From the Thirty Two paths of Wisdom-Dr. Paul Foster Case: The Thirtieth route is the Collecting Intelligence and is so-called since Astrologers deduce from the the referee of the Stars, and also of the celestial signs, and also the perfections of your science, follow to the rules of their resolutions.

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You may an alert the "Dancing Twins" as display on the Thoth card, they were referred to as the "Sons the Seth" or the "Daughters the Seth" together ones that came native the sky, the Annunaki, prior to we may have actually known them together --the Twin aspects of the Soul. In the initial Hebrew Genesis, there was a third son born that Adam and also Eve, Seth (Egyptian Set). Who appeared after Able to be slain by Cain. Collection believed he to be god"s replacement for Able. You deserve to look every this increase on Wikipedia, so I"ll not go into anymore long explanations the the ancient "Twins".

It"s also important to note

that the Personality us were born with, was to build, a link in between the soul and also the body, that expands and also liberates the animal consciousness in the direction of a state of "Angelic" -Sapiens mindful ("Heavenly Human"=Horus). We concerned elevate matter and also its survive mind to the of universal Thought. However: by gift an indoctrinated person, ours personality is no long that of the Soul"s, but that of mankind"s rules and/or everyone is do the rules at the moment.


Resh way head i m sorry is regular with this thought of high human being intellect. This high intellect is a combination of pet intellect and also Soul (solar) intellect---not as part would have actually you believe--a divorcing that the two! The sun basically is the Intellect exhilaration on the dualities of the person condition, awareness (electricity) and its human car (power tool). This is the point of link of the human intellect through the higher intellect the solar aware . The sun is additionally the boy who tote on the occupational of the dad (Chokmah) which is motion and the human body is form of the mother (Binah). 

As adepts of the Qabalah, we understand we space the Union that Hermes-Aphrodite (hermaphrodites) who offer birth come Solar-Body unions .... Of food you"ll have to do more studying to see this easily. These two kids of the magnificent Androgyny, activity (solar=conscious) and form (matter-consciousness) room both loved and their biggest Value is in their Union of Equilibrium (Beauty). These kids are stood for as the dancing pair who move hand in hand throughout creation (motion and also form). Be as the Children---is enlightenment. Allow your soul supply the movement of your Form---Love must Power the Body-power tool! Therefore, the Tarot- vital 19- THE SUN, is The rule of Collaboration, Teamwork, and Partnership.

As grasp Theron said:

"Give soon thy light to every without doubt; the clouds and shadows are no issue for thee. Do Speech and also Silence, Energy and also Stillness, twin develops of her play.


The expertise of Resh

requires the knowledge of Love and also the Love of Being---to it is in twins, body and soul, the expanding and also liberating life! expertise is no "thought", the is KNOWN. Hence, this Love have to come from the "Heart", the main "sun" of the body; a love known yet not assumed of, when the intellect that the body--the Head--must move as loving assumed in action, fairly than as pet reaction! In other words knowledge of Union, rather than the survival thoughts the division! The Sun, as a Star and also a astrological sign, radiates every Life Motion and as the symbol for "Son of god" to know that

"All that I see is another means to it is in me",

for is not every little thing from stars? This wonder the oneness is the knowledge of the heart, ask any kind of child who hasn"t been indoctrinated in "good-bad" (enemy creation), they are in union v all approximately them and eyes of Wonder watch at all things; Eyes the aren"t veiled by are afraid which is indeed "thoughts the be-devil us"! Trusting the spirit that do you. Discovering that you have actually no opponents for even death exists for the sustainability of organic matter and also a assistance for transformative life. A sustainability, that as a Spirit/Soul Personality---you can constantly have another way to it is in a discerning self conscious.

Survival-Thought is the beast

that deceives us---knowledge is our divine Inheritance and also is recognized as "intuition" i beg your pardon is the thoughtlessness the knowing. Creator has actually joined with production in bespeak to be a

sensual God

---i.e. Intimate v creation. A hard idea come get, however once gotten-never forgotten!


The Thoth Tarot- The Sun represents the Galactic Life force that awaits expression within us all. The pair dancing ~ above the green mountain that creation, represent the inner run of male (electric) and also female (magnetic) energy that is dance in united state all. The dancing gods of Shakti (Goddess) and also Shiva (God) that room the rhythm of Life"s love beat. Every the indicators of the zodiac that encompass the Sun, present that we lug exuberance and also consistency to the dance of two (one top top one relationships) and to team or organizational settings.

The orange band approximately the Thoth-Sun represents the implementing the a shared vision i m sorry is the function of Teamwork and also Partnership. Development is a form of play and exploration and it is the magnificent Child within united state that is always seeking come express itself in countless ways. Us are unlimited beings, youngsters of the Androgynous Divine an imaginative and deserve to never thrive old. We room the manifested joy of production who has concerned dance among creation together a joyful expression of ns AM ME! We are both magnetic and dynamic and also we are a "self experiment" the the Divine an innovative that cannot be make by anyone else. The is time come remember that if we are an excellent enough because that to The Divine an imaginative to create, us are an excellent enough because that anyone, including ourselves.

According to Aleister Crowley, The sunlight card to represent The mr of Light, Heru-ra-ha , in his manifestation to the person race together the Sun, spiritual, moral and physical. The lord of light is likewise the lord of the new Aeon of Horus; Horus gift the proposed self-conscious state that the new 22nd century person (God Mind). The energy -Conscious State of Horus is the State of knowledge that is regularly sought through the adept and neophyte alike. It is the awakening the the "sleeping" chromosomes of alien races, that is excellent by the Soul/Psyche (The genuine Person) who insurance claims its body back from the interpretations of Rulers.

Therefore, the new Aeon has for that is purpose, the complete emancipation of the human being race from the indoctrination the intransigent prejudicial thought forced upon lock by enforcement the rule and doctrine-made-morality since about 25,000 BCE. We know from history, that as soon as those who had actually made the shift from indoctrinated principles to enlightenment, they have been ill received by culture and persecuted because that displaying the Life, Liberty and Love the the "Solar Self", i.e., the Soul.

Hence, The new Aeon, to represent a social change from society enslavement come the Life, Liberty and Love the the emancipated Spirit.

 So in review: The Dancing pair of the Thoth Tarot card, represent the male-animus and also female-anima, eternally young, innocent and also shameless. The Fertile earth is stand for as a environment-friendly mound aspiring to the heavens, The reality that the new Aeon doesn"t mean lack without regulate (love her neighbor together yourself--is the control) is shown by the wall surrounding the peak of the fertile Earth. Yet the twins dance outside this wall, as they space dancing in the light , in which finish freedom is both the cause and also effect of the brand-new solar logos power upon the earth. The ignorant limitations of both sin and death in the old indoctrination, have been denomination by a enlightened expertise of "create-see error and also correct it", i.e. Wisdom, complimentary from the pathological element of blame and cost-free from the restrictions of pet survival thinking. It"s the Galactic awareness manifesting in the human head,

At the feet the the Thoth Twins are the icons of both the Rose and the Cross, indigenous which they room arisen and also still supported. The cross is now increased into the sunlight (The sixth Sephiroth-Tiphareth), indigenous which it to be derived and has expanded beyond the 4 arms that mundane regulation (mundane legislation is connected with the #4) right into the 12 beam of both the zodiac and also the 12 Hua-Most Ancient-Holy persons - also known as the Eld or Elders ( Hua is numerically the #12) who sponsored the person Race and came indigenous "the Heavens" (Annunaki in Sumerian).

This formula of the rose and Cross has broadened into the finish union of terrestrial and celestial communion in human kind which is presented by the Thoth Tarot by the Wall completely encircling the optimal of the mound. On the Night sun Tarot, that is presented by the outline of the circle and Universal cube. As such communion the Solar an innovative Fire and Terrestrial intelligent matter, the spirituality Fire has adjusted into something "rich and strange", developing "living gods" together the "inner Sun", i beg your pardon is the light of the personality rises just as the physical sun does in the material world. This is most profound, as the inside Solar Being,(the within Master/Christos/Buddha) is currently consciously in operation of the physics body as both Master and Masterpiece in energy mindful union.

The Hexagram is the prize of the composite Thirtieth course which is compressed the the 4 Elements, the signs of the Zodiac, and also the Planets, all under the ruler ship of the Sun. Thus, the Hexagram is the prize of the perfect integration of Personality and higher Self (Tiphareth -meaning Beauty). The sunlight is additionally called the "Splendor of the material World", together it connects Yesod-Foundation to Hod-Splendor, and is usually representative of the intellect acting upon the dual human condition of, consciousness and also the physical body. Thus, the sun is a allude of link with the greater Life the is comprised by balancing the human intellect v the Higher Intellect that is the "Sun (Son) of God".

What can not be overstated, for the initiate, suffering the route of Resh, is really profound together it is the advent to the inner sun, which is the light of the original personality, as the external sun is the irradiate of the physical world. What one often tends to forget, while experiencing the warmth and also light the this inner sun, one"s self-conscious can not look directly into this Solar intelligence, anymore 보다 they can at the physical sun, without enduring a kind of damage. As shown by The Tower Card; equilibrium will be got to by "burning away" what is unworthy the the higher Personality.

The Tree of Life go describe, by its pattern, a level of separation, together Sephiroth, but The courses (Major Arcane Tarot Keys) present us they are all connected and that the perception of separation is come expedite understanding of a measurement of mindful energy.

Perception, is provided for its large variations from one organism to another, so that is up to each individual student to literally develop their own Qabalah. The course of Resh is vital in occurring the individual Qabalah.

Upon journeying this path of The cumulative Intelligence, one will get the imprint and also acceptance that "Spirit guides", or those us who direct the inner discovering experience the the student. ~ above The course of Resh (head) the candidacy because that Tiphareth

(Beauty), The conscious of the son (Sun), and also /or greater Self, is begun.

Therefore, The course leading right into Hod-Splendor, is wherein inner explorations are made together the Inner teacher ("other Personas" of the collective Soul Intelligence) exert their affect on the product world, clarifying the relationship between mind and also body.

The path of Resh, will aid the student recognize the control and also limitations of intellect. The path of the Sun, is also the course of "awakening", the helps the student know the usage of the significant "Sexual Force" the Yesod (Foundation) the is well-known as the "secret" or Arcane force manipulated through the initiate of the Mysteries. This force has countless names, such together "Serpent Force", Kundalini, or "Life Force", and even "Spirit", all of which fall short in appropriate perception, as most meanings do. This "solar life force" is presented as a coiled serpent, in ~ the guideline of the human being spine; a kind of "booster" of coiled force that will arise and ignite the Star aware of one Individual. This force must be proficient to it is in understood, and also proper ready for its "rising" should be make by experiencing of The Perceptual intelligence on the course of Shin (The Aeon).

Yesod, the 8 hours Sephiroth-Foundation, is attributed to the Moon which to represent the knowledge that governs the ebbing and also flowing the the Astral irradiate (Akashic Fluid) and also is the sexuality/sexual polarity beneath our material existence. Hod is taken into consideration to it is in Mercury, the first similarity of the particular or Real Personality. The Real Person is hermaphroditic, as male and female features have however to be separated out as specifics. The route of the Sun, when thought about developmentally, is the point of childhood; the the arising Personality as it builds towards an earthly incarnation. By traveling upward, towards Hod, we are when again enduring this early stage innocence, a sort of re suffering youth and/or a rebirth. The initiate reaches a phase where there is some recollection the the resource from which us emerged, i.e. Our Sun-collective intelligence.

The dancing Twins, ~ above the Thoth, not only symbolize the purest-innocent repression that the electric-male (Earth) and also the magnetic female (Water) principles in physics manifestation, castle are likewise a referral to the astrological sign of Gemini, the authorize that links Taurus (Earth) and Cancer (Water). The old Greeks and also Romans likewise referred the authorize Gemini, to Apollo and also the Sun.

The Fiery heart or Spiral energy of Masculine and the Magnetic =Formative Sophia (Goddess the Wisdom) feminine side. Their arms overcome or they hold hands to stand for the Union that these magnificent States the Intellect and Energy (in Tantric image they would be in "Sexual Union") that should be created to "Collect" every the essential Forces in stimulate to develop a Intellectual and also living Being.

The course of Resh, is intellectual, and THE sunlight represents the highest type of human intellect (The real Person) which is both a balance the Masculine and Feminine mindful energy. So in a physics representation, when both the Left and Right side of the brain are in equilibrium with the Solar pressures (Kundalini) in ~ the body, we are at our most progressed state of Personality. This is a profound union of the Personality v the Inner sunlight where over there is a deep physics inner emotion of Warmth and Light not unlike the outside feeling that warmth and light a sunlight bather might experience. Also, prefer the physical sun, you cannot look directly into the "inner sun" with out enduring "damage", for it will certainly burn far the dross. Reminding us of the opposites of the Sun, the it is both the harbinger the fertility and barrenness i beg your pardon is the dual Letter an interpretation of the Hebrew letter- Resh.

Never to it is in overstated: together a prize of Resh, the human being head is represented, which is our Physical cumulative Intelligence. The course of Resh is an initiation that the Personality to the great Source the Inner irradiate which takes ar in the material body that affects the dual components that the reduced Self (Chemical and also Intellectual). The Adept knows the the component parts of the Personality (Lower routes on the Tree that Life) function through the body as an experience-collecting automobile for the soul persona we contact the Soul. The human being body is crucial Crucible for the Alchemical union of greater and reduced Self communion. Therefore, the Physical body is a spiritual Place; our temple, our create of sacrament, where ideas are forged into artistic-intimate-sensual-presence and where Male and Female are not split into a purely errant "Battle the the Sexes" as proposed by the "Divide and also Conquer" indoctrination of divisionism, however rather as magnificent Twins!

Remember "God creates what God wants!" This is a Hermaphroditic path, where we go back to the innocence of a child and also as we take trip upwards this path of Resh, our Personality grows younger, innocent and sees v Wonder rather than the critically perverted eyes that the an excellent and poor Pavlovian domesticated and also divided-personality that the Adult. We begin seeing What God Sees!

Tiphareth is the main Sun (Son) of the physical microcosm and also connects united state to the Dark sunlight (limitless light-Father) the the Macrocosm and the route of Resh starts us top top the trip to main Sun-of God, within. Over there is much to study about this card, Cain an may be ( bareness and also fertility), the Dragon-faced-Men, boy of Seth, Daughters the Seth and also the Christ who Didymos Judas cutting board in the Gnostic Gospels quoted as saying"....I am the honeymoon suite." and also much more!

When the Tarot- Key/ATU 19- The sun card is thrown during a reading:

It generally way Gain, Glory and also riches every one of the Fertility side.However, if surrounded by really ill cards, it have the right to mean the bareness/desert next which would be Arrogance, Vanity, and Display.The querent shall endure gain, riches, glory and sometimes be referred to as arrogant i m sorry is frequently a misunderstanding of your glowing self-confidence.The querent might make good displays that vanity yet this is only seen as soon as accompanied through very an adverse cards.
The querent is or shall it is in experiencing, glory, gain, riches, by means of partnership, cooperation, and team work.Beginning a new cycle that life, growth, reward, truth and progress.The magnificent Marriage the the physical, mental and Spiritual Wholeness.There is a radiance of me trust and rekindled enthusiasm the revitalizes miscellaneous that has previously existed in your life.

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If ill defined by the accompanying cards,

arrogance and also vanity perhaps displayed---but this needs the affect of very evil cards. Every in all, when the sun rises, every is well.

Thank you for her interest, comments and supportive donations. Her generosity blesses you. Might you live long and also prosper!