InstinctGo under to the people below, the journey goes into the deep unconscious.

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PurposeThe strange path goes right into the depth of the soul, confronts the night, with fears, understand yourself many profoundly.
The LightDevotion come intuitive knowledge.
The ShadowIllusions, hysteria, complexities of abuse, hallucinations, fear, abuse of drugs, avoidance that reality.
QualityThe winter of the heart or the bridge between the inner and the outer world.

II. Analyze and describe the Moon Thoth Tarot1. Motif (gatekeepers)2. Underground (night)3. Elevator (light)III. Translate of the Moon Thoth TarotMore The Moon Cards from famous Tarot Decks

I. Background of the Moon Thoth Tarot card

The secret Moon, the connection in between the unconscious (the Star Thoth) and the mindful effort (the Sun) deals with us as an axis between the inner and also the external world. Spiritually, it is a storyteller who expresses the visual human being of the soul. In the third component below the card, we watch the murky waters the the underworld. In the middle, over there is a sacred beetle together a price of revival. Clamping between its claws is the sunlight leading it to dawn. Its light connects through the beginning of the half-conscious world due to the fact that we watch the circle of light expanding into the middle of the card as the start of the route is pushing right into consciousness in between weird guardians and dark towers. The sunlight symbolizes not only the unconscious desire (between births) top top the threshold to light but also the symbol of rebirth and also reincarnation.

In the style of the Moon Thothcard, the lift is very interesting. The lower part of the card has twosizes, the upper component has the an are structure, we discover the “bringing intorelationship” the the inner come the external world; and also on the road thatglides out of the inner light (below the threshold) right into the external light oftolerance, we watch the inside desire top top the route to consciousness (the Sun) whichis shown in this card.

II. Analyze and also describe the Moon Thoth Tarot


1. Motif (gatekeepers)

a. Tower

Thetwo towers was standing in the upper part of the Moon Thoth card together representatives ofboth extremes that a soul should walk ~ above the path between them to breakthrough toconsciousness. ~ above the other hand, the is likewise the heart who is experiencingspiritual tightening. They are the personification the fear emerging from thesubconscious, the fear clinging come what is an alleged to be addressed values, and isthe extraordinary price of the self concealed behind together values since of thefear of being swallowed by the inner nonsense.

b. Between the two towers

Fearthat arises from the subconscious so, it should go through the center of itself,and it must uncover the route to itself v two columns the its own mask.Psychologically, this coincides to the must overcome the fear. Mythically,it is a small passage in between two monsters, Scylla and also Charybdis (Odyssey), inwhich Scylla is a looter and also Charybdis is a swallow. These narrow routes arereminiscent that the experience of birth: out of safety and warmness with thenarrow passage right into the shimmer that the cold human being outside.

c. Guardians

Thebiggest obstacle on the way home is ourselves. The search for truth is blockedby their fear of this really fact. That defines why we do not desire to seek thetruth, but instead, we look because that the ide of ours own reality for the benefits ofwhat seems safe. If not for the fear of haunting us prefer a nightmare in thenight and also teaching united state the an interpretation of fear, naught will pressure us to leave the towerand go into a extensive truth.

d. Anubis

Anubisis a jackal dog that has retrieved the torn components by Seth and scattered themthroughout all the corners of the people in the legend of Osiris. Then, it broughtthose components to Isis, Osiris’s experiencing wife, and also she offered them a brand-new life withthe strength of she love. That is considered to it is in the power of integration(gathering) and a beneficial guide for souls come go with the afterlife. In thisdual function, the is an ideal symbol of the soul’s decisive step on thepath come integrity: He guides us with the threshold of fear into the floor ofthe underworld the its deep bottom (midnight sun) hides the foundations we aremissing coming to be integrity. Dog (actually white through red ears) are offered toAnubis, however, chase after sinful spirits. Mythically, they exchange mail to theimage the Scylla, the robber.

2. Secret (night)

Lookinginside or staring in ~ the deep bottom, there is the feminine path to truth. So,the soul locations itself in the close-up the the lower component of the Moon Thothcard. The secrets of the inner emotional spaces room symbolized here because assoon as the rays of the heart touch the earth, the gets recorded in the matter. Toreturn to the sun, it need to be born again from the water of life.

a. Sun

Beneaththe threshold, in the feminine realm, we see the sun symbolizing masculinity,going down to its own source. Simply as the sun rises over the horizon in themorning, goes come the zenith in ~ noon, and dives again right into the horizon in theevening, people likewise come native the resource of life when they space born, climb tothe optimal of their outside goals throughout their lives and then go down afterthey have actually gone with the greatest peak that life to ultimately rest in mother Earth

b. Beetle

Inthe water below, we check out Khephra, the spiritual beetle stop the sun in between itstwo claws. It quiet rolled in the direction of the dawn. So, the beetle i do not care a symbolof the power that is born from itself (male), pulling the sunlight out that the realmof the greatest darkness to the brand-new morning. Brand-new light to be born indigenous thedarkest hours.

c. EEG

Thebottom component of the Moon Thoth card has actually a diagram that runs with asvibrations, denoted by currently in the hibernation duration (the elevated roads arereminiscences that REM in the dream). Desires of Creator room the resources of lifein the abdomen the femininity.

3. Background (light)

a. The roadway (upward)

Thepath with the tower is the course to the integrity (or the self). We view thisin the “booming” course from the sun and thus, it create an extensionof the center peaks native a lower third part of the card. The vibrationsindicated through the directly lines of the diagram below (behind the sun) recognize ashape in the rapid advance of the road, a fascinating path by beginning intospace.

Inancient esoteric customs, we check out that spiritual illumination – as soon as it comes – islike a present of lightning, destroying all illusions in a solitary light, together wellas the knowledge of Buddha and also Prophet Mohammed, St. Paul’s switch toChristianity v Lord’s gaze, or during the Feast of the tranquility poureddown indigenous the divine Spirit. In an additional form, this iconic contents is reflected inthe picture of Prometheus, who ruined the old stimulate by bright the torch onthe route of the sunlight on mountain Olympus, thereby, steal fire from gods andbring down to mankind.

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b. Mountains

Behindthe towers, there space two eco-friendly mountains towering through the present of lifeflowing under the sink floor. We can quickly see in these two mountains therising knee of a mrs in labor, and also her abdomen’s inside listed below the bottom.This transforms the lower part of the Moon Thoth card into the human body of the mothercovering the fetus and also the route to the reproductive channel. This mirrors theEgyptian tradition, in which Nut, the Goddess that the spiritual devoured the sunlight inthe west every evening and also gave bear to that in the east every morning. We seeher blood lost in the process like a red skies in the morning.