The rock Cycle describes the evolution of igneous, sedimentary, and also metamorphic rocks ~ above the late of the Earth. The movement of the crust, later on erosion and also redeposition that rocks, produced many types of atmospheres where different species of rocks were formed. The interplay of water, life, chemistry and also physics helps in understand the rock cycle. After all, minerals and also rocks are essential to ours society. Watch around and also you can see the the products of minerals and also rocks room a an important part the our everyday life. Concrete is a building material make of cement (calcite and also clay), sand, and also gravel; gypsum board for house, gold for jewelry, copper because that wire, mineral ores for iron, lead, and also most metal. Students by the end of elementary qualities should learn exactly how minerals and rocks room distinguished, why they space important, and how they room formed.

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The absent Cycle because that elementary qualities is damaged into four main themes: Chemistry, Minerals, Rocks, and Past Life. The 4 themes enable students to study the prestige of the absent Cycle through manual activities.

Chemistry deals with all the matter that comprise the Earth; why substances behave together they do; how objects are placed together; and also how elements interact v one another. Chemistry is simple to the rock cycle due to the fact that it unlocks the mystery of why and also how minerals and rocks room formed. In the reduced primary grades, presenting the definition of matter and also elements is important. In the upper major grades focus is inserted on compounds and also bonding.

Minerals are the an easy building blocks of rocks. One or much more elements combine to type thousands that different varieties of minerals. In the reduced primary grades, students must be introduced to the beauty and characteristics the minerals. In the upper primary grades, students" fist should emphasis on the prominence of minerals and how molecules integrate to type minerals.

Rocks in the reduced primary great center roughly observational skills. Students find out that rocks are simple in creating soil and learn the features that separate igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. In the top primary, student learn how the rocks are created within and on the tardy of the Earth.

past Life mirrors students the the "present is the an essential to the past." reduced primary students study dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals and also begin to learn around past environments. Upper major students watch at just how organisms and also environments have progressed through time.

A an essential element in do the rock CYCLE interesting to your students is to bring local minerals, rocks, and also fossils for her students to look at. This manual provides a teacher a basis because that determining that systems will emphasis a child"s finding out on the importance of the absent Cycle. We recommend that teachers customize the laboratory tasks to their particular state by consulting either neighborhood universities, regional state or city geological surveys or the U.S. Geological Survey.


The indigenous chemistry method different "things" to different people. Many youngsters see bottles and beakers filled with substances have actually "mysterious powers" and others watch chemistry as a daunting science that just bright youngsters can understand. Chemistry is all approximately us. Chemistry encounters the make-up that the earth; why substances behave together they do; how things are put together; and also how things communicate with one another. In the reduced primary qualities the introduction of the meaning of matter and elements is emphasized. In the upper primary qualities the focus shifts in the direction of compounds and also bonding. Chemistry is a an easy component in knowledge minerals and rocks.


Students learn that issue is a an essential principle in observing and understanding the world roughly us. Traditionally there are three states of matter: solids, liquids, and also gases. However, a 4th state of matter should be introduced to students referred to as plasma. Student will have the ability to distinguish the claims of matter. Students can easily learn different elements using the routine table come associate native minerals, i m sorry are aspects that take place in pure form. Students will certainly learn about the various properties the the elements.

II. UPPER primary - COMPOUNDS and also BONDING

Students look into just how atoms and molecules type elements and also compounds. Lock look right into the molecular setup of molecules and also how they bond with each other to know why minerals take it on certain crystalline structures. Students to compare crystal forms of minerals and reflect top top the internal molecular arrangement. Students uncover the differences in between saturated and also unsaturated solutions in order come understand how crystals grow. Students learn around chemical reactions and why they are so essential in the production of minerals.


Minerals space the structure blocks that rocks. One or an ext elements combine to form thousands that different types of minerals. Minerals are also important to the people economy because some minerals such as gold and also silver deserve to determine the wealth of a nation. Part minerals are provided in miscellaneous defense industries, choose urainite, a uranium ore, and become really important to that country. Part minerals are admired due to the fact that of your beauty, like diamonds and emeralds. Mineral are very useful in daily objects such as watches (quartz) and also plaster (gypsum). In the reduced primary students have to be presented to the beauty of minerals. Focus on various colors and also shapes of mineral will assist students identify mineral characteristics. In the upper main grades, attention must be concentrated on the prominence of minerals and how molecules integrate to do minerals. I. Lower PRIMARY - relenten MINERALS

Students will compare and also contrast the different colors of minerals. Castle will learn the differences in between rocks and minerals by learning an essential characteristics the minerals. Students will certainly analyze geometric forms of minerals and also make a crystal garden. They also will discover how different minerals rest or cleave.

II. UPPER primary - nature OF MINERALS

Students will discover that minerals are made of elements and compounds. They will proceed to distinguish an essential characteristics the minerals. They will analyze the hardness the minerals and how the can aid identify minerals. Students will analyze how minerals are valuable in our everyday economy. Students will certainly compare the chemical consist of of minerals and determine if this will help them recognize properties the those minerals.


Rocks are very important to the economy of a nation. Roadways require tar and also gravel, pool filters require diatomite, gardens usage rocks as ornamental stones like scoria, basalt, limestone, tuff, and also many more. Student should discover not only why rocks space here, but why they are vital to a country"s economy. In the lower primary qualities students must start observing the rocks room all around. If you execute not live in a mountainous area there space still many places to identify rocks, like structure stones or ornamental stones. Student should learn that broken rocks and organic matter develop soil. Student should begin to discover there space three different species of transforming pressure and also temperature (metamorphic). In the upper primary, college student should learn what makes the three different types of rocks different and what ideas can it is in learned around how the rocks to be formed. Characteristic mineral of rock types are introduced. I. Reduced PRIMARY - evaluating THE THREE types OF ROCKS

Students will learn the 3 different varieties of rocks and where they are developed on the crust of the Earth. They will certainly compare and contrast the plenty of different varieties of rocks. Students will find out about crucial characteristics that helps identify different rock types. They will start to compare and contrast the different features to recognize rocks. Student will discover that sands can help identify "Mother Rocks" that created the sand.


Students will uncover how rocks room deposited and created in different environments. Key Tectonics will assist students learn just how rocks room created and why you can use rocks to assist interpret the Earth"s history. Lock will proceed to analyze sand, while determining the percentage of mineral in rocks. Students will compare the different contents of the rock cycle.


The "present is the an essential to the past" teaches students the prominence of observing life organisms therefore they deserve to investigate fossils. Organisms the have difficult parts will fossilize an ext readily 보다 those without. The fossil record is incomplete since not every organisms leave remains. College student will become familiar through many types of fossils therefore they have the right to understand why fossils are necessary in learning how the earth has changed. Fossils likewise tell us around the environmental conditions when the organisms were alive. Organisms advanced or readjusted through time, and it is these changes that provide us clues on how old the rocks are. This helps united state to translate what the planet used to look like, which help to uncover oil and also minerals. I. Lower PRIMARY - CLASSIFYING FOSSILS

Students will learn that dinosaurs resided in the past and also will distinguish in between extinct and living organisms. Students will analyze just how dinosaurs lived. Student will start to look in ~ other types of fossils, by comparing and contrasting invertebrates, vertebrates and plant fossils.

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II. UPPER main - THE existing IS THE vital TO THE PAST

Students will translate "the present is the an essential to the past." They will make trace fossils and interpret the details that can be acquired from fossils. Students will certainly learn about stratigraphy and also analyze cores that the Earth. They will understand how fossils aid geologists determine the period of occasions that occurred on the earth long ago.