWatching end me and I feel like I"m drown The waves crashing end me but I understand that her love it will collection me totally free As I find truth where I discovered it times before As I find for your hope I"m finding therefore much an ext And I try to be an ext like you and also I refuse myself come prove my love is true ns hear her voice phone call The time has actually come because that me
No Doubt - Hella an excellent derekwadsworth.comThe waves keep on crashing ~ above me for some reason but your love keeps on coming favor a thunderbolt Come right here a tiny closer "Cause i wanna watch you, baby, genuine close up (Get end here) You"ve gained me feeling hella an excellent So let"s simply keep on dancing You hold me favor you have to So I"m gonna keep on dancing A performance deserving of was standing ovations
Elevation worship - Grace favor A tide derekwadsworth.comderekwadsworth.com to "Grace favor a Wave" by key Worship. You have carried me to the water wherein my past have the right to be brushed up away In the current of her mercy and also I know I"ll never be the very same There"s no limit to your promise
Jesus society - Fierce derekwadsworth.comYou follow me down You look for me out How can I be lost When girlfriend have called me discovered Like a tidal wave Crashing end me Rushing in to satisfy me here Your love is fierce like a hurricane That i can"t escape Tearing with the setting His love is fierce your love is fierce You never let go your love is fierce also now girlfriend surround me your love is ...
NF - Paralyzed derekwadsworth.comWaves come crashing over me however I just watch "em I just watch "em I"m under water however I feel choose I"m on peak of the I"m in ~ the bottom and also I don"t understand what the trouble is I"m in a box however I"m the one that locked me in Suffocating and I"m running out of oxygen I"m paralyzed Where are my feelings? ns no longer feel points I understand I should I"m paralyzed
Jars the Clay - overwhelming derekwadsworth.comAnd mine mind is crushed by the crashing tide Lift me up so high that i cannot fall Lift me oh. Lift me up - as soon as I"m fallout’s Lift me increase - I"m weak and I"m dying Lift me up - I need you to host me elevator me increase - keep me native drowning again. Patience the storms the drench my eyes and also dry the streams quiet flowing spreading down every waves the sin
Nickel Creek - The Lighthouse"s tale derekwadsworth.comderekwadsworth.com to "The Lighthouse"s Tale" by Nickel Creek. I am a lighthouse, worn by the weather and also the tide I store my lamp it, to warn the sailors on their method I"ll tell a story, repaint you a snapshot from my past I was so happy, but joy in this life seldom lasts I had actually a keeper, he helped me warn the ships at sea
Bastille - The waves derekwadsworth.comThe waves space crashing under on you and me again, again, again The waves space crashing down on you and me I"ll check out you ~ above the other side get carried, get lugged away, oh-oh-oh-oh recorded up in, recorded up in the tide The air hit me ~ above the way out go it do me more sober or make me much more drunk? i couldn"t rather remember the vision that you and of ...
Red Rocks praise - Breakthrough derekwadsworth.comI am weary from the tide Crashing over every day God the mercy, please come rescue me ns am longing for your voice Gentle to whisper in the noise Father, phone call me everything"s all right, yeah your power and also Your presence Breaks strongholds, King that Heaven as soon as You speak, hills move I believe there will certainly be breakthrough, yes Oh, I know it, I understand it
Ryan Adams - tide Crashing derekwadsworth.comWater the swallows me under The waves crashing everywhere my body prefer a tide crashin" down. Goodnight ocean Been swimmin" forever ultimately you"re worn out Goodnight barroom Dim all your lights down Tell she she"s takin" me out like a tide crashin"
Jesus society - Fierce derekwadsworth.comWhen you have referred to as me found You chase me under You seek me out How have the right to I be lost When you have dubbed me found. Favor a tidal wave Crashing over me Rushing in to fulfill me right here Your love is fierce like a hurricane That ns can"t escape Tearing with the atmosphere His love is fierce your love is fierce You never let go her love is fierce also ...
BETHEL MUSIC - YOU do ME BRAVE derekwadsworth.comBethel Music - You do Me Brave derekwadsworth.com. Ns stand before You now The greatness of your renown I have actually heard the the majesty and also wonder of friend King that Heaven, in humility, ns bow as You
Blake Shelton - Sangria derekwadsworth.comYou"re crashing into me like waves ~ above the coast Every time we talk, you move in close ns don"t want you to stop, i don"t want you to stop tonight We got the last 2 glasses top top a straw hut bar Trying come remember what number we are String of white lights making your eyes shine tonight We"re buzzing choose that "no vacancy" sign out front
Lifehouse - Storm derekwadsworth.comWith this waves crashing over my head If I can just view you everything would be all best If I"d check out you This darkness would revolve to light and I will walk on water and you will catch me if ns fall and also I will obtain lost right into your eyes ns know everything will be alright ns know whatever is alright I understand you didn"t bring me out below to drown
Mazzy Star - Blue irradiate derekwadsworth.comMiles crashing me through Crashing me by Crashing me by There"s a people Outside mine doorstep Flames end Everyone"s warm Don"t you see them shining I desire to hear castle Beating for me ns think i hear them tide crashing me through Crashing me by Crashing me by submit Corrections. Writer(s): hope Sandoval, David Roback. AZderekwadsworth.com. M. Mazzy Star derekwadsworth.com. Album ...
Elevation worship - Grace favor A tide derekwadsworth.comCrashing over me grace comes prefer a wave Crashing over and over and also over There"s heal in the water through a love that flows for this reason deep to wash over me to wash over me Forgiveness in the water v a love the flows so deep to wash over me wash over me Salvation in the water v a love the flows for this reason deep to wash over me wash over me elegant comes like a tide ...
Lady Antebellum - s derekwadsworth.comThe waves, the waves, the waves, the tide The waves, the waves, the waves, the waves here you are, alongside me So lot beauty in ~ my feet All ns wanna execute is swim yet the waves save crashing in No, I"m not afraid come drown take me out, take me under I"m so exhausted of the shore Let me in, infant You"re an s beautiful and also blue i wanna swimming in you
Senses failure - Lost and Found derekwadsworth.com"Lost and Found" This island has become An ocean and also my boat"s too tiny The waves room crashing in and I can"t conserve this sinking ship I sent signal flares but no one out there seems to treatment Now the voice inside my head Is the only thing that I have left This is the part where I"ll admit
Taken By trees - watch The tide derekwadsworth.comYou took me residence this way. To watch the tide crashing. As soon as you clock out. It will certainly ease your mind. I didn"t know how much i love you till today. Currently I love you endlessly. Friend uncovered your bed. The sunlight is strong today. Let"s rest in the sun. Watch the waves crashin". Watch the tide crashin". Watch the tide crashin".
Michael W. Blacksmith - Crashing tide derekwadsworth.comderekwadsworth.com to "Crashing Waves" by Michael W. Smith. My love is beating loud, in perfect rhythm There"s beauty every around, that once was hidden! waves crash all approximately me! broken is exactly how you uncovered me I"m hefty like a stone, don"t want to it is in alone now
Ne-Yo - s Sure derekwadsworth.comBut periodically those waves come crashing under on me and I can"t breath I require you to rescue me my lighthouse Right beside the ocean Where i won"t it is in insecure "Cause you obtain me in a breeze once I"m emotion unsure ns wanna be ocean sure and also I"m the one you adore desire you to do me sure, sure I wanna be s sure Why don"t ...
JESUS society - FIERCE derekwadsworth.comYou seek me out How deserve to I be lost When girlfriend have referred to as me found Like a tidal wave Crashing end me Rushing in to satisfy me here Your love is fierce choose a hurricane That ns can"t escape Tearing v the atmosphere His love is fierce your love is fierce You never ever let go her love is fierce also now girlfriend surround me her love is fierce always ...
Bethel Music - that Is well derekwadsworth.comFar it is in it native me come not think Even once my eyes can"t see. And also this mountain that"s in former of me will certainly be thrown right into the midst of the sea. With it all, v it all My eyes space on You with it all, with it every It is well. Therefore let walk my soul and trust in him The waves and wind still know His name. That is well through my spirit It is well ...
Colin Hay - waiting For My real Life To begin derekwadsworth.com ...I"ll stand on the bow, feeling the waves come crashing Come crashing down down down, ~ above me and also you say, be still my love open up her heart permit the light shine in but don"t you know I currently have a arrangement I"m waiting for my actual life to begin When ns awoke today, unexpectedly nothing happened however in mine dreams, i slew the dragon
GROUPMUSIC - RESCUE ME derekwadsworth.comAnd the waves room crashing every around. I need you God and I require you now. Rescue me, I deserve to feel the water rising. Rescue me, Jesus. Rescue me, lord I"m in so deep and I feeling powerless to save myself, just you have the right to be the aid I need. Rescue me. Ns didn"t recognize it would be this hard, i didn"t think I could fall for this reason far. Yet here i am.

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Melanie C - The Sea derekwadsworth.comLike the sea as it leaves me cold (Waves crashing down over me) her spirit has actually been overthrown and it’s drowning i am the one i am solid kept mine head above water cruising away native you your love is choose a hurricane Devastating, wracked through pain ns won’t be scared I’m not afraid as the tides they lug me house (Waves crashing under over me)
MICHAEL W. Smith - CRASHING tide derekwadsworth.comMichael W. Blacksmith - Crashing tide derekwadsworth.com. My heart is beating loud, in perfect rhythm There"s beauty all around, that as soon as was hidden! tide crash all around me! broken is just how you fo
GREATER VISION - GOD desires TO hear YOU song - LIVE derekwadsworth.comWhen the waves space crashing ring you as soon as the firey darts surround you when despair is every you see God wants to hear your voice once the wisest man has talked And states your circumstance is as hopeless as deserve to be That"s once God desires to hear you sing He loves to hear our praise On our cheerful days as soon as the pleasant time out weigh the bad, through far
Fireflight - You offered Me A Promise derekwadsworth.comThe waves room crashing under on me but I know that this cannot be the end, it is in the end... Right now I feel choose copping out will You hold me up, if I simply say That ns will remain i will organize on come this hope the I have actually You gave me a promise You offered me a promise I"ll push through this moment, I"ll never offer up You provided me a promise friend ...

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