You’ll drop dvery own from the Dark Cavern right into the Riviere Turquoise. There’s just one route to follow to the west but we’ll sheight off at a couple of side rooms for the 3 Power Seals.

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Make your means throughout to the west and also use the log to ride along the river. Pretty easily you’ll pertained to the Portal leading back to the Tower of Time HQ.


Drop down the waterfall and also glide to the right. Opposite the first set of spikes you’ll uncover a breakable block on the appropriate side. Break it and go via.

The Power Seal is situated on the various other side of an impassable wall. You’ll need to usage the lamps to cloud action your method approximately. Luckily you can cling to the wall so this might make it much easier to damages boost your means via the spiked spheres.


Once you’ve made your way approximately and up again grab Power Seal #30. You’ll have to usage a downward strike and also then a cloud step to make the distance between lamps.

Drop down to the cannon flower and also you’ll be shot earlier up to the top. Glide down to the bottom of the waterautumn and make certain you land on a log.

Head to the ideal for the initially Shop. Use the Cannon flowers to navigate roughly and also proceed making your way to the west. Just previous the Magic Fireflies you’ll come to the following Shop.

On the following display drop dvery own the waterautumn furthest to the left.


You’ll land in a Cannon Freduced that will shoot you earlier up. Use the ring and the lamp to dash across to Power Seal #31.


Drop down aacquire and this time glide to the left side. Jump across the falling logs to the other side and also then climb up the following waterloss to the Shop above.

Use the Cannon Flowers to navigate via the level and also you’ll pass by an additional 2 Shops. When you obtain to the display screen via the 4 Blue Demons in the tree adjust the moment to 16-Bit making use of the circular Time Barrier. A breakable block will certainly show up on the left side.


Break it and also go through. Hit the flower to turn it roughly and also then glide throughout to the left. Use the Cannon Freduced to be swarm ago to the bouncy flower. From here jump up to the left. Cloud step off the bouncy flower to grab Power Seal #32.


Glide earlier dvery own and also and also drop down. Head earlier to the right to the display via the 4 Blue Demons. Use the swinging Cannon Flower to be swarm via the gap. You’ll proceed on your means to the west.

Turn the following flower around and also use the Cannon over to be shot over to the last Shop. Just to the left you’ll discover the boss.

Butterfly Matriarch

This boss has 2 attacks, a disorient ray and spectral bats. The ray doesn’t hurt however it will switch your left and also right controls. The bats deserve to be easily dodged.


When the Magic Firefly shows up hit it and also the Matriarch will rotate back into a butterfly. She’ll offer you some ledges so you can jump up. When the butterfly transforms earlier into a bat hit it as many times as you have the right to.

You’ll have to repeat this 3 times via smaller sized and smaller areas to run approximately. The third time the Matriarch will certainly be beat and also she’ll go back to her butterfly develop.

You’ll gain a Magic Firefly as a helper. Return to the Shop and go ago to the Tower of Time HQ.

Go through the Portal to the Searing Crags.

Queen of Quills

From the portal go to the left and also follow the cavern roughly to the entrance to the Quillshroom Marsh. Navigate your method about to the Queen of Quills. You’ll need to be in 8-Bit mode to watch her.

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The Magic Firefly will certainly rerelocate the curse on the Queen and turn her back into the Monk. She’ll aid you later. For currently take the shop earlier to the Tower of Time HQ.