The human being (Universe) card mirrors the newly uncovered unit, the suffer of extensive harmony and the joyful completion of a advancement process. Words come grab the beauty of this card would be to put a happy end on an emotional story. During the hero"s journey, he to represent the happy ending, the newly discovered Paradise, i m sorry simply means to attain our score in daily life. Rarely, this is the real function of ours life, but it is usually an essential intermediate station. At the level the our external experiences, us have discovered our ar in the world, the place we yes, really belong to. In the field of our spirituality experiences, the map of the human being refers to the truth that we have actually made a significant and also decisive step towards ending up being ourselves, ours true credibility, our own fullness. It is a happy time because that events, in i m sorry we enjoy our presence openly and with complete vitality. That may likewise mean that we treatment or travel internationally.

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Crowley Thoth Tarot: ATU (Major Arcana) - XXI. The Universe



The very first and most noticeable characteristic the this map is that it come at the end of all, and is thus the complement of the Fool. It is attributed to the letter Tau. The 2 cards together as necessary spell words Ath, which means Essence. All reality is consequently jeopardized in the collection of i beg your pardon these two letters type the beginning and also the end. This start was Nothing; the end must over there fore be likewise Nothing, but Nothing in its finish expansion, as previously explained. The number 4, quite than the number 2, was preferred as the communication of this expansion, partly no doubt because that convenience, to enlarge the “universe the discourse”; partially to emphasize the idea that limitation.

The letter Tau means the Sign the the Cross, that is, the extension; and also this expansion is symbolized together four-fold since of the convenience of building the revolving symbol of Tetragrammaton. In the case of the number 2, the only problem is the return to the unity or to the negative. No constant process can be conveniently symbolized; yet the number 4 lends itself, not just to this strict extension, the difficult facts of nature, but also to the transcendence of an are and time by a repetitively self-compensating change.

The letter Tau is deadline to Saturn, the outermost and also slowest of the seven spiritual planets; due to the fact that of these dull, hefty qualities, the element of earth was thrust ~ above the symbol. The initial three elements, Fire, Air, Water, sufficed because that primitive thought; Earth and also Spirit represent a later on accretion. Neither is come be found in the original twenty-two courses of the Sepher Yetzirah. The people of Assiah, the material world, go not show up except together a pendant come the Tree that Life.

In the very same way, the element of spirit is attributed to the letter Shin, as second ornament, somewhat in the same means as Kether is claimed to be symbolized through the topmost suggest of the Yod of Tetragrammaton. That is constantly necessary to distinguish between the icons of thoughtful theory and those an ext elaborate signs based upon castle which are important in helpful work.

Saturn and also Earth have particular qualities in common-heaviness, coldness, dryness, immobility, dullness and also the like. However Saturn shows up in Binah in respect the its blackness in the Queen’s scale, i m sorry is the scale of it was observed Nature; but always, as soon as the finish of a procedure is reached, it returns instantly to the beginning.

In Chemistry, it is the heaviest elements that space unable in terrestrial conditions to assistance the strain and also stress the their inner structure; consequently, castle radiate corpuscle of the most tenuous character and the highest possible activity. In one essay written in Cefalù, Sicily, ~ above the second law of Thermo-dynamics, that was argued that in ~ the absolute zero that the wait thermometer, an aspect heavier 보다 uranium might exist, of together a nature the it was capable of reconstituting the entire series of elements. It was a chemical translate of the equation, 0=2.

It becomes climate reasonable to controversy from analogy that due to the fact that the end must beget the beginning, the symbolism will follow; hence, blackness is also attributed to the sun, according to a details long- surprise tradition. Among the shocks for candidates in the “Mysteries” to be the revelation “Osiris is a black color god”.

Saturn, therefore, is masculine; that is the old god, (the god of fertility) the sun in the south; but equally the an excellent Sea, the good Mother; and the letter Tau ~ above the Tree that Life appears as an emanation indigenous the moon of Yesod, the structure of the Tree and representative the the reproductive procedure and that the equilibrium between change and stability, or rather their identification. The affect of the course descends top top the earth, Malkuth, the daughter. Here again appears the theory of “setting the daughter ~ above the throne the the Mother”. In the card itself there is consequently a glyph that the perfect of the an excellent Work in its highest possible sense, exactly as the Atu that the silly symbolizes that is beginning. The fool is the negative issuing into manifestation; the cosmos is the manifestation, its objective accomplished, ready to return. The twenty cards that lie in between these two exhibit the an excellent Work and its agents in miscellaneous stages. The photo of the universe in this sense is appropriately that the a maiden, the final letter of Tetragrammaton.

In the existing card she is stood for as a dance figure. In her hands she manipulates the radiant spiral force, the energetic and passive, every possessing its double polarity. Her dancing partner is shown as Heru-Ra-Ha of Atu XIX.

“The Sun, toughness & Sight, Light; these space for the servants that the Star & the Snake.”

This final form of the picture of the miracle Formula of the God combines and also transforms so many symbols that description is difficult, and would be nugatory. The proper an approach of study of this card-indeed that all, however of this especially-is long-continued meditation. The Universe, so claims the theme, is the solemn event of the good Work accomplished. In the corners that the card are the four Kerubim reflecting the created Universe; and about her is an ellipse written of seventy- two circles for the quinaries that the Zodiac, the Shemhamphorasch.

In the centre of the lower component of the card is represented the skeleton arrangement of the structure of the residence of Matter. The shews the ninety-two known chemical elements, i ordered it according to their rank in the hierarchy. (The style is as result of the genius of the late J. W. N. Sullivan: check out The Bases of contemporary Science.)

In the centre, a wheel of irradiate initiates the type of the Tree the Life, shewing the ten major bodies of the solar system. Yet this Tree is not visible except to those of completely pure heart.

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1. The primum mobile, stood for by Pluto. (Compare the theory of the alpha corpuscle of radium.)  2. The ball of the Zodiac or addressed stars, stood for by Neptune.  3. Saturn. The Abyss. This is represented by Herschel, the earth of disintegration and also explosion.  4. Jupiter  5. Mars.  6. The Sun.  7. Venus.  8. Mercury.  9. The Moon.  10. The Earth. (The four Elements).

All these symbols swim and also dance in a complex but continuous ambience the loops and whorls. The general colour that the traditional card is subfusc; it represents the confusion and darkness of the material world. But the brand-new Aeon has brought fullness of Light; in the Minutum Mundum, earth is no longer black, or of blended colours, however is pure glowing green. Similarly, the indigo of Saturn is acquired from the blue velvet that the midnight sky, and the maiden the the run represents the worry from this, yet v this, come the Eternal. This card is to-day together bright and glowing as any in the Pack.