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The capability of a good or organization to satisfy wants is called: utility. Describe the data. The worth for Y is: 45. The law of diminishing marginal utility states that:.

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utility. The ability of a great or company to satisfy wants is called: satisfies consumer wants. A product has utility if it: past some point extr units of a product…

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Answer to The ability of a good or service to fulfill wants is called: A. Energy maximization. B. Opportunity cost. C. Revenue po…

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Question: 23. The ability Of A great Or company To Satis capability Of A good Or company To fulfill Wants Is Called: A. Utility Maximization B. Opportunity cost C.

6. The power in goods and services to meet human wants is …


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the lot of a an excellent or business that consumers space able and willing to buy at … the capacity of any good or service to satisfy consumer wants…

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ability that are offered in the production of goods and services; fertile … accomplish human wants; also called funding goods/investment goods.

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goods, Tangible item that have actually monetary value and satisfy her needs and also wants. … the a product or company that do it qualified of satisfying client wants and needs … marketing mix, includes 4 an easy strategies referred to as the ps ( product location price … with common needs, who have the desire and ability to purchase a product.

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10. The capability of a an excellent or organization to fulfill wants is called


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The list of goods and also services us consume is boosting day-by-day. … It researches how properly scarce resources can be allocated in the search of satisfying human wants. … The return received by the owner of funding is referred to as “interest.” businessman Ability: Land, labor, and capital, every by themselves, create nothing,…

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straints or constraints consumer's face in to buy goods and services. Constraints arise … goods are desired because of their capability to meet human wants. The residential property of a an excellent that enables it to satisfy human desires is dubbed utility.