„It is the nature that the pig, that if there's naught to stop her indigenous stepping into abreuvoir - then it will. Nothing will certainly stop bureaucracy from continuing to serve us "good" and also protecting united state from "evil"“

— Janusz Korwin-Mikke polishing politician 1942

if we'll allow them carry out that.Source: blog, 29 April 2009

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„We host that performance cannot chin be a "value." Rather, it operates in the interstices of a value system; it prescribes relationship (ratios or proportions) among parts that the value system; the receives that "moral content" through syntax, by absorption. Things are not simply "efficient" or "inefficient." castle are effective or inefficient for provided purposes, and also efficiency for one purpose may mean inefficiency for another.“

— Dwight Waldo American political scientist 1913 - 2000

Source: The administrative State, 1948, p. 202


„The very first thing is that you’re always at a disadvantage, since a bureaucracy is funded by the general public to have permanent human being there who have the right to relentlessly advocate for their own interest. And also that’s the problem: when bureaucracy stops working for the public interest.“

— pagan Brooke American reporter 1970

international Journalism Festival http://www.journalismfestival.com/news/heather-brooke-antitrust-legislation-needed-to-keep-the-internet-free/ Interview v Fabio Chiusi, 12 April 2012.Attributed, In the Media

„To say the the ruling course is themanagers is almost the very same thing as to say the it is the state bureaucracy', that writes.“

— James Burnham American philosopher 1905 - 1987

Source: The Managerial Revolution, 1941, p. 57; quote in Fred Riggs (1970) "Introduction: Shifting interpretations of the term 'Bureaucracy'"


„It is a federal government agency. And government agencies space run together bureaucracies. There is a function for bureaucracy; it’s an extremely useful for certain tasks. In particular, it facilitates standardization and also interchangeability. Administrations excel at performing tasks that must be done continuously whether the civilization assigned to them space brilliant performers or bumbling fools. Friend can’t constantly count on having Albert Einstein in the patent office, so you style its steps to work even if you hire Mr. P by mistake.“

— Charles Stross, The to wash Files

Source: The wash Files, The Apocalypse Codex (2012), thing 13, “Fimbulwinter” (pp. 258-259)


„A workman topic to assignment from number of superiors will certainly be confused, inefficient, and also irresponsible; a workman subject to order from yet one superior might be methodical, efficient, and also responsible.“

— Luther H. Gulick American academic 1892 - 1993

Source: "Notes on the theory of Organization," 1937, p. 43


„The object and also practice of liberty lies in the limitation of government power. With the periods the constantly widening grasp of government has been liberty's biggest threat.“

— Douglas MacArthur U.S. Military general that the army, field marshal that the army of the Philippines 1880 - 1964

Source: Reminiscences (1964), p. 417

„Then the works of Max Weber, first translated native the German in the 1940s — he wrote roughly 1910, incredibly — started to uncover their method into social science thought. In ~ first, through his celebration event of the efficiency of bureaucracy, he was received with only reluctant respect, and also even with hostility. All writers were versus bureaucracy. Yet it rotate out, surprisingly, that managers were not. As soon as asked, they recognized that they preferred clear present of communication, clear specifications the authority and responsibility, and also clear expertise of who they were responsible to. Lock were as wont to say "there need to be a rule about this," regarding say "there space too countless rules around here," together wont to say "next week we've got to gain organized," as to say "there is too much red tape." Gradually, studies began to show that administrative organizations could adjust faster 보다 non-bureaucratic ones, and also that morale might be greater where there to be clear proof of bureaucracy.“

— Charles Perrow American sociologist 1925 - 2019

Source: 1970s, "The short and also glorious background of organizational theory", 1973, p. 6

„Liberty is just valued once it is threatened, thus it is the threat that highlights the value.“

— David Gemmell, book Legend

Source: Drenai series, Legend, Pt 1: against the Horde, Ch. 9Context: Liberty is just valued once it is threatened, as such it is the hazard that highlights the value. We need to be grateful to the Nadir, due to the fact that they heighten the value of ours liberty.


„Markets deserve to be effective or inefficient; so have the right to governments. Thus market fail is a counterpoint to federal government failure.“

— Nicholas Barr brothers economist 1943

Source: business economics Of The Welfare State (Fourth Edition), thing 4, State Intervention, p. 93

„To politicians, solved difficulties represent a dire danger — that unemployment and poverty. That's why no difficulty ever tackled by the federal government has ever been solved. What they desire is too many of difficulties they can promise come solve, so the we'll save electing lock — or letting them store their work in a bureaucracy metastasizing choose cancer.“

— L. Neil blacksmith American writer 1946

"Of Pharaohs and also Firearms" http://www.jpfo.org/smith/smith-pharaohs.htm.

„It was choose a complete revelation for me the a agency could run prefer this, because I was supplied to these layers and also bureaucracies and studies—the type of paralysis that companies could get into—and to apologize was entirely different.“

— Tim cook American company executive 1960

„The conference with administration takes ar in a setting of explicit abstraction. … This fact gives increase to a contradiction. The separation, personal, instance expects come be treated “justly.” as we have seen, over there is considerable moral investment in this expectation. The expected “just” treatment, however, is possible only if the bureaucracy operates abstractly, and also that method it will treat the separation, personal, instance “as a number.” hence the really “justice” that this treatment entails a depersonalization of each individual case. At the very least potentially, this constitutes a threat to the individual’s self-esteem and, in the excessive case, come his spatu identity. The level to which this threat is in reality felt will depend on extrinsic factors, such together the affect of culture critics that decry the “alienating” results of governmental organization. One may safely generalize here that the threat will be felt in straight proportion come the development of individualistic and personalistic values in the awareness of the individual. Where such values are very developed, it is most likely that the intrinsic abstraction of bureaucracy will it is in felt as an acute wake up at finest or an intolerable oppression at worst. In such cases the “duties” that the bureaucrat collide straight with the “rights” the the client—not, of course, those “rights” that room bureaucratically defined and also find their correlates in the “duties” of the bureaucrat, yet rather those “rights” the derive from extrabureaucratic worths of personal autonomy, dignity and worth. The individual whose allegiance is offered to such values is practically certainly going to resent gift treated “as a number.”“

— Peter L. Berger Austrian-born American sociologist 1929 - 2017

Source: The Homeless Mind: Modernization and also Consciousness (1973), pp. 55-56

„The political problem of mankind is to combine three things: economic efficiency, society justice and also individual liberty.“

— man Maynard Keynes brothers economist 1883 - 1946

„Bureaucracy is a dirty word, both come the average person and also to numerous specialists top top organizations. It suggests rigid rules and regulations, a pecking order of offices, narrow specialization of personnel, wealth of offices or devices which have the right to hamstring those who desire to get things done, impersonality, resistance come change.Yet every company of any significant size is bureaucratized come some degree or, to put it differently, exhibits an ext or much less stable fads of action based top top a framework of functions and devoted tasks. Bureaucracy, in this sense, is one more word because that structure.“

— Charles Perrow American sociologist 1925 - 2019

Source: 1970s, business Analysis: A Sociological View, 1970, p. 50

Personality, Change, Sense

„The biggest threat to flexibility is the lack of criticism.“

— Wole Soyinka Nigerian writer 1934


„Rich in saving common-sense,And, together the greatest only are,In his simplicity sublime.“

— Alfred, lord Tennyson brothers poet laureate 1809 - 1892

St. IVOde ~ above the fatality of the battle each other of Wellington (1852)Context: wealthy in conserving common-sense,And, together the best only are,In his simplicity sublime.O great gray head i beg your pardon all males knew,O voice native which their omens all guys drew,O stole nerve come true chance true,O please at size that tower that strengthWhich stand four-square to all the winds that blew!

„One that the greatest difficulties facing the economy is to achieve the most efficient use — no abuse — of organic resources“

— Pope Benedict XVI 265th Pope of the Catholic Church 1927

2009, Cartias in Vertitate (29 June 2009)

„The biggest liberty is born of the biggest rigor.“

— Paul Valéry French poet, essayist, and also philosopher 1871 - 1945

Socrates, p. 131Eupalinos ou l'architecte (1921)

„New principles are the only evolutionary force that will save us native destruction.“

— man Twelve Hawks, book Spark

Spark (2014)Context: True ideology has actually vanished, changed by fear and also fantasy. The ideal wing wants corporate control and a go back to a previous that never existed. The left soup wants federal government control and a future that will never exist. Both groups lose vision of the necessary questions: how deserve to the individual speak and also think and also create freely? brand-new ideas room the only evolutionary pressure that will conserve us indigenous destruction.


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