It’s Festivus, aka, The Spanish Princess (2019), Starz’ brand-new adaptation of a Philippa Fucking Gregory book about Catherine that Aragon, has premiered! Strap in for all sorts of historical wtf-ery and also some deeply wackjob costuming by Phoebe de Gaye in the following of many recaps. Frock Flicks is a family: if I need to suffer, you have to suffer through me.

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Prince Henry suggests with the king around pops’ arrangement to get married Catherine. Margaret Beaufort is grumpy around “Maggie” Pole.


Margaret Beaufort has actually a new, stripey loosened overgown.


Catherine to add some sort of beige overlayers to her printed-quilting-cotton dress that look like burlap from much away. I have plenty of questions around the print/design Rosa is wearing.


Up close, you have the right to see that that beige towel is a brocade/jacquard, but… THE earlier CAPE ISN’T FINISHED, THEY simply USED THE SELVAGE, i beg your pardon wouldn’t bother me for this reason much except for the thread FRINGE.


Must maintain the upholstery trim fantasy maiden that yore dress for posterity!

“Maggie” Pole is happy having been banished to her country house v her children; she husband keeps do the efforts to allude out the there’s no escaping the court intrigues and she requirements to suck the up for the sake of your children. He find a book she’s looking at that has her cousin’s (who is currently leading a rebellion) engraving it, and warns her the she needs to tell the king if her cousin has actually contacted her; she denies that has.


Unnecessary lacing ~ above the sleeve.

Henry accosts Catherine when she’s praying and throws a tantrum since she won’t say she wants to marry him and also not the king; Catherine rightly argues that her selections are limited.


Princess Margaret arrives in Scotland, and also is thrilled to find her brand-new husband is young and hot. He has actually a passel that bastard kids who space there come greet her.


All she requirements to perform is shed the machine-embroidered, high necked chemise and also she’d begin looking much much more attractive…


A funny variation ~ above skirt hiking: the skirt-hiking curtsy! because that your many ungainly that ladies/girls/whatever!

Margaret Beaufort educates Lina and also Rosa who they room going to marry (Lina is going come marry Charles Brandon, which, wtf?). Rosa, however, is pregnant by she married lover the battle each other of Stafford.


Prince Henry shows up in ~ a council conference acting insolent. He educates his dad that Edmund de la Pole (“Maggie”‘s cousin top the invasion) is in London. Margaret Beaufort can’t think he’d withhold such critical information.


Lina goes to Oviedo because that advice on wherein to acquire Rosa help with one abortion. Oviedo is still grumpy that she won’t run off through him.


Lina goes to a whorehouse to acquire an abortifacient because that Rosa. The madam is really suspicious, saying the she’s one of Catherine’s ladies and also wouldn’t the be terrible if this news obtained out.


Margaret Beaufort tries to soothe Prince Henry by obtaining the fight it out of Stafford to carry him a bunch the whores.


Wearing the whole wardrobe indigenous The Borgias?


Henry resists the whores, and also tells Margaret Beaufort the he’s in love v Catherine. He transforms up in ~ Catherine’s residence in the center of the night come tell her the he wants to fight because that her; she’s an extremely “I have to do my duty/I have actually no choice.” he kisses her.


“It’s cool, there’s naught scandalous around a guy turning up in ~ my house in the center of the night while I’m wandering about in mine dressing gown.”

Lina is upset that Catherine may be picking her heart (Prince Henry) over her duty (King Henry). She confesses she’s in love through Oviedo. Catherine is a jerk about it, and basically states she’ll it is in thrown out v nothing if she marries him.


Catherine decides to randomly take Lina and go come visit “Maggie” Pole come apologize for obtaining her banished. No one appears to inquiry the 2 gallivanting around the countryside. Catherine essentially confesses she’s in love through Prince Henry come Mags; Mags advises her that he’s really passionate but not an extremely constant. Top top the method home, Catherine speak Lina that she will support her marital relationship to Oviedo and also give her a dowry.


Wearing her finest upholstery-fabric, dropped-waist Laura Ashley dress.


Queen Isabella writes scathingly (no idea why) come Catherine giving her permission come marry King Henry. She drops that Catherine’s sister Juana has gone mad after the bear of she child.


Catherine’s portrait is (ahem) coming along.



Catherine speak Henry to randomly satisfy her in a field, whereby HER HAIR IS UP/MY JAW has actually DROPPED and she speak him she loves him and wants to marry him. He’s shmoopy.


WAIT WHAT? probably she stole “Maggie”‘s hairpins as soon as she visited??!!


I have actually questions about those sleeves.

Catherine goes come King Henry and also points the end the obvious, that if KH marries her, the Spanish alliance ends v his fatality since any kind of children they have won’t inherit the throne. Of course, in reality, KH was also an extremely interested in keeping Catherine’s dowry.


Okay, so the front & earlier lacing might work if it’s a kirtle (an undergown), yet then WHY IS IT break-up IN BACK.

Rosa can’t lug herself to have actually an abortion. She goes come the fight it out of Stafford and tells the in the center of an archery social the she’s pregnant, and all she wants is because that him to discover her a ar to live and also support the child. He claims ok, but there’s part foreshadowing that things might not work-related out.


Is that… ikat print?

King Henry summons Catherine to tell her the he agrees she and also Prince Henry deserve to marry, surprising Margaret Beaufort, yet warns she ominously that the rest of her dowry have to be paid.


And in a ridiculously apparent accident, “Maggie” Pole’s husband is crushed by a wagon and dies.


How many head necklaces await us in the following episode?

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Kendra has been a fixture in the virtual costuming world due to the fact that the so late 1990s. Her website, Démodé Couture, is one of the most famous online resources for historic costumers. In the summer of 2014, she released a book on 18th-century wig and also hair styling. Kendra is a librarian at a university, specializing in background and fashion. She’s likewise an academic, through several articles on fashion background published in study journals.

46 Responses

Susan Pola Staples June 4th, 2019

Ghod, this keeps acquiring worse by each episode. I carry out not recognize where to start. From CoA and also wearing what looks like farthingales as fore-parted underskirts to the history. Henry VII as a Catholic would be barred from marrying his dead son’s widow. Argh. Brandon had a tad more sense 보다 marrying a woman who’s virtue is none and has zero money.

Can I have actually loads of Chateau Mouton and Chateau Lafite Rothschild along with the Belle Epoque bottle of Perrier Joust delivered to your hotel room?

Why does Philippa Fucking Gregory inflict travesties top top us?

Heidilea June 4th, 2019

OMG, ns kno rite? Each display screen cap I’m like “Ugh, ugh, UGH, UGGHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” and the PAINTING. WHAT IN yes, really FROCK?!

shellieeyre June 4th, 2019

Henry VII walk in reality toy with the idea the marrying Catherine, albeit briefly. The no consummation the made that OK come marry HVIII would have actually made it OK to marry HVII.

Susan Pola Staples June 4th, 2019

Not there is no a Papal Dispensation.

Pope Alexander using issued one and if my storage is correct worded the that intake might have or might not have happened.

Roxana June 6th, 2019

Not to point out the Countess of Salisbury collecting eggs and her husband, sir Richard Pole, trusted cousin and right eight of the king doing hand-operated labor in his shirt!!!Don’t these human being understand how essential this couple was? just how wealthy lock were? just how trusted? clear not.

Trystan L. Bass June 4th, 2019

That portrait almost made me carry out a spit-take v my coffee!

M.E. Lawrence June 5th, 2019

That could be the worst faux-period-portrait I have ever, ever seen. (And FPPs tend to be bad.)

Andrew Schroeder June 4th, 2019

So is whats-her-name basically playing Lady Edith in ugly upholstery brocades?

Lillian June 4th, 2019

Wait a second… shouldn’t Isabella it is in dead by now?

Terézia Marková June 4th, 2019

Wait, the super-religious Margaret Beaufort unexpectedly approves of her grandson sleeping with prostitutes?! The hell?! I get that religious people have the right to be hypocritical, but due to the fact that it’s her, it feels favor either further demonization, or shitty, inconsistent writing. And because the display was written by the civilization it was composed by, i don’t even know i beg your pardon one is it!

Sam Marchiony June 4th, 2019

The vision the Isabela informing Catherine that Henry will betray her and “break the world” because that it, prefer OH GEE, i WONDER WHO/WHAT THEY might BE talk ABOUT.And have the right to you think this what-the-frockery has been given an additional eight episodes?

Trystan L. Bass June 4th, 2019

The second set that eps baffles me! go they really have that much an ext shitty upholstery fabric leftover?!?

chocolate June 4th, 2019

Rosa and also Stafford have had actually so small characterization that when she told him she was pregnant i couldn’t phone call if his reaction was, ‘Woe is me, if only cruel fate and society would let me be v the woman i love’ or ‘Time for mmmmurder…’

The present has been renewed because that a 2nd season so look forward to much more of Margaret Beaufort gift the just one with any type of competence, Ferdinand if Aragon no existing, and the Lucy that is the universe snatching the football far from the Charlie Brown that is Maggie Pole.

Roxana June 4th, 2019

In fairness to the real fight it out of Buckingham providing for a mistress and their bastard would certainly be no biggy. He can easily purchased it and also itvwoulsnit pains his reputation at all, he would certainly be doing the correct and gentlemanly thing.

Kendra June 5th, 2019

Exactly! Rosa is being as agreeable as she probably could, in truth Stafford would certainly be thrilled.

Lady Hermina De Pagan June 4th, 2019

Am i the only one that noticed the the burgundy velvet gown Catherine is wearing as soon as she gets the letter from her mother, is the totally the Majestic Velvets Gabriella set?! This is practically as bed as as soon as the costume department because that Robin Hood 2010 bought a gown native Armstreet Armoury, put it in the film and then marketed the very same dress in cheaper products for purchase.

ConsiderTheBees (
Wildfyrewarning) June 4th, 2019

I never know why, if human being want come make some vaguely old-timey costume drama, they don’t collection it throughout the Norman invasion era. Because that starters, it’s a fascinating story, and also any of the dozen or therefore Matildas and also Margarets who were roughly at the time would make a great protagonist. Also, where we have actually TONS of paintings and also descriptions that what Tudor-era royals were, there space a lot less primary sources on the Conquest, which means you might play around with it a little an ext without it being so clear “wrong.” rather they keep choosing the ONE era that even most lay civilization can identify some apparel from and also then just doing it every wrong. It’s baffling come me.

Gail F June 5th, 2019

I’d love to view a Norman conquest miniseries; or a miniseries around John of Gaunt & Katherine Swynford.

Roxana June 6th, 2019

I don’t know about Margaret but personally I’d be all set to take together an beloved passel of bastards to my heart. James IV was fairly the womanizer, which may have been to Margaret’s benefit as he appears to have been wise sufficient to tenderness woo his child wife and also put off consummation it spins she was ready for it. Which says he to be the kind of womanizer who cares about his partner’s feelings and also wants to save things pleasant and friendly in between then.

Roxana June 6th, 2019

BTW James go have 5 known bastards as shown though these youngsters are means too old: the tall young is maybe Alexander, future Archbishop that St. Andrew’s who will die v his father at Flodden, the oldest girl alongside him must be Catherine Stewart, future countess that Morton, and the three remaining cuties space James, future Earl that Moray (not the famed one), small Janet Stewart and Margaret Stewart

Terézia Marková June 6th, 2019

Well, those were just the enduring ones; presumably, there to be others, that passed away in childhood.

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