Drag the images to arrange lock by level of complexity from the very least to many complex, in order native left to right.

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Tissue Level

Organ Level

Cellular Level

Organ mechanism level

Chemical level


Which that the following is true regarding the anatomical position?

-It is a visual reference point only used in the assorted imaging techniques.

-The feet are put at exactly 45 levels outward.

-The human is seated through head encountering forward.

-The palms face posteriorly through the thumbs pointed toward the body.

-Directional terminology describes the human body in this position.

Which of the complying with statements are accurate concerning light microscopy?

-It gives three-dimensional pictures of whole, unsectioned surfaces.

-It is limited because that cannot create sharp images of frameworks within cells.

-It offers acidic and basic dyes to stain structures.

-Tissues room stained with hefty metal salts.

-It uses a beam of electron to watch cellular structures.

Choose in between chemical level, to move level, organization level, organ level, or organ device level.

1. Oxygen and also hydrogen integrate with one another to kind water; this is an instance of the ______________ of organization. 2. When plenty of molecules come with each other to kind organelles that become compartmentalized into a single structure that functions as a unit, girlfriend have an instance of the____________. 3. Muscle fibers space cells the contain actin, myosin, and other accessory proteins. When these cell are gathered together, they have the right to all function as a unit, moving out the shortening ability of muscle. As soon as multiple cells v a similar role come together, the is an example of the ___________. 4. The tiny intestine contains epithelial tissue, muscle tissue, and also nervous tissue. The mix of these different tissue varieties to form one discrete structure is an example of the ___________. 5. The pituitary gland, adrenal gland, and also other hormone-producing offal all work together to help the body send hormones with the blood stream and respond to interior changes. This is an instance of the _____________

Which of the following finest represents an instance at the organ level?

-Smooth muscle in the large intestine

-Hydrochloric acid

-Digestive enzymes


-Enterocytes (cells that line the tiny intestine)

The proximal convoluted tubule is a structure within the kidney nephron the plays a significant role in the reabsorption the important products that have been filtered indigenous the blood. One of the vital features of this framework is that is lining. The cells that line the tubule room responsible because that the move of substances throughout the membrane. This cells and their collective efforts would certainly be an instance of i beg your pardon of the following levels?

-Tissue level

-Organ level

-Organismal level

-Molecular level

-Cellular level

Drag and also drop each of the organizational levels so the they room in the correct order, ranking them native the simplest to the most complex.

chemical level, moving level, organization level, body organ level, organ device level, or organismal level


Choose in between organ level, chemistry level, tissue level, moving level, or organ system level.

1. _________ : brain 2. _________ : Neurons 3. ___________ : Neurotransmitters 4. __________ : Neurons and neuroglial cells 5. ____________ : brain combined with the spinal cord and also spinal nerves

Choose between organ level, chemical level, organization level, cellular level, or organ mechanism level.

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1. ______ level : Cardiac muscle, connective tissue, and also endothelial cells all collecting with each other to type the person heart 2. ________ level : The tibia, which is make of connective tissue and also nervous organization 3. _________ level : A slim layer of cells that collectively form the lining the the lung to enable for the diffusion that gases 4. ________ level : Golgi apparatus, mitochondria, and also other oribelles compartmentalized right into a solitary structure through phospholipids, forming a single functional unit 5. _________ level : Carbon, hydrogen, and phosphate coming together to type the phospholipids the a to move membrane


right upper quadrant and also right reduced quadrant

left top quadrant and also left lower quadrant

right upper quadrant and also left upper quadrant

left reduced quadrant and right lower quadrant

All vertebrates have details identifying characteristics during some point of development. A partial listing of these characteristics is __________.