The Lincoln Tunnel is a 1.5-mile lengthy tunnel the connects Weehawken, new Jersey come Midtown Manhattan, brand-new York. The tunnel is named after chairman Abraham Lincoln and also construction to be finished because that the tunnel in 1957.

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Ole Singstad was the designer the what is currently the Lincoln Tunnel, connecting new Jersey to new York. The new Deal’s publicly Works management supported the tunnel’s funding, and in March1934, the an initial tube began construction. The tube was opened to website traffic in December1937. What would expense you 50 cent to travel with the tunnel back then would now price a small over 8 dollars in today"s economy.

Construction because that the second tube began in 1938 however was no finished until 1945 due to the fact that of a shortage in resources as result of the war efforts. Port Authority of brand-new York andNew Jersey want to construct a third tube because there to be so lot traffic circulation that the tunnels were no able to keep up. Brand-new York City denied the proposition because it needed better roads because that the increased variety of vehicles coming with at that time. In May1957, however, the City decided to do the 3rd tube a block west that the various other 2 in new York, still maintaining them together in new Jersey.

The Lincoln Tunnel is considered one of the most at-risk targets for terrorist attacks in the united States. ~ above September 8th, 1953, two gunmen make the efforts to rob a house in new Jersey. As soon as the household scared castle off, they offered the police the license plate and also the police then told the human being working the tunnel to prevent the car. This turned right into a shootout in between police and also the gunmen. The car stopped right before exiting the tunnel as result of one of the males taking a cartridge to the head.



500 J F Kennedy Blvd E Weehawken, new Jersey 07086


Especially busy during rush hour.

Phone Number

(201) 617-8115


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