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Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn August 1st 1965, "It Ain"t Me Babe" by the Turtles gotten in Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart at position #76; and on September 12th, 1965 that peaked in ~ #8 for 2 weeks and spent 11 mainly on the optimal 100...Between 1965 and also 1970 the team had seventeen peak 100 records; 5 made the top 10 with one getting to #1, "Happy Together" because that 3 mainly on march 19th, 1967..."Happy Together" prevented "Dedicated come the One ns Love" by the Mamas and the Papas from reaching #1, it to be at #2 because that all three weeks that "Happy Together" to be #1 and never did got to the height spot.Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn April 29th 1970, Johnny Cash with June Carter carry out "It Ain"t Me Babe" ~ above his ABC-TV program "The Johnny Cash Show"...Six years previously on October 25th, 1964 his covered version gone into Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart at position #100; at some point it peaked at #58 and spent 8 mainly on the top 100...R.I.P. Mr. Cash (1932 - 2003).Rob native Detroit, Mi
Red Sam: What in the people were you smoking cigarettes to come up through that ludicrous post?Brandon indigenous Seattle, WaThe version by the turtles is no crappy. In fact, i love it, it is just one of my favorite hit through them, and truthfully I favor their version over Bob Dylan"s. Additionally, I carry out not know how old your article is, but if friend take the moment to search through the site, the variation by Bob Dylan is here, too.Red Sam Rackham indigenous Morton Grove, IlActually once Dylan created this tune it was not actually around a guy rejecting a girl. It was a statement rejecting LBJ"s escalation of the Vietnam war draft and also a young man"s refusal to be drafted. Radio station (and most of united state who heard this song) never ever realized the it was in reality an anti-war protest song. I likewise do not think that the tortoise or anyone (other than Dylan himself) who ever recorded it taken its true meaning.Vincent Ferraro native Hesperia, CaWhy the hell is this up here as a crappy cover version by The Turtles? This need to be increase on the website together the original version by Bob Dylan!It"s totally ridiculous the allows credit walk to them and not Bobby.Cameron native Austin, TxJoaquin Phenoix and Reese Witherspoon extended this track for "Walk The Line"Dave from Des Moines, IaJan and also Dean likewise did a variation of this.see much more comments
VeronicaElvis Costello

"Veronica" was influenced by Elvis Costello"s grandmother, who endured from Alzheimer"s disease.

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Beautiful LoserBob Seger

Bob Seger"s "Beautiful Loser" was influenced by a book written through Leonard Cohen dubbed Beautiful Losers.

Dust In The WindKansas

The philosophical Kansas tune "Dust In The Wind" is inspired by a heat of native American poetry: "For every we are is dust in the wind."

understand Blaster (Jammin")Stevie Wonder

"Master Blaster (Jammin")" is Stevie Wonder"s tribute to Bob Marley, released much less than a year prior to Marley died.

(Sittin" On) The Dock of The BayOtis Redding

Otis Redding regularly ad-libbed vocals at the finish of songs, but for "(Sittin" On) The Dock the The Bay" he simply whistled instead - it became the most famous whistling in song history.

OnlineBrad Paisley

The video for Brad Paisley"s "Online" is a mini-Seinfeld reunion, special Jason Alexander, Estelle Harris, and Patrick Warburton.

80s Music Quiz 1Music Quiz

MTV, a well-known TV theme song and also Madonna all display up in this "80s music quiz.

Cheerleaders In Music VideosSong composing

It began with a bouncy MTV classic. Nirvana and also MCR made them scary, then Gwen, Avril and also Madonna put on the pom poms.

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George HarrisonFact or Fiction

Did Eric Clapton yes, really steal George"s wife? What"s the George Harrison-Monty Python connection? collection the document straight through our truth or Fiction quiz.

Michael W. SmithSongwriter Interviews

Smith breaks down some of his praise tracks and also his mainstream hits, consisting of "I will Be here For You" and "A location In This World."

16 Songs v a HeartbeatSong creating

We"ve heard of artists placing their hearts into their music, yet some take it literally.

Artis the SpoonmanSong writing

Even prior to Soundgarden created a song around him, Artis to be the most renowned spoon player of every time. So why has he always been broke?